You are very wise, Canada, geese but I’m, not here today to show you the holy stone. This is the HS 720. It comes in a really nice case. Do you see this pretty decent when you open it up and show you what’s inside here’s the contents? Inside this lovely case, you can see the drone, the controller and the accessories and some instruction manuals up top plus the charging system, which you’re gon na see everything when I showed the unboxing at the end of this video so stay tuned for that take off my Mitts key features of the drone: it is foldable props, foldable, arms, brushless motors, really good. You have optical flow sensor here you have landing lights and you have your camera in the front. This is a 2k camera. I believe, and I think it takes 4k photos. The camera is not on a gimbal, but it has a vibration dampening system. As you can see here, I don’t know how good it’s gon na work out in this freezing cold weather, the motors as well. You can see they’re a different design or a slimline design unfolded. Our little drone looks like this. There we go it’s a little smaller than a bug’s mjx RC 4w. Well, early a lot smaller because look how skinny the arms are, but it’s a really nicely made drone. I like in the back these LED lights, will all glow and give you how much powers remaining when it’s flying oh – and I should also mention yes.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, there is a micro SD card spot right there. So when I fly this and show the video I’m gon na write below exactly what the resolution is just in case it’s different from what’s advertised now flight time for this it’s advertised at 26 minutes. So I always say knock off 3 or 4 minutes off that for your flying style. The range for this is a thousand meters which is a kilometer which, again, if you’re gon na use your phone and controller you’re, probably gon na get less than that because that’s the range for this thing. But if you want the video signal coming back to you, it’s a lot less so maybe 500 meters for video range speaking of video and everything. The controller is one of these nice controllers here, which has that beautiful display. Alright, my hands are frozen. The batteries probably frozen let’s go fly. This alright I’ve, put on my warm weather, gloves only I’ll cue finger sticking out. Hopefully I can start up the drone. Just using these let’s see how it works, battery and power on the drone, and there we go and then power on the controller. They should be connected. I’Ve already bound these at home already. Basically, you just turned this on and then, when you turn the controller on hold down this button here, as you turn it on the very first time and it will bind this controller to the drone, the app we use for this is the Ophelia GPS app it Go and there we go we’re all set to fly on my side here I have a switch to turn GPS on or off set some outside I’m gon na keep the GPS on, and it shows the rate on my display that GPS is on next thing.

We have to do. Is the gyro calibration pull these down to the left? I believe next we’re gon na do a compass calibration because we won’t get satellites unless you do the compass calibrations to spin this three times once twice three times. Sometimes I do one more for good luck. It doesn’t really give you an indication that it’s got everything and then point it up and do it again, underneath the lights will just go solid, what everything’s good and they look like they’re going kind of solid now let’s see, I see solid red, solid green, so We must be good so now we should start getting satellites and if I look at my controller I don’t know if you could see it, it shows seventeen satellites, so we’re ready to fly now as I’ve been standing here we have audience children over there. Father got some kids over there it’s not gon na to fly more that way in that field, start the motors just press this button right here and take it on up just push the left joystick up Music. You can tell this drone is pretty high quality it’s sitting quite still in the air and it’s, not that noisy. I don’t see too many people being bothered by it. So I’m gon na take it forward very easy to fly very smooth flyer I’m gon na go over here more over by the trees, our beautiful fall weather, trees and I’ll bring it over here.

Let me just take it up a bit, so you can see a little bit more. This beautiful fall, weather, trees, stuff and everything around me. Music, Music come on down nice little drone, it slides very, very, very well. I will say that let’s go try some of the other features so there’s a follow me on here. So there’s a lot of obstacles here. Let me just bring this away up and take it back and I’ll show you the follow me I’ll, walk along this path. Go way up so it can’t hit anything let’s. Go to the follow me, which is right here, says start. It should follow my phone, hopefully everything’s working there we go so it’s up there. You know that Sun is bright and I’m over here. Let’S see it it’s. Probably a start stop following, but we’ll try it walking along. How is the follow me going down this path, then it’ll go sideways going by a tree go ahead. Their tree it’s hits up there it’s behind the tree. Where are you buddy there? You are okay. Follow me works quite well, no problems. There turn follow me off so now, it’s a way up there now in orbit me when I put in orbit me mode, it thinks whatever it’s sitting on top of is the center of the orbit. So I’ve already set the radius so let’s do that orbit say. Yes, it already knows what the radius is, and here she goes, it’s really small radius.

