Now i like this band a lot because it’s thin it’s sleek and it gets the job done in terms of doing all the tracking. Now this band was really interesting for me when i first got it because i got it about a month and a half ago, and then, when i opened up the packaging and i set up this band, i realized i needed to download huawei health to sync. This band to get this band to start working that’s interesting because, as most of you guys watching this probably already know, arnor is no longer part of huawei. Huawei was forced to sell arnold due to all that us sanctioned stuff. So i was like what is going on here. Why is this still use a huawei app so turns out. The honor band 6 was one of the very last uh honor products, that’s still tied to huawei, because this was technically released in china just before huawei sold off honor, so this is still technically a huawei product. Now this is the last honor product to be tied to huawei. Then this right here is the first honor product to not be tied to huawei. This is the honor magic book, 14. Music. So this is honors 2021 laptop and, as the name implies, this is a 14 inch screen and yeah. As you can see, the screen looks pretty damn good right, it’s a 1920 by 1080 lcd panel and viewing angles are good, and i also like that.

It kind of reflects glare quite well, like i’m, a point against the sun. The light is shining at it and, even though you know viewing angles at this angle, you can see the brightness drops a little bit you’re, not seeing a lot of glare off the screen. Right, it still looks good, so how do i know this laptop is no longer tied to huawei, because if you look at this lower right corner of the laptop you see right here, it says honor magic link and we used a huawei laptop in the past. You will know this is just a version of huawei’s share, meaning you can tap a huawei phone onto a huawei laptop and automatically. You can sync your huawei phone to your laptop and you can see your phone screen on the laptop. I tried a huawei phone to tap on this laptop and it wouldn’t sync. This was not the case in the past, even using last year’s honor magic book pro, i can still connect your huawei phone with on a laptop. That is no longer the case. You have to use an honor smartphone now to do the sync if you use a huawei laptop it doesn’t, sync anymore, because honor is no longer part of huawei. But despite that, there’s still a lot of similarities between this laptop and huawei’s. Most recent laptop the huawei matebook x, pro, which i reviewed about a month and a half ago. So, for example, you still have this one touch power button right here.

This power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor. So that means when the machine is sleeping and you open up the lid, you just have to press the button once and it’ll boot up all the way to your home screen you don’t have to like separately log. In again. You also have this pop up. Selfie camera button right here located in the f keys. You know i’m, someone who don’t do a lot of video calls and i don’t take selfies. So i don’t mind this location because it allows for a slimmer bezel. But if you do a lot of video calls, this is not an ideal location because the camera is shooting up from a lower angle, up your nostrils yeah. So this is how the webcam sounds on on the magic book 14.. And finally, the processor in this machine is the exact same processor that was used in the huawei matebook x pro 2021. This is an 11th gen intel i7 tiger lake. U chip! So this is not the most flagship processor that intel offers, but it’s kind of in the upper mid tier it’s, a four core, eight threads processor – and it has an intel iris xc graphic. So you know, if you do basic video editing. You know i run powerdirector on here edit a 4k clip. It does fine it’s not going to compete against the final cut pro obviously but gets the job done, and i played the graphically intensive game asphalt.

9 on here and everything ran fine without any frame rate drops or stutters let’s look at the overall construction, so you have an aluminum body, it’s a clamshell design. This hinge i like that it opens 180 degrees. It opens all the way like this. This looks pretty. Damn cool, sometimes i’m, just sitting on the couch. You know i just prop up the laptop like that on my knees and i’m just watching youtube just like that. Otherwise, this hinge is pretty sturdy. It doesn’t wobble and stays in place quite well. Now this laptop enclosed measures – 15.9 millimeters in thickness and it weighs 1.38 kg which to americans it’s three pounds so aluminum body, but i like that there’s a little bit of a subtle flourish in that the chamfer part of the laptop has this little blue edge. Okay, now looking at ports on the right side of the machine, you have a usb a and a headphone jack on the left side. You have a usbc port here. This also charges the 56 watt hour. Battery right here is another usb 8 port and here’s an hdmi out now. Unfortunately, if you do want to use an external monitor, you will have to use the hdmi, because this usb c port is it’s, not a thunderbolt port. So you can’t use the usb c port to output it to an external monitor so, like i said, the 56 watt hour batteries enough to power this machine for over eight hours of a typical work day.

But if you need to charge up one of my favorite things is this: charging brick is really thin and it weighs just 200 grams, so it’s really light and it’s really small. I mean if you use a macbook. You know that the macbook’s charging brick is huge. It’S freaking bulky: this is so much slimmer and lighter. Now this keyboard is really enjoyable to use. The keys are evenly spaced out and they have relatively good travel of about 1 millimeter. Now this trackpad it’s, not the greatest trackpad i’ve, ever tried. You know that’s because i use a macbook mostly and maple trap. Hats are just light years better than any windows laptop i tested, but for the most part it’s fine. It has windows, precision, drivers, so it’s, quite accurate. All the gestures work i don’t get a lot of the accidental touches that i get from the huawei matebook x pro actually, so ana did a little bit better job of fine tuning, its trackpad, then even huawei. Now, as for this screen, like i said, it looks really good it’s, not the brightest panel around, but all the colors are accurate, and this has all the rhineland low, blue light certification. So if you’re using this at night in a dark room, there’s a setting for you to tap to turn on this blue light filter now, unfortunately, the speakers are a little bit disappointing. So let’s check out the speakers so right now we’re at 44 percent.

You might be thinking that sounded a little bit loud right, that’s, because the speakers are actually placed at the bottom, and i had the laptop like this with the speaker, pointing to my mic. If you’re actually using this on a table, then the table will actually muffle the speaker a little bit. I mean it’s, not a terrible speaker but it’s. Definitely not among you know not among the best speaker, i’ve ever tested. Now. As for software, this laptop runs microsoft’s windows 10 for the most part it’s. Basically, as you would expect, it’s a very clean software except there’s, this pc manager right here that, basically, you know, gives you a shortcut to optimizing your laptop. You want to clear up your ram, all that or there’s 16 gigs of ram in here. This is something that you use. The huawei laptop you’ll be quite familiar with for the most part. I just ignore it, because laptop will run without issues without you micromanaging it now, as for thermals, like i said, i play a little bit of asphalt 9 on this, and the laptop did not get too hot that’s, because i want to build a relatively large fan Inside you can kind of see it if you look deep into the vent, this fan does a really good job of pushing heat out from below. Now i don’t know the official global price of this laptop yet because, at the time of me filming this video, this laptop has not launched globally yet.

But this laptop did already launch in china and the pricing for the 16 gigs ddr4 ram with 5 12 gigs of internal storage model goes for around 7 500 rmb, which converts to a little bit over 1 000 us dollars now. I know 1 000 for honor product is higher than usual, because you know previously. This was under huawei. It was a sub brand that aimed at the mid tier range, but now that honor is on its own. This is honors flagship product and a thousand dollars for a laptop with these specs, which are you know, not quite premium flagship level, but upper mid tier, i think, it’s reasonable. Obviously, there are a lot of other options on there, but if you’re someone who already use an honor smartphone, then getting the honor magic book 14 makes a lot of sense because you can seamlessly connect your phone. That is super helpful if you use an honor smartphone. So yeah i have here the very last honor product that’s, still tied to huawei, and i have here the very first on a product that is no longer tied to huawei, yeah, quite historic.