When i started working from home, i got an office desk and an office chair so that’s, where i’m sitting now and this space behind me is generally, where i’d be sitting when i’m working. So this is why my setup looks like this. Today, aside from my desk and my chair, i got a couple of other little bits for my home office setup that have just made my life so much easier since i’ve been working from home. So i wanted to make this video just to take you guys through some of the things that i got just to really improve my working from home and my home office setup so i’m, going to leave a link to everything that i talk about in this video. In the description down below, and just one other thing to mention, this video is not sponsored by anybody. All of the things that i show you guys in this video are things that i bought with my own money just to make my life easier, and i just wanted to make this video about them in the hopes that anybody else who is looking for a good Home office setup that this video might help them. So first up let’s talk about some of the gear that i’ve been using in my home office setup. Firstly, i’ve been using my own personal laptop for work since i’ve been working from home, so that is this 2018 macbook pro, and this is the laptop that i’ve been using to do all of my editing and everything that i do on my youtube channel.

So now i’m, just using it for work as well and to make using this laptop much more comfortable while i’m at my desk. I got this laptop stand here and this is from a company called nulixy, so it’s like galaxy, but nu – and this is it here, so i got this in space grey, because that is the color of my laptop, and this thing is brilliant it’s, just it sits At a really comfortable height on the desk, when you’re, using your laptop without the stand i’m sitting over the desk and i’m sitting over my laptop and like my neck, is bent and i’m craned and like that’s fine, when you’re working for a little while. But when you’re working for like an eight hour day, solidly at your desk just typing away or like dealing with emails or editing whatever it is, you might be doing that’s not great and it’s, really like it’s bad for your shoulders, it’s bad for your neck, it’s Bad for your posture, and it does like in my like before i started working from home, i wasn’t at my desk all the time. So what that meant is that, like when i started working from home like those long stints at my desk, i was starting to feel like a lot of tightness and discomfort in my back and shoulders, so this just sort of took care of that overnight. It just means that the laptop is at an elevated, height and it’s, just so much more comfortable to work on at this height and yeah.

It just means that i can sit here all day and i’m, not putting any strain on my neck or my back and it’s just much much more comfortable. The next thing that i want to talk about on the stand, i think is really good, is just the way it comes, so it doesn’t come in a big box and it doesn’t come like this. It actually comes disassembled, so it just comes in three pieces. Very very simple: to put together this just slots in here and same with the other side and that’s all the stand is once you’ve got that it takes that long to assemble and disassemble it you just put it on your desk, put the laptop in and you’re Good to go like that is literally all the setup that this thing takes, so it’s really really good, and what i really like about it is: you saw how easy it is to assemble. You also just saw how easy it is to disassemble what’s great about that is if, for any reason, you find that you don’t need the laptop stand for a while or that you just say like this room, for example, is our spare bedroom as well as our Office, if we have people coming over to stay, you can just take all this down. You can disassemble the stands, put everything away. They don’t take up any space, so just it goes really neat when it’s disassembled, which means that it just takes up so much less space in the room and in the house when you don’t need it.

So i just think that’s really really handy that you can store it that way. One other thing that i think is really important about this stand is it’s actually kind of heavy. So when your laptop is sitting in it, it’s really sturdy and then it’s got like uh pads on the base of it. So like it, doesn’t move like i’m, really shaking it and the whole desk is shaking there. But the stand itself isn’t moving at all it’s. Really sturdy so like i’m, confident that when i’ve got my laptop in the stand not going anywhere when i got this stand, i got it on amazon and it was 29.99 pounds sterling so that’s, uk sterling 29.99. So it’s a really cheap stand, but it’s a really solid good stand. Another really nice little feature of the stand. Is it has these holes here and what i really like about them is they’re great for cable management. So this is the charger for my laptop and i can just wrap that through like that, and it means that when i have my laptop sitting here, i can have the cable just wrapped through the leg of the stand, and it means that it doesn’t fall out. It doesn’t go anywhere. It means that when i need to plug in my laptop, i don’t have to go routing for the cable it’s. Just always there and yeah that’s, just a handy little feature that i really like, and i make use of that all the time and then in terms of color.

This stands available in two colors, so this one is space, gray and it’s also available in silver and that’s. Actually, the color that elaine got – and this is a lane – stand here, so you can see color difference. Mine is just a bit darker than hers and the reason i went for the space gray is because that’s the color on my laptop. So it means that the stand matches my laptop and it’s. The same elaine has the silver macbook pro and her stand matches her laptop so like these sands are cheap, so it’s not a 100 match to the color but it’s, very, very close, and for the cost of the stand i’m. Not going to worry about the fact that it’s not an absolute 100 match to the color, that apple make the macbooks, but it is really nice and it just does fit in with the whole style of the laptop, and it just means that it looks really well. When your laptop is sitting on your desk, really small thing purely cosmetic but it’s a nice little touch, okay, so that’s all the stuff that i really like about the stand now it’s time to talk about some of the things that i don’t like about it, and I say some of the things, but actually there’s really only one negative, that i’ve encountered with this stand, and i haven’t even encountered it. It was something that elaine discovered with her work laptop, so she has an older laptop that she uses for work and it has a big battery pack on the bottom of it down here.

