This is the magic book 15 and it’s – quite a nice device right here very premium looking, but here in malaysia. This is currently retailing for about rm3699 and it comes in only just one spec for this particular laptop right here, all right. So before we begin, i just want to take a very quick look at the build quality and the design and all that so right off. The bat you can see that this is actually the space gray color and we do have this all nicely built in aluminum with chamfered edges on the sides here. So it looks pretty unique, because this is all in that blue color kind of like chamfered edges, which looks pretty nice here on the honor magic book 15.. Another point to take note of here is that because it’s using aluminum and all that this device is actually pretty lightweight at just 1.56 kg, so that’s, not very heavy. Another point that honor already mentioned here is that this is actually scratch resistant uh. So you can, you know it’s quite durable, and you can you know just put it right into your bag uh without putting it into any kind of case or sleeve or whatnot. So this should actually hold up pretty well and that’s. This very quickly in terms of the design and all that so next thing i want to touch about here – is actually the kind of ports that you get on the sides i’m, not really sure if you can see on the camera right here, but you do have A quite a few parts here you have the hdmi port, a usb type, a a usb type c, and if you move on to the other side here, you also have another type, a port as well as the headphone jack, so it’s, not to say a huge Variety of ports right here, but you do get what you really need covered for yourself.

Apart from that, you also get a fingerprint scanner. Let me just activate it right here: all you need to do is put your finger up there and basically it gets unlocked right away so very simple to use all right so in terms of design. One more thing i need to point out here is that we do have this webcam hidden at the center here, so you have to press it on the keyboard to actually release it, and i think that’s very good, because in a way it’s actually like hiding your Privacy, so that the camera is not always facing at you all right, so that’s for the design and all that next let’s talk very quickly about the display, because we have a really beautiful display over here. So specs wise. This is a 15.6 ips 1080p display and it supports 100 srgb color gamut for richer colors. So in terms of just the colors itself guys. This is a very nice display right here and i’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos using the honor magic book 15 and it all looks very punchy. Colors looks great. The the contrast levels looks very nice as well as you can see by the deep blacks. All over the display itself, so it’s, a very nice display that you’re getting here – and one thing to note here – is also you have these very slim bezels all over the display and because the webcam is no longer here.

You can actually have this pretty symmetrical kind of view here, except for the bottom section, which is a little bit thicker, but that’s not a big deal at all. So this is what you can get with the display, and one thing i do need to highlight here is that opening this device you can’t, really do it with one hand, because the hinge is kind of firm right there, so you have to hold down the device Itself to open up that display so that’s, just one thing that i thought i would like to mention here as well all right! So now let’s talk a little bit about the processing power. This magic book 15 comes with the latest 11th gen intel i5 processor with iris xe graphics. So apart from that, because this is also only just one spec – it comes with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, that’s, quite a fair bit actually and 512 gigabytes of internal storage. So that’s very good here for this laptop again. This is not really made for gaming and all that, but if you’re, mostly working from home, like how you should be doing these days and constantly multitask between the documents, your powerpoints videos, internet browsing and all that this laptop will actually serve you pretty well so it’s A very good laptop for just working and, of course, doing a bit of light editing here and there so that’s, very good for that, as well uh. One thing i do need to point out, though, is this particular keyboard right here, so the keyboard here is actually quite soft and quiet, and it actually provides some decent travel for this keyboard right here.

So it’s not the type that is very springy, but it is very easy to adapt to and allows me to type on it very quickly. So one thing i also wanted to point out here: is this trackpad guys, so this tripod is actually fairly wide here. If you can see my hands down here, yep so it’s quite wide and it’s actually quite good for browsing, especially for simple stuff like this. But of course, if you require more position, i would definitely recommend you to get uh investing in a proper mouse. For that matter, all right next thing i want to talk about here is the speakers. So we do have a speaker on this uh honor magic book 15, and the good news is that it gets pretty loud, but do not go all the way up. In terms of volume, because it will definitely create some cracking in the audio, so you don’t want to have that uh don’t forget for a laptop b. Slim expect the sound to be similar to any typical laptop it’s, not as rich as bassy as what you can get from a certain laptop name after a certain fruit, so yeah that’s in terms of the sound and all that. Last but not least, i just want to talk very quickly about the battery life in this guy right here, so we have a 56 watt hour battery that can last up to 10 hours for watching movies at 1080p, alright, so that’s just for watching movies.

Of course, you’re not always watching movies just for work and all that i’m getting a pretty decent five to six hours of just work time on the honor magic book 15 right here, but what’s more impressive, is that it does come with a 65 watt fast charger. In the box – and it does zero to 53 in just 30 minutes, so that’s pretty quick, especially for these days. You know you always take a laptop and you don’t want to be always tied to your charger and all that so that’s. Definitely quite good uh. In terms of the charging speeds uh for the honor magicbook 15., all right guys, i think, that’s pretty much it. What i want to share with you in terms of my experience with this new laptop right here again, this is just a high level view on the honor magic book. 15..