Welcome back to the channel today is a special day. So last time this year we reached 20 000 subscribers, and that was my christmas gift from you guys, and this year, it’s been a huge success. We’Re, almost at 40 000 subscribers now the year hasn’t ended yet and we’re almost at 37, 000. 38. 000 subscribers right now, so it’s been a great year. Uh lots of stuff happened this year, but audio went strong and thankfully, for us audiophiles it was. It has been a great year, a lot of great products and, as you can see, we have eight awards today. So starting from my left, we have the three budget awards. We have one budget speaker award and then two budget component awards, and then we have the big guy. We have the product of the year 2020 year award. This goes to only one product and then we have the specialty award, which goes out to specific speakers and components that has to do with home, theater near field and stuff like that stuff for specific use, and then we have the price, no object award. One for speakers and one for components so i’ll explain through each of these awards, but each of these were very, very tough to choose, as you can imagine, and we’ll start revealing them now. Let’S start with this guy, the best bang for the buck, speaker 2020, and this one goes out to techton lore. So this award had to go out to a speaker that really justify this price point and really something that a lot of us can afford.

But at the same time, something that is abnormally good for the price, something that really really i felt was truly deserving of this award best bang for the buck speaker for 2020 and that’s tecton lore – and this is weird because this product has been out for, like 20 years and hasn’t, it has seen improvements over the years, but the main criteria for these awards is not that it was out in 2020, because there’s so many products that i can say if it’s out in 2020. These are more components and speakers that i’ve reviewed on this channel in 2020, and i think that’s only fair. So this was a great one, absolutely love it. Next up, we have the best bang for the buck component award and this one goes out to it’s a long name, it’s a long long name person, soloist 3x performance. So this is the best bang for the buck component award 2020.. Now, because this christmas season, i think they made a mistake by putting best bang for the buck speaker twice and on all the best bang for the buck awards, but let’s keep it going it’s our first time, even giving out any type of physical award. So let’s keep it positive. I’Ll fix this later. If person wants the award but uh yeah person solos 3x performance. This was a great component. I thought it was such a great headphone amplifier such a powerful class, a headphone amplifier, but at the same time for stereo people like us, it was such a great preamplifier.

I loved it and a lot of my patrons bought it. They just love it to death and i think it really deserves that award um i mean i mean i put it side by side with many pre amplifiers in many different price categories, and this this this is such a great great little pre, amplifier and amplifier, and I love that it doesn’t have an internal dac, so you can use a separate dac if you wish to okay moving on, we have another best, bang for the buck component and that’s the r8. Now they made a mistake on this one as well like i said, but let’s keep the positivity going again now. Wilsonton r8 is probably one of the most deserving of this award, and i say that because for the money it was a such a great integrated, tube amplifier and for people that have never experienced tube amplifiers before this was it. I don’t think that i can recommend an another tube amplifier that’s integrated for this price and, have you know, trialed, ultra linear mode, switch back and forth easy, biasing, um and overall, just a great design, great craftsmanship for the price, and i have to say this. One really really nailed it and you can really tell because a lot of people bought it and it overall has really good feedback from many many users, and also that video got 150 000 views and i think that’s, like the most viewed video on our channel.

So far, so that that was impressive, that was an accomplishment for everyone, my channel, the people who makes wilson, god knows who they are and you guys who bought it and is still watching this video and enjoying it and laughing good times now. Moving on, we have the specialty awards like i said this is for special awards that goes out to products for special applications. So, first of all, we have best home theater, speaker 2020.. Now we didn’t have a lot to choose from i mean we had tektons. We had vocals, we had clips, but at the same time i just knew it from the moment that this product came in. I just knew that this was it for home theater. It was crisp, it had really really good base authority for for the size and the price, and also you could add, a subwoofer. This was a great home theater speaker and i think a lot of people would agree with me since it’s used for home theater use. Quite a bit – and this is the klipsch rpc8000f, so this was a floor, standing speaker very crisp, very good projection and for movies, and you know, dialects and stuff like that. This. This was such a great speaker and i think one of my favorite um speakers for home theater so far in terms of this price range also, my girlfriend very much approves of this speaker. She loves it to death, so here we go now.