So when she sits her laptop on the stand, it doesn’t quite sit right and it doesn’t sit flat on the stand generally it’s. Fine, so long as these lips here come up and cover the front of the laptop it’s okay. But if you put the laptop kind of as flat down as possible, the front of it with the big battery pack will stick up over the lips. It just means that it can slide forward off the stand, so that’s not great it’s, something to be aware of, but i don’t think it’s a deal breaker for being able to use this stand like elaine uses her stand every day monday to friday, and she never Has any issues with it when she’s using it? The next thing that was really important for me to get once i started using my laptop in the stand, was a wireless keyboard, so the wireless keyboard that i got was this one from jelly comb. This cost me again 29.99 sterling on amazon, and i really like it. So i suppose the only thing from an aesthetic point of view is this is white and not space, gray or silver like the rest of my setup, but you know what it doesn’t matter: it’s a really really nice keyboard to use the base of it is metal And this round area here this is where i think most like the bluetooth connectivity and the battery and all live. So when this sits on the desk there’s a nice weight in that it doesn’t move it doesn’t slide around when you’re typing you can type away.

I tend to like machine gun type and i’m really heavy on it. It doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t, move by accident, it’s, really really sturdy and really secure when you’re using it. So from that point of view, it’s class – so probably the best thing about this keyboard is the battery life. I got this thing a couple of months ago and when i got it, i turned it on. I paired it up to my laptop and i just started using it. I charged this for the first time yesterday, so i’ve gotten, probably about two months minimum a month and a half out of this keyboard without ever having to charge it, and i don’t know that it was fully charged when i got it. So with that in mind, i would have to say the battery life on this thing is amazing, just to charge it. You get a it’s, a micro, usb port in here, and it just plugs into the usb port on your computer and it charges. So i left it plugged in for an hour and a half and that charged it fully. I don’t expect to have to charge this again for months. Elaine has almost the same keyboard and i think she’s charged hers like three times in about a year. So, like the battery life on these things is incredible: i’ve never had anything with a rechargeable battery that lasts as long as this thing does. You can also use the keyboard while you’re charging it so that’s great.

It just means that you plug it in and it’s like a wired keyboard, then until it’s fully charged and then you’re wireless again, but you don’t lose any functionality while it’s charging. Another thing that i really really like about this keyboard is that it directly connects to my laptop through bluetooth. I don’t need to use a dongle or anything like that. It just connects to the bluetooth in my laptop the two of them work seamlessly in order to connect it there’s a little switch here. I just flick it on wait for a couple of seconds and it connects, and then this just takes over typing and like the laptop just recognizes that this is the keyboard that i want to use equally as soon as i start typing on the laptop’s existing keyboard. It picks up from that so there’s, no distinction between using this keyboard or this keyboard when i’m typing away really really good and it’s really easy to pair up to my laptop as well. I had no difficulty with it. I just turned it on searched for it. On the bluetooth and the laptop, and it was there i connected – and i haven’t needed to think about it since another thing that’s great about this keyboard – is that it’s designed to be compatible with mac and with windows. So what i really like about it is: it means that i have a command button as well, so for anyone who uses a mac, you will know how important the command button is.

It’S, not a button that you have on a windows machine. So this has a dedicated command button on it, which is really really nice, but equally it has all the keys that you would use for a windows laptop as well and very quickly. This is a lane’s keyboard, so it looks almost identical to mine. The only difference is she doesn’t have that command button on hers. Now this keyboard does work with her macbook and with her work pc, and she has assigned a key that will work on her macbook as the command function, so like there’s ways around it. If you get the one that isn’t specifically for mac but just having the specific mac, one, i think is just really really handy so now talk about some of the cons with this keyboard. I don’t have an awful lot of negative things to say about it, but the one thing that i’ve noticed is when i am typing for some reason. When i hold down the shift key to create a caps, and i press the t key, it often doesn’t respond. I’Ve, no idea why that is, and it seems to just be the t key any other keys. I hold down shift press the key. It gives me a capital letter with the t i kind of have to do it a couple of times and then it comes in uh. It catches me out quite regularly when i’m typing it’s not a big deal um but yeah.

