Now, as I've mentioned in my other videos, the market is absolutely flooded with this, but here's one that's a little different, so the manufacturer Holly hi. They got in touch with me and said: hey you do want to review the EA 2s. They sent them out to me free of charge in exchange for this review and the reason why I said yes is because they're a little different, because these ones here have an incorporated battery bank within them, it's 5000 milliamp hours. It does have type C on here and you can charge devices at 10 watts. It also has wireless charging it's only five watts, but it's a good option there to have, and then the earbuds themselves – and it did surprise me sounding better than I thought they would so in the box. We'Ve got a Type C cable. This is a short one here that can also be swapped around and used for charging your device's. After all, as mentioned, this is a battery pack as well and there's a user guide, and they give us some spare tips in here. So it comes with the medium ones, pre applied, so you get some small and large, and I found the large ones for my ears worked best giving me the best seal. So our case and battery bank here is a bit chunkier than your typical tws earbuds it's. To be expected, considering it does have a five thousand milliamp hour battery in here now we got down the bottom, a little fussing tap that that brings up the status LEDs to tell your remaining battery life.

I have at the moment, 100 battery right there with the four illuminated lights and it will take about two hours to fully charge this at five thousand milliamp hour. Battery output from this is 10 watts, which is not too bad, but it does support Qualcomm, quick charge. 3, I guess the licensing was too expensive, for that would have pushed the price of this well up and on the back here we do have wireless charging support. So if you have a phone out there, other tech that supports wireless charging, you simply place it on the back and you can see right now. It will start to wirelessly charge over all. The plastics used is not bad at all the quality of it. It does pick up fingerprints and smudges easily and right here to gain access to the tws earbuds just slide down on it, and once you remove these, they are already paired up by the way, and they will only just take a few chickens to do that. Like all Bluetooth, five tech, it's, very quick if they've already been paired. Sorry all the build quality of these is good. There are no sharp edges, nice plastics. They only weigh about five grams, each. They are very light and I do find them comfortable. Now they run on touch controls here, it's, not a physical click in button, but it is touch capacitive and it that controls your previousnext track and, to example, launch Sri or Google assistant.

What is missing is volume controls on the earbuds themselves, which is a little disappointing. So you have to use your device for that. So here is a sample from the inbuilt microphones that has, and as you can hear, they are not particularly good. This is one of my cons here of they said it's, not great quality. You want the best quality. Look for some tws earbuds that actually have dual microphone there, so one also handles noise cancellation. So when the e2s are connected depending on your device, it will probably pop up and tell you the remaining battery life. So how is the runtime on these with the volume at 50 I'm getting over four and a half hours now? The manufacturer claims five hours on these, but I found that the left one powered off just about four and a half hours, so it's close to the claim there and with the case you do get an additional huge forty more charges because really it's a battery bank. Now, where these earbuds have surprised me here is their sound output, I wasn't expecting them to be great. Okay, I was thinking well, the focus is probably more on the wireless charging battery bank and perhaps the sound quality won't really be that good, but it's. Actually, I feel pretty good, I think most people gon na be happy with them. They'Ve got a decent amount of bass. They don't distort 100 volume, vocals sound good, the only area where I can really criticize it is.

I feel these drivers aren't so great. It really crisp highs. So if you really enter your treble, then you may be slightly disappointed. Volume output, depending on my devices I'm using does actually seem to be very good, but just remember you've got no volume controls on the actual earbuds themselves. So what about the letting see are we seeing a lead lag when watching video? Here is the audio synching with people's mouths? It is here with my samsung galaxy tab is six audio synced perfectly. However, with my Kwame p30, Pro I've noticed there's about a millisecond delay, so it's really going to be down to what device you're using if you're, going to see that typical Bluetooth lag here. So the 10 watt output from this battery bank and it's 5000 of our capacity means that I can get to about 70 on my Huawei P 30 Pro, and it will take a run about an hour and a half to do this, which isn't bad for those Out there to carry a separate battery bank and some Bluetooth 5 earbuds, then this is an option to have them both in one now on to the comfort of these earbuds, so this style of earbud with the tip that extends out with the microphone. I find all of them seem to have quite a good fit and they just stick in my ear and stay in place there as long as you get, of course, the tips that give you a very good seal for me, that was the larger size gave me.

The better seal, and due to that I get a little bit of passive noise reduction as well. Now I have found that the range is very good on this. I'Ve had no disconnects as well in my environment here so here in the studio. I'Ve got a lot of 2.4 g5g wireless networks around. I can see a lot of Bluetooth of as ground as well, but if you're sitting in a very busy bus station or train station or sitting in the tube or in the metro, you might run into a disconnect in with a lot and a lot of signal. Around in a very noisy environment could possibly cause a disconnect, but not for me now. Our areas of complaint, the biggest for me, is probably the volume controls I find a little annoying, the lack of them. Ok, so the touch controls they're, actually working. Alright, the capacitive touch controls, but the fact that I cannot tap into hold and to put the volume up or tap and hold the outside to put the volume down is to me an annoyance, because then you've got to go and reach in and adjust on the Device itself, and that to me is a bit of an oversight from the manufacturer. Microphone quality is not amazing, so either sample like Gabe. You could hear it doesn't sound that great I mean you can place, voice calls with it, but if you want the best mic, quality go with some tws earbuds that have noise cancellation, active noise cancellation with dual mics normally on each one of them, so mono mode Is working as well with these and how do they sound out of the box to me? They actually sound better than I was expecting.

I thought what this kind of a product they might overlook. Sound quality it's only got a six millimeter driver and when you take a look at the specs of it, you think they might not be that great, but their lows are good. The outer box calibration is favouring bass like most manufacturers. The mid sound good to me as well and vocals are fine and a hum percent volume I'm, not getting any bass distortion, at least on a flat profile. That is where others could now. The thing that we're it lacks to me is the highs could be just a little bit crisper there, but that's just to my ears so over. I think for the 38 US dollars. These are selling for and it's a two while three and one device, the wireless charging five watts only and then we've got 10 watt charging. The 5000 million. Our battery will charge a lot of phones out there to almost a percent. If it's an older phone with, say three thousand 500 milliamp hour capacity, yes, that will fully charge it, but newer phones with larger batteries, you're gon na get to about 7080 percent battery before it runs out of juice there, because it's, not a hundred percent efficiency. The charging right there so all like, yes, maybe a little bit overpriced there, but I think you're getting for those that want just an all in one device.