I sit so there you go, get a beautiful orbit happening up there, Music. Now anybody that’s thinking of buying this here drone it is a holy stone drone, so in other words, it’s gone through a high quality, rigorous testing. Their products are usually really really good and they’re designed very much for beginners people just getting into it. So you have a really good experience, so they do have a website and support. So they’ll help you out. If you have any issues, let’s see if the maps work on here on my screen, I have maps. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. Where am I yeah? So maps work there. We are so there’s the maps they work, so you can do waypoints on this way. Points is pretty easy. If you look the Green Dot is me, the drone is right. On top of me, you can kind of see like a black thing around the green dot, so this whole area is a park. If I wanted to do waypoints, I go to the right either. Do one point or many points so I’m, just gon na do multiple points here right around here, see a little line, I’ll say, submit and I’ll say yes and my drone. Where are you it’s gon na, go to wherever I picked those waypoints on the map? I have no idea where they’re I just know they’re along here, because I put them along the bottom and if you look back at my screen, while it’s doing this, you could see in the bottom left left.

You see what the drone is doing, plus your Maps here and if I want to switch back to, if the drone is doing I just or as the drone he’s over the forest over there are you buddy, okay, it’s over there just talking away here? Let them go to all this points, he’s. Almost that way point five. You can see on my screen, as i zoom in see he’s getting to number five and when he’s done you see if he comes back to me, I can’t remember if they come back to me or just sit there so far it looks like he’s just sitting There so it went to the last Waypoint and it’s sitting there off the bring it back to me. So probably the best thing to do is why don’t I try. Let me get out of that and I’m gon na hit return to home let’s see what it does. So it comes back. Sideways return to home is over these trees, it’s either gon na land on the trees or what about this stuff there? It is it’s cruise alongside way is where you’re gon na come down. Buddy let’s see how good you returned the home is. You can see I’m walking towards it going under this tree. I just made sure there’s nobody underneath it and there it is now Pat. It looks like it adjusted itself for the area where it took off, so it should be pretty close to where it took off it’s stopping every now and then check in itself.

Say: hmm, am I in the right spot and it keeps on going it’s pretty good. So obviously, this one’s a little bit more high quality than other drugs on the market. Okay, well. Okay, I take that back. Obviously, this is probably the highest quality drone on the market. It actually adjusted itself to get back to the landing pad so for a low cost drone that is unheard of that’s pretty sweet. Okay, let me show you a few more features. I’M going to take it back up. I’Ll just unlock the motors hit this button. She’S. All set to go again back up now, underneath we do have the landing lights. If I press this button over here with two other landing lights there, we at check it out that’s what it looks like with landing lights. So I’ll leave the landing lights on it’s gon na use up a little bit of power, but it’s easier to see what it’s flying see that night. It looks really cool with the landing lights on, especially with the arms being green and red, so this battery lasts. For quite a long time, even though it’s cold out here, I’ve been flying it for a while and I’m still showing on my screen. I’Ve got quite a lot of battery power left, so not too bad. Sharing. This really quick. I have the drone up there and a structure in front of it it’s looking at it now now I can move the camera down.

I want to show you see that I looked all the way down. You didn’t hear any beeps from the controller because it doesn’t beep and watch this. I go all the way up and if I go all the way, they’re a massively up look, I got the prop, so it means it looks up a little higher than it should and then you can bring it down. You can pick a spot that you like now. The drone the strong here does have speeds on it right now, it’s in, according to my screen, it’s in low speed, so I’ve been flying at this whole time in low speed, so let’s break it down. So you can see it that’s low speed, bring it back high speed, so let’s see how it goes in high speed should be pretty fast, yeah much faster. There we go Music, so in high speed you could probably get some pretty cool video flying really fast. Let me try it up here, so let me take it way: up I’m gon na try to film in high speed here here we go high speed, zooming backwards. I’Ll just bring the camera down, so you see a little bit more of the world there we go as I’m zooming past everything, so that’s, pretty fast, I’m, just zooming a way out of the field here you know fast, that is, that is ridiculously fast holy crap. As I’m bringing it down, if you look at my screen, there are some settings right here.