I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the key itself, because there’s no, like it’s, not sticking and when i don’t hold down shift it’s, not a problem. I think it might be. Just something is glitching when i hold down the two keys, but it’s only on the t key that i’ve discovered it and yeah it’s, not a big problem, because always the second time it works, then so it’s almost like it has to wake up and recognize that You want the capital t really weird quirk that it seems to have, but anyway, i’m, throwing it in as a negative. The only other downside to this keyboard is that, in order to get an at symbol or inverted commas, so the keyboard says that the inverted commas is on the 2 key and that the at symbol is on the comma key. Just to the left of the enter on the right and the issue with that is, if i hold down shift and press the key to get an at symbol. That gives me the inverted commas and equally, if i hold down shift and the 2 key that’s, how i get the at symbol, so it’s, just the two symbols on the keyboard, don’t line up and the reason for that is that’s how it’s configured on a mac. Whereas on a pc keyboard that’s, where those keys would be so that’s the only real problem with that again, not a big deal because i’m, aware of it and ninety percent of the time now, when i’m, looking for the at symbol, i do press shift two and Not the button that actually has the at symbol on it, but sometimes it does still catch me out occasionally – and i i roll my eyes, but not a big deal again.

I’M. Looking for bad things to say about this and there’s not really a lot again for the price of it, i would highly recommend this keyboard if you’re looking to get a wireless keyboard for your home office, setup, okay and the last part of my home office setup That was really important for me to get was a wireless mouse, because i just i didn’t like having to reach up and use the trackpad all the time when it was in the middle you’re kind of stretching forward. It’S, just not comfortable, so i’ve got a mouse. Sits to the right of my keyboard and works just like any other mouse, so this mouse is from a company called infic and it was 1299 uk sterling on amazon and again really good little mouse. So what’s different about this mouse to the stand on the keyboard is: this is all plastic, so it does kind of have a cheaper feel compared to the keyboard feels much more premium. So does the stand? Mouse feels kind of like it’s, cheap plastic, but it’s a really good mouse, and the thing that i really liked about this mouse is that it has three bluetooth frequencies that it will connect to your laptop with. So it has 2.4 gigahertz. It has bluetooth 3.0 and bluetooth 5.0, so i connect directly to my laptop using the bluetooth 5.0. So i don’t need to worry about a dongle or plugging anything in the reason i raise that is this is a lanes mouse here, and this is a jelly comb.

Mouse that she got with her keyboard, i deliberately didn’t get this one because i didn’t want to have to plug in a usb, because my macbook doesn’t have the proper usb ports. I didn’t want to have to have a dongle plugged into my macbook all the time when i’m working from home, so she has to have the usb dongle plugged into her laptop in order to use this mouse with it. Whereas my mouse will just connect to my laptop completely wirelessly, but if you have an older laptop that doesn’t have compatibility with this mouse, they do give you a usb dongle that you can plug in. So you can use the dongle if you need to. But if you don’t you don’t have to so what’s great about that is, it means that this mouse will pretty much connect to any laptop that has a usb port, so it’s completely compatible with everything that should be on the market now. So if you have an older laptop, this is going to work with it equally, if you have a brand new laptop, this is going to work with it. So i really really like that about this mix. Another thing that i like about this mouse is it’s very ergonomic, so it’s just it feels really comfortable in your hand when you’re using it on your desk and then. Lastly, the battery life on the mouse is decent. I have had to charge this a good few times now.

I think i charge this roughly every 10 days, so not bad going again. Doesn’T take long to charge micro usb into the mix and then just into the usb port on your laptop and it just charges. You can use the mouse while you’re charging it and the only negative that i have with this mouse is. It goes to sleep quite regularly when it’s not in use and that’s just to preserve battery life, and that is a good thing, but my criticism of that is just how long it takes to come back to life. So, for example, if this goes to sleep when you’re using it and you move it, nothing will happen, you have to click one of the buttons in order for it to wake up and then once it’s woken up to me. It feels like an eternity it’s, probably like only a second, but it feels like it takes a really long time before it wakes up and starts working again and then once it starts working again, you have it for as long as you need it, but it is Just the only thing that i don’t like about it is just that delay or that feeling of delay when it goes to sleep, and you need to wake it back up again. It doesn’t immediately come alive. The way say, for example, an apple magic mouse does, or the apple magic trackpad, where it doesn’t feel like there’s any lag when you use those.

But with this there is in saying that this was 12.99 and like an apple magic trackpad is like 100 or 120 euro, or something like that. So, like huge difference in price, i can’t expect it to perform at the same levels that they do and i shouldn’t again i’m. Looking for things to criticize this for that’s the only one i can come up with everything else. I think this is a really great purchase, all right so that’s it that is my review of my home office tech. I would highly highly recommend any of these three items to anyone, who’s looking to just improve their home office setup. I think the stand is excellent. The keyboard works exactly as you need a keyboard to work same goes for the mouse, it just works exactly as you would expect a mouse to work on your computer and yet as much as i like all these things, they all have a couple of little things That, like annoy me or whatever, but to be honest, it’s, not enough to put me off recommending them. I think these three are great, buys for anyone in their home office, okay, so that’s all i’m going to say about these for now.