I am richie a weapon, graphics, designer front and web developer and a professional photographer based in cebu city philippines. In this video i am reviewing the basis hanging light ever since i obtained my asus to the seven inches monitor. I have ordered this light because many have said that it can reduce eye strain, so i was expecting that it would work 100, but it’s. Not my two other purpose for having this item is to reduce spread of light in the living area and have more extra space in my table. This light has three different color temperatures and can be adjusted in this sensitive touch. Sensor. Brightness can also be controlled to my liking, and it also has an angle adjustment comparing this to ceiling, light and desk lamp. I prefer using this lamp because the spread of light is very minimal. The difference between the three is how the light expands. The ceiling light expands in a wide area and also has an issue if it’s not exactly 90 degrees. Above me, here’s. A demonstration of my vision when using the light in my ceiling when the ceiling light is on the vision, has reduced its contrast when it is off and the contrast looks better. The best position of a ceiling led should be exactly 90 degrees. The desk lamp that i have here is from xiaomi from this kind of position. The spread of light is different, but it is better to face it on the wall, though this hanging light is much better to make everything simple.

What you see in the demo image here the light has fixed shape on how the light spread. What they claim is not accurate. You will notice the sharpness of the monitor shadow. To be precise, the spread of light is filling up the entire screen. My reflection on the monitor, makes it more obvious and the same for the dust. Let me show you how the light spread by putting white paper on my screen and moving it towards the clip you will notice the light spread, starting from its monitored clip. Even at a different angle. The light still expands until the top of monitor the best way for the light not to expand that much. I will be showing how to control the light for it not to expand that. Much and now the light is producing a much better shadow companies that are making this particular type of lamp have to sacrifice the quality output of our aesthetic. Other companies also claim that their light spread like this example image, and let me share what i found from bengu official website, showing these two images side by side and here’s, a demonstration from a youtuber. As he turns on the light, you will notice the light hits at the top of his monitor’s thick bezel it’s proved that the light does not go down straight to the desk and it expands starting at the top of the monitor here’s. Another youtuber with a curved monitor and the shadow is curved.

If the light doesn’t hit the monitor, then the shadow should not be curved. With my basis, hanging light turned on and if i open a bright light website, then the light from vicious does not reduce the light coming out from my screen, and still i will experience a nice drain and more light towards me. Here’S an example seen as i open a notepad in its maximum size, and it fills me with lots of light in terms of reducing eye strain xiaomi has a better result and here’s an example. Comparison as you see in this image basis, delivers harsh highlights and for xiaomi the highlights are smoother and clean. Even changing the angle of my bases, the highlights are still bad. One of the reasons why i experienced eye strain is because my monitor is just 24 inches away from me. If only i am 30 or 35 inches away, it would feel much better. That is why i bought this lamp, so i won’t be experiencing eye strain every time. I work, though it fails another way for me to avoid eye strain. I switch the light to warm change the angle to 130 degrees and set my night light on my window. Display from from 9 pm until 3 am my final verdict on this product. It is good for my work. Does doesn’t eat up space because it is hanging on my monitor good when i am coding and bad with opening websites with bright website background, especially when reading japanese manga? That is why i always turn on my nightlight windows display this slide.

Doesn’T help me avoid ice ring. It is just a desk lamp. In my personal opinion, this particular type of lamp is best used for software engineers, photographers video, editors and gamers, because all of them use an application that is always in dark theme. Music. At my mistake of buying this lamp, i didn’t read the full details and this doesn’t fit on my monitor. The best monitor for this type of model are slim type monitors about 1 cm to 2cm. My monitor is 3.5 cm thick from this area, and the maximum thickness is 5 centimeters and the solution for me to keep using this lamp before having a new desk lamp, i inserted a folded paper beneath the clip, so this part won’t press my monitor, or else It could cause light bleeding forever, here’s an example seen without the paper beneath the clip. Even if i made a mistake in buying this particular model from basis, i already decided that i won’t be returning this to the seller. I will be giving this to my wife and buy another version from vicious that supports my monitor, or i will just continue using my xiaomi desktop because i’m not having a problem with eyestrain and that’s. My review of vicious hanging light. If you like, this video hit that thumbs up and if you want to receive latest video reviews, you know what to do.