Apple, just wrapped up their keynote event.. It was only an hour long, but it was very fast paced very exciting, with a lot of announcements, lets break it down together and as always, this is not one way. Conversation drop a comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the event as we work through this together. Now I have the notes here on my Computer and I’m going to go through them in that order. Let’s get started with the new Apple TV Remote.. Thank god., I dont even care about the new TV itself. It does what it says on the tin.. The new a12 processor HDR. Lets talk remote 65 euro it’s, quite pricy. it’s Worth it for those buying a new Apple TV, their upgrading from the 3rd generation 1080p, or perhaps your not even an Apple TV user. And this is your first one.. I think, when it’s built into the price of getting an Apple TV, it’s really great, but for those who already have an Apple TV like a 4k one it’s, not worth the 65 euro, please do not pay that and get a third party one from another manufacturer.. I actually use my iPhone Ive got good at using the iPhone to control the AppleTV, because you can launch it from control centre. But I know that isnt for everyone., But do not spend on a 65 euro on a new Apple TV remote. Even though it actually is quite good because they fixed it it’s adequate.

, What I am quite excited about are Air Tags. I think these are quite decent. Very much. I feel like the HomePod mini in that these are essential. Iots Internet of things Apple are selling. That Apple have to be very competitive of pricing in this matter with other manufacturers and brands, because it’s still emerging, even more so than when apple announced. The iPad back in 2010. Right. IOTs is a harder sell, mostly because its ambient Computing, which is always harder to sell people, have to use it first and see how it enhances their life.. I do think being able to engrave and customise with Emojis is absolutely fantastic.. I love the efforts. Apple are making on personalisation and doing it on the more personal products like AirPods and Apple Watch.. Also, the batteries are replaceable on AirTag, I assume with those CMOS batteries the CR2032, so these arent disposable you don’t, have to buy a new airtag every year. You can just get a new battery.. I think these will be a big hit for Pet owners for collars, and I think you will see these propagate faster around the world than expected again like AirPods how they became an overnight sensation. I actually do think Airtags low key will be very, very popular.. This is a 2nd recording. I completely forgot Apple announced a purple iPhone. If you want one go, get one, it does what it says on the tin. It completely went over my head.

Now. The part of the keynote I was most excited for is the new 24 M1 iMac.. I didnt plan on buying one before the keynote and while watching it, I was like dammit, which colour should I buy, but now that I have time to reflect, because the keynote was very exciting and fast paced. While I think its a great Computer, its surprising, opaque. Well, transparent about showing the limitations of the M1 chip. To begin with, the iMac doesnt have an SD card reader. The Mac mini doesnt have one either. So I have to assume at this point its a limitation of M1s design, in that it requires a Hub or USB type controller to operate an SD card reader.. I do think its interesting that only 2 of the 4 USB C ports are Thunderbolt enabled, even though the other ports are USB 4, which I thought in itself was Thunderbolt, because they said USB 4 and thunderbolt would be one and the same. So we are already starting to have some confusion about the differences there, because I thought USB 4 was all about unifying IO. Yet here we are seeing apple put thunderbolt, both in the iMac and iPad Pro, which I’ll discuss soon. Its also relatively pricy. I want to be clear: you do get a lot of bang for your buck, its a very fast system. I have the Mac mini with same specs and it delivers, but its still begins at 1499.

. The next option is 1719 euros and all it adds there is a touch ID keyboard, ethernet and some more USB ports and new colours.. I would have been much more on board with more storage over higher end Touch ID keyboard, Im very interested to see what build to order options looks like, but that wasnt available when I recorded the video. For many it might be a situation of getting the base Model iMac with either more ram or more storage., Speaking of which Comparing iMac prices, is also more complicated because you really cant compare to this to the previous iMac, which I know its replacing, but to begin with its a bigger size, screen right.. So seeing this base model package for 1499 is actually pretty good. When you consider you get the same storage and Ram and even a slower processor on the base 27 iMac, the Intel Model for 2000 euro., I think whats. Putting me slightly off is the up sell of the iMac to get the touch ID keyboard because we know Apple is working on Face ID for the Mac Computers.. Frankly, I think most people would be better off buying the base model iMac and getting an Apple Watch. With the Apple watch. You can sign into your Computer from the Apple Watch and it’s only about a 100 bucks more than the spec’ed up iMac, with Touch ID keyboard., Of course, get the cheaper iMac and an Apple watch to treat yourself to all.

The amazing features that it has, along with having a smart watch right, that’s what my financial advice would be if you’re considering purchasing one of these.. It was also really interesting to see Apple talk a lot about continuity, which brings me to the audience. This is for and its firmly for regular Computer users.. These are iPad and iPhone customers who may still own a Windows PC and with the slick, design and features they focused on its clear they’re, revamping their efforts to convert even more people to the Mac.. I feel like for the past few years, Apple was like come over to the Mac, if you want to, but with the new iMac design and what they focused on their quite aggressive at getting those PC converts.. We know a big working revolution is coming. A lot of businesses are deciding to permanently stay working from home or have a mix., Logitech and Microsoft went on the record of being excited with record sales of Webcams and other devices, and Microsoft Teams and other services and Apple wants to be there too, with a Really great designed product that fits into peoples, home offices, bedrooms and dens, they have their own personality.. On that note, I would like to touch on the design quite quickly. I, like the design Apple, went with and even keeping the Chin of the imac., Since the ports are still on the back. You frankly need somewhere to grab onto while plugging things in any iMac user will tell you that plugging USB cables into your iMac is not elegant and you do twist and turn the Computer to plug in accessories.

