Let me know if the product is a hit, meaning you love it or a miss aka i’m, not interested all right. First up. Are these guys right here? The neckbox and nutbox2 a pair of mini pcs i’m, going to focus a little more on the larger one, but i will throw up the specs for both if it isn’t obvious the main selling feature here is the size like check out how small these guys are. The idea is that they don’t take up as much space on your desk. You can mount it to the back of your monitor under your desk or hide it behind your tv to use as a home theater pc. The connectivity here is also kind of impressive for its size, there’s, an ethernet and dual hdmi ports that can push up to two 4k monitors. The biggest drawback of a product like this is that you’ll need to use your own mouse keyboard and monitor, which obviously adds to the cost. If you don’t already have. Those performance is actually pretty good for the nuke box too, for how most people use their computers. It’S, more than capable web browsing streaming content like gaming word processing it will handle just fine. The smaller one, though, feels a step too slow for my taste. If you have very very basic needs, it should be fine when it comes to portability, a laptop still makes way more sense, not to mention these also use a dc port for power, so you’ll have to carry that power adapter around too.

I do think these are slightly overpriced for what they are, but they do go on sale regularly, so it might be worth it for the right person. Next up is a gorgeous looking desktop kit from asio. This is part of the izzo lineup. It includes a mouse keyboard and a number pad calculator. Now most keyboards are kind of boring when it comes to design, but this this is a conversation starter it’s, really, nice azio has been making these retro styled keyboards for a while. Now the set comes in three different colors. The one that i have here is white blossom, which is my favorite. I love the gold accents on the space bar and escape key, but if you’re not a fan, they do throw in white keycaps. This is one of the clickiest mechanical keyboards i’ve ever used hands down. It uses gateron blue switches that are so satisfying to press. It is really loud, though so maybe not ideal. If you share your workspace, i’ve always been a fan of having these dials on my keyboard by default, it controls volume, but it’s also used to control the backlight brightness and to change the lighting effects. There are 21 in total that you can pair with 10 levels of brightness. I mean i haven’t had it for long enough to comment on the battery life, but this does come with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery. If you hit the function and escape key, the top row will light up and let you know how much juice is left, which is a really nice touch when it comes to the mouse.

I mean it’s pretty, but i find that i have to use a little bit more pressure to click the buttons. I also think the shape takes some time to get used to. Overall, i love the typing experience: big fan of the design, yeah it’s a cool way to add some personality to your desk. Listen, i never really understood the appeal of an e reader, but after testing these eating tablets from box, i kind of get it now. Both of these run, android 10 come with pressure, sensitive pens and, of course, have that e ink display, which is supposed to be way easier on your eyes, compared to a regular tablet, screen outdoor visibility and viewing angles are a couple other handy benefits of eating displays. So if you’re, a heavy reader e readers make a lot of sense, so the bigger one is the note air, while the smaller one is called the nova color 3.. The main difference, besides the size is that the smaller one can also display colors. The colors are a little washed, but i guess it’s still handy for viewing things like comics or maybe color coding, your notes. While you can run android, apps watch videos or surf the web on this, the experience really isn’t. That pleasant, i mean just logging into the google play store itself – requires some extra steps if you’re buying this thinking you’re getting a full blown tablet. Experience you’re gon na be disappointed.

The note taking experience, though, is actually quite good. There’S a bit more latency compared to tablets like the ipad or galaxy tab, but what’s surprising, is that it makes my writing actually look like my writing. It does a good job of making me feel, like i’m, actually writing on paper, but yeah to me. These sit right between a basic e reader and an actual tablet. I feel like it’s, an e reader that’s, trying its best to be a tablet, but that’s not really what this is. These are more for someone who wants a dedicated premium e reader that they can take notes and markup documents with i say premium because yeah these aren’t cheap last up are the ue fits a pair of wireless bluetooth, earbuds that wait for it mold to your ears. Yeah, i know it sounds a little outrageous, but that’s actually what these do Music right away. They do tell you that the ear tips are light sensitive, so you need to set them up right away after opening it. So i just want to let you guys know that these do warm up as they’re molding in your ears, and it takes about 60 seconds. I actually didn’t mind the warmness. It actually felt very comforting what a unique experience for sure Music, so you’re gon na get eight hours of battery life on the buds which should get you through a full work day and with the case you’ll get up to 20 hours.

Charging is done through usbc, but there is no wireless charging. Unfortunately, sound quality is decent, but they do have an eq and presets in the app. So you can customize things to your liking yeah. I don’t think these are my favorite in terms of sound, but when it comes to fit these are so comfortable and, like i’ve said before fit is the most important thing when it comes to earbuds i’ve done a couple of outdoor runs with them. Super comfortable stayed in the whole time, but there’s no ambient mode, which i personally like to have for safety reasons. A couple of other gripes. You can map touch controls, but they’ve been really really finicky for me. Music also doesn’t auto pause when you take both earbuds out, which is kind of weird. If you go to their website. These are priced at 175 right now, down from 250.. Yeah 250 is a little steep, considering what’s missing, so at 175 bucks they offer a nice design, good sound quality and easily the best custom fit around yeah that’s a little bit more reasonable. All right, that’s a wrap for this episode be sure to let me know your thoughts on each product and if it was a hit or a miss as usual.