Looking at 40 meters here, let me turn up the volume here. I can see through my little screen up there. We go Applause. Listen to these guys now, let’s! Listen to these guys over here can go down and listen to the cw portion of band 2 Applause. There’S. 7. 100.. Oh, look. You can see the cw signals there. Look at them all wow that activity in the cw portion of band this morning switch over here to cw. We’Ve got the bandwidth quite wide Applause. I can change the filter with here. Applause. The filter is quite wide. I don’t know how that happened back here, make the filter and make it 1kc wide. Applause right here comes the seat of the signal here: Applause what’s that guy’s calling cq Applause, Music, wh bln all right. This is a very strong cw signal over here i’m, just using this little uh bluetooth mouse. I was inspired to do this by the way when i saw pete giuliano paired up his new display with a raspberry pi, very inspirational stuff – i’m, not anywhere near that level, but at least i’m doing something sdr’s here anyway, there you guys have it. This tablet costs about 40 bucks. I think – and i have it going over here – picking up the uh after the first mixer from the um bit x40. I have the bid x40 vfo fixed it uh with a frequency of seven megahertz, and i have the offset here that allows this to display more or less the correct frequency receive only of course, but uh, but a lot of fun.