You can set parameters. You see that parameter, settings, detection, flight data, all that good stuff, so I’m gon na hop out of that and let’s bring you over to me. I’Ve got it in high speed I’m gon na. Take it out of that. So I don’t walk myself in the head. There we go we’re in low speed, put the landing lights on so it looks, cool let’s, bring it back and land it I’m gon na land. It over on my frozen table. Look at this. This is this. Is my table? Look it’s all ice I’ll put the little drone down on the icy table there. We are we’re all done, alright, guys that’s my review of the HS 720. I am gon na say I do like this drone. It flew perfectly. I had no glitches. Everything worked, it’s, a very smooth flier, so it’s yeah it’s, definitely a recommended drone. If you’re a beginner now, I will also say that holy stone gave me a coupon in Canada, the price. When you look at this, that I’m gon na put below below within the link, it’s, probably gon na freak – you out its gon na look expensive, but they gave me a coupon for 40 off that price. So when you take the 40 off, then it looks like quite reasonable for the US. I think the price is a little high too so I’ve asked them to send me a coupon for the US on Amazon so that you can so that the price can be knocked down quite a bit too, and I haven’t received that yet, hopefully I receive it By the time this videos out and I’ll put it in the links below so check the links below to the holy stone website, the link to Canada, the coupons there.

The link to the US is also going to be there and if I have a coupon for the US, I’m gon na put that as well. Hopefully, you guys get 40 off as well, because it will make this very inexpensive for such a nice drone. Now, what’s coming up next, a Canada geese are just going nuts here with coming up. Next. Is the unboxing so stay tuned for that and check out what comes in the box? Alright guys, thanks for watching this video, it is a nice drone if you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions about this drone, just post them below. Hopefully the video turned out. Well, I haven’t seen the video quality or what it looks like. You will judge yourself because when I get home, I’ll see it and, like I said, I’ll put below what the resolution is on the video, alright guys, thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this thumbs up catch you in the next video stay tuned for the unboxing. Coming up next take care, and now we reach the part of the video where we’re gon na do a quick unboxing of the HS 720 inside the box, who have a beautiful case right here, some nice branding on the front to add a nice rubberized handle. So when the self check out what is inside, we have well, we have some foam get rid of that. We have the drone the controller and the accessories right here and in the top portion right here.

We also have a booklet full of paperwork inside. We have, this is pretty cool. If you give a really positive review about this drone they’ll send you a free battery, that’s, pretty sweet, and then it tells you all about the cautions of the battery that they’re gon na, send you and then finally, you get a Quick Start Guide and the instruction Manual right here, let’s take a quick look at the drone you can see. It is a very interesting design. These motors here are not your typical motors. These are really really nice motors compared to these standard motors that come on the other drones. Not only that look at these little things, they’ve at it right here, each arm gets a little piece of rubber so that when you bring it back and put it against the body, it doesn’t go clang it’s, a nice soft touch got the nice little LED lights In the back, let me just open this up, so you can see the full size there. We go so it’s a drone that’s not as beefy as the bugs 4w it’s, much thinner in design. The arms are much thinner, much more elegant. Looking you know to be quite honest and check this out so on this side. Here you have your micro, SD port that’s, a good thing on the bottom. You have your landing lights. You have to remove the plastic off of that same here. You have your optical flow sensor or the plastic has to come off of that before you actually use it and on the front you have your camera and of course the plastic has to come off.

That and the camera does not have a gimbal, but it has this vibration dampening if you touch it and you can see that the camera has a gear in it and it moves all the way straight down all the way straight forward. On the back. We have the battery that comes out very nicely and you can see on the back it’s a seven point: four volt at 2800 milliamps. So all in all it’s a nicely designed drone. It doesn’t look like a toy drone at all. You know just the way: it’s sculptured it’s, very nice, very elegant. Next, we have the controller right here and once again, there’s plastic on the screen, just yank, that off nice and shiny new. This is one of those nice controllers. If you turn it on you’ll, get this beautiful display right here gives you lots of information, and you have little arms that pop out like this to hold it and your antennas pop out, and you have the button on the side that can turn your GPS on Or off right here as well, you have your unlock the motors and also your Biden button to bind it to your drone. No, I didn’t mean to hit that sorry guys and over here you have your return to home your take off and land. Then, of course, on the front, you can turn on your landing lights and it’s. Also, your speed and there’s your photo in videos any of your little dial here for your gimbal to move it up and down and on the back.

It’S gon na take two double a batteries, not included. Alright let’s check out what comes in this big accessory box inside. What do we have? First thing: we have I’m, not gon na open these, but first thing we have would be spare propellers and there’s a full set in there. I feel for them. Next we have a mini Phillips, screwdriver right here in the plastic and finally, in this big mess. We have the charging system, which I am gon na open, because I have to charge up the battery. So here we have the charging system and it’s a USB type charging system right here, oh it’s USB see we have our drone here. Batteries in the drone and we’re gon na weigh it.