So Im a fan of the chin.. I am going to be very interested to see if the hinge of the iMac can withstand the stress of twisting and turning it, because you would be plugging things in and out quite a few times throughout the week. If not daily., I think its not the obvious design choice, but its still aesthetically beautiful, so Im a fan of the chin.. What I am not a fan of, however, is the external power brick. Even the freaking, PS5 and Xbox Series X has managed to put their power bricks inside and you kept the chin. So there was room, but here we are. There is an external power brick. Their feature is it has ethernet and it will keep wires off your desk. But where is the 10 Gig ethernet option., I think like the Mac mini? This is a M1 limitation.. If the 1719 euro upsell had 10 Gig ethernet along with the extra USB ports, I would have been totally onboard. I really would have if it had 10 gig ethernet. I think we could have had something there base model, no ethernet the next up, sell ethernet as standard 10 gigabytes.. I also love the colours and the bright bezel., Green, Pink, Yellow and Silver are my favourite.. I really like the Yellow reminds me of being a child and given a Yellow, Gameboy colour, I had a yellow one.. I know most like things darker, I know, MBKHD wants everything to be matte black, but I really hope we see more colour options like this.

On the new MacBook Pros, even if its just a gold option, Im really tired of dark computers, black and really dark space grey things, I hated my space grey MacBook Pro. I want a Computer that can lift the space Im working in and Im hopeful. We will see that as even the new iPad Pro got a white Magic Keyboard.. That brings me to the iPad Pro.. This one is more straight forward to discuss with you’s, because its a really solid, upgrade. M1 is super fast. It will perform fantastic on iPad Pro. Apparently, battery life is still as good as ever, and I am very excited about this Pro Display XDR. We need more clarification from Apple that if we can plug this into our Mac with Thunderbolt, can we use it as SideCar with accurate colour reproduction.? That would be very exciting.. This could be a fantastic consumer level. Reference monitor emphasis on Consumer, clearly not competing with Flanders Scientific, but we need to be able to use Pro Display XDR on iPad Pro in these type of scenarios. If Apple wants to see more HDR Content being made. Its also interesting, it can now be upgraded to 2TB of storage, because I have the 2018 iPad here in 256GB and I never get anywhere close to filling it up. It’s, interesting because there’s, obviously some user demand There for the 2TB, some people must be buying the 1.5TB model if it’s worth it in their favour to make a 2TB one.

. For me, the scanerio, where I can see the iPad being versatile, is being my ultimate YouTube and Netflix and Chill device, but also being able to use it as Sidecar to be a HDR Reference. Monitor. Slip it in and out to my tech workflows in all these different ways.. I think it would be great for consumer and low end projects where you don’t need a Flanders, scientific, monitor and something extremely colour accurate, because your not working on something high budget.. My actual favourite thing about the new iPad Pro is the new white magic keyboard. It is so beautiful, a great bright design, language for the iPad, but I do wish we got function. Row keys, there’s, still no function. Row keys. I think, if apple had it white with function row keys, it would have been so good, so good And yeah. I know I kinda raced through that, but I wanted to keep it paced. Like the keynote I loved the mission impossible reference. There are always a fan of mission impossible. They referenced it quite a few times throughout apples, entire keynote history, even back to Steve Jobs, that’s their soft spot for media franchise, not a marvel movie or anything, but do drop a comment below and let me know what your thoughts were about each section, because now I am going to talk about my own reflection and while it was very exciting keynote, I actually think unless you easily fit into the products Apple announced today, I am declaring that people hold still because I see an even more exciting future ahead.

. This Pro Display Mini, LED technology is really exciting and I am very excited about that future. Macbook Pro re design with Apple Silicon and Mini, LED display.. I am also saying to hold still because I want to see if a new revision of Apple Silicon, whether its called M1X or M2, adds support for SD cards and works out. The first generation kinks. That professionals have observed, with M1 being able to connect multiple monitors. Even 10GB ethernet without a dongle, I really want to see Apple, can do with silicon going forward. That brings me to my more longer term review of my Mac, mini, which I have reviewed on my channel do check that out.. I do really love it still. As cool as ever and I’m still editing a heap of projects on it, but I think I will be going back to using a portable Mac, mainly because the iPad Pro cant do everything. I need it to do right now, professionally.. I work on video, shoots, Im a producer and on lower end projects, I need a data, wrangling, portable and one USB port on the iPad Pro cant cut it. For me, I need at least 2 and USB Hubs are not reliable.. I want to be clear, though this isnt a failure on the iPad Pro. For me, it was a revelation when I was in University as an Economics and Information Computing student in how versatile it was with Apple Pencil, but frankly, as our lives changes and our needs changes lately, it has been reduced to me using it nightly for Netflix and Youtube as a little portable viewer screen almost.

. I think thats whats exciting, though about Apples products which I want to make clear. Many people view apple products as a treadmill that if I buy an iPad Im on that upgrade treadmill for life where, as I think now more than ever, you can really get on and get off as it suits you.. They all run similar software and it’s. Incredibly easy to use.: If you can use an iPhone, you can use an iPad.. You should really be viewing this products apple has so many so many right now as solutions to your needs and then buying them. Accordingly. Again my takeaway is: I want this Mini LED technology on the Mac it didnt come to iMac. Today we know it is coming to the MacBooks. I am very excited for that re design., So I would say to end it off, buy accordingly to what you need and again, if it’s, not there today hold still, because I think it will be coming very shortly I’m going to leave it at that.. Thank you for tuning in and watching my breakdown reaction and review of the Apple Keynote.. I know the production quality today, isn’t up to my usual standards. I wanted to just pull my green screen up and record from my webcam and record this video quickly and being able to look at my notes. I didn’t have to memorise anything but subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to stay tuned for future videos, because, honestly, I am a big hypocrite.

So don’t be surprised in a few weeks, if you see an unboxing of an iMac on the channel, because that yellow one is so pretty. I just want to play with it. I know it’s not for me.