This award right here is a special one, it’s the best near field, speaker 2020.. Now i personally didn’t have anything i loved some of the near field, speakers that i reviewed so far, but i didn’t think that any of them really deserved this award and also you know there are a few near field speakers coming up that i think really deserves This award, but again i haven’t gotten to review them yet so a shout out to ls35a sound artist, that’s coming up, i think it’s, one of the best near field speakers out there for the price, but so far none that really deserve this award. So i was gon na skip it until my other reviewer tujin. He recently did a review of the speaker and he thought this was one of the best near field speakers ever existent, so this award actually comes from him and his heart. This award goes out to the fine f500 speakers now note that the fine f500 doesn’t have to be used near field. He actually brought it in for me to hear and we used it in our stereo system and it sounded really great in normal stereo situations as well and uh, but he really liked it in your field so that’s. Why he’s giving this award to fine audio there? You go now. This is the exciting ones. This is the price, no object awards. Now we have two of them. One is for component, and one is before speakers and really there has been a lot of a lot of thought that went into this award, because this is not just good for the price, but it has to be something that i think you know, regardless of price.

Just great regardless of price, and that was tough – there was a lot of choices that needed to be made um, but before we go into this award, i do want to give a give a shout out to the bacard a500 active speakers. I would have given that speaker an award this year, but perhaps next year, because i haven’t gotten to review it. Yet i think that’s, the future of audio um to a certain point, but we’ll keep that for that review. Excellent speakers that looks out to the future props to them. Okay, so the best price no object component of the year is the dodge 7 deck that i reviewed. So this was a tube deck and it had clarity capacitors inside overall it would just. I love the idea of combining the best of digital with the best of analogues, and i love the fact that they practiced the you know: wonderful thing in the industry where they collaborated and brought a person who’s really good at good at digital, and they, you know, Took the analog section and then they combined it. So this really this really touched a good spot. It just sounded so good that i just gave the highest recommendations to my patreons and to you guys, and just it just made a cut uh this year in terms of its award best award that i gave so this one price no object component 2020. This was a choice and, like i said this was a hard choice, because there was a lot of a lot of competition.

There was a dental frips that was just so close, but this all also had to do a lot with the preference and my experience with a lot of the components. Everything was just just a smidge now this one, i think some of you guys can guess, but this was regardless of price. The my favorite speakers almost period this year – and this was the alta alec – absolutely deserving. This award, yes it’s on the pricey side. But again, this is a price, no object, speaker award and i can choose from any price point i want and if i had to choose from this year’s stuff, that i reviewed and with no price in mind. This is what i would get. This is the alta alec speakers and i absolutely loved it great bass punch just from top to bottom. It was flawless in my opinion and for the price. I just think this is such a great speaker, so yeah well deserved, in my opinion, now. Moving on the final award product of the year 2020., this is a big one. Now for this award, i had to keep the price in mind. This is not a price no object award. This had to be something that was really good for the price, but not only that something that topped everything in terms of price to performance ratio and that’s hard to justify. You know how hard it is in audio, so this was my opinion.

It took me a long time and a lot of thought to come up with this award, because this is coming from me. Uh, my reputation is online, and so i really have to think hard on what i give the award to and this i really thought deserved. It this is something that i think most people can afford, something that most people will have no problem enjoying and something that i am proud to have in my own stereo system and if it comes down to it, this is perhaps the one of the best speakers I’Ve seen in a long time in this price range, so this one goes to drum roll. Please the tekton lore speakers, this speaker was just absolutely fabulous for the price. The way it was tuned, it was ridiculously good. I could see that a lot of effort went into this over to 20 years of improving this design by eric the engineer from tecton and for the price i just couldn’t, think of another best price to performance ratio, speaker or component that i reviewed this year that Competed with it so yeah, the tech town lower, takes a two. It takes the best bang for the buck award 2020, as well as the product of the year 2020.. Now, with that being said, we’re going to make this a tradition if any of the companies want their awards, we’ll ship it out to you at our expense and also this year, for you guys, i can’t promise this every year, but we will be giving away the Tekton lore and we’ll announce the winner.

We’Ll put the end date in the description below so happy christmas. Everyone happy year, it’s been a tough year, but looking ahead, 2021 let’s hope for the best and uh will be a better one. Hopefully, so. Thank you very much guys for watching.