This is supposed to do. Um 1080p it’s got a 256 gigabyte capacity, um sd card uh supposed to run for 150 minutes on battery power and um i’ll put the link in the uh price. In the description below so we’ve got. The pen looks like a legitimate ink pen uh right away. I don’t really see the uh camera have to look for it. My camera looks like it’s right here, but you would have got a way to actually see it. It’S got a close button on it too, so you can actually shut off the camera lens. So you’re not accidentally, recording something you don’t want to and let’s see that’s the on off button at the top. Instead of actually a pen button – and i don’t know if this is a fully functioning pen or not does not appear to be a fully functioning pen. Oh yes, it is so if you turn up the tip of it, the pan actually works on it also, so you can actually write with this thing so inside of here. If i want to open this first, i would have already known it’s got extra pen tips. So when you run out of ink, obviously they’re very short, so you’re not going to write very much with it, i can’t imagine you’re going to write with this pen anyhow, but you might let’s see, looks like an sd card remover or a reset button or reset Key that’s your sd card to a usb, so you can put it in your computer transfer.

The data, obviously usb to micro for charging and we’ve got a product review card amazon gift card for 30 bucks um. When expressing your thoughts, please do not write about this gift card and then we’ve got the directions and just a brief rundown of the instruction that says basically um you can’t have the device connected to the usb cable while it’s on. So basically, you can just sit on your desk and leave it running the whole time um. It says if the removable disk icon does not pop up within 30 seconds after connecting to the computer means computer not did not recognize the pin press. The reset button wait for 10 seconds and reinsert it so we’re going to pop it into the computer. Um follow the setup on it, that’s going to create a couple photo albums or a couple: folders um. If you’ve done like a gopro, anything like that, even your iphone you’ve got different folders in there. It’S got a time stamp on it. Also, this does say fully charge the pen before using it for the first time. So that means it’s got a battery it’s going to remember the memory on it so i’m going to go in there and plug it in, and then um probably continue this tomorrow. That way, i can actually uh let it sit overnight and pro charge so to charge this um, you unscrew the bottom of it. The sd card is right here, not sure what it comes with uh.

I think it told me on there, but i don’t think i read uh. This is a 32 gigabyte card. It comes with um. If it ends up working right, i’ll put a bigger card in there, so it records longer, and then the charging port is also inside of here so plug this into here and then we’ll plug that into the computer we’re into i’m. Gon na put down a charging block that way it charges, so the computer goes to sleep. It doesn’t have charge and not charge the camera all the way so there’s our pin assembled on the front of it right where the clip is. If you slide this up and down, you can cover the lens uncover the lens, so you can actually see so to turn this on. You press and hold the button on the top for about three seconds. You’Ll notice. The light comes on in here: i’ll try to keep an angle on, it should come on and then it should go back off so it’s in standby mode, but it’s currently recording everything to take a picture. If you click twice, it’ll take a still picture and again the blue light comes on and goes off it’s hard to catch it on here, but basically that’s. How you take still images is by double clicking. If you want to turn the camera back off and put it in standby mode, you press and hold the top button for about three seconds and the light in there will flash three times and go back off so i’m gon na turn.

The pin on should be recording now, basically, you would just drop this in your shirt, pocket and or you know, whatever you’re doing with it. Whichever way you’re aiming should be recording a video. I think it takes three minutes segments at a time, so basically we’ll record audio and video, and it should record everything that’s going on around you. Uh 1080p is supposed to be what it is. The still image is a 12 megapixel. So again, if you double click the top, it should take a still image of whatever you’re doing and we’ll take a couple of those just to see. In the meantime, it’ll just keep loop recording uh when you’re out of memory, it’ll start back over and uh just forward over itself again so, depending on how long you’re going to do it, uh make sure you’ve got a big enough memory card uh. It says that we can record up to 150 minutes on one continuous recording. I have not tried it yet, so i don’t know for sure, but we’ll give it a shot and see what happens so to get the pictures or the video off of here. Basically, we’re going to unscrew it again. You do this to a different way. You can either take the sd card out and put it in an sd card reader or you can actually leave it in the pen, plug it into your computer, like you’re, going to charge it light, turns blue and on your pc.

You may have to hit refresh if you already have this pulled up, but the drive will actually appear up here, like i just did so from here i’m gon na click on the usb drive once it opens not sure what glitch there but you’ve got photo and Video album i’m gon na click on the video, and these are the videos we took double click on it, so our video looks good on it turn up my volume, so audio is playing also it’s, definitely a little jerky, but i mean, if you had your pin In the pocket let’s say you were in a class and you were trying to videotape the class or something like that and you’re sitting still or if you could set the pin down. It looks like it would record pretty good. I think if you’re moving around um it’s gon na be really jerky but again it’s a really small camera uh, but it would still get the shots that you needed. So the audio sounds okay on it. I’Ll do another uh like a controlled environment. I’Ll. Take it to a store or something like that and see what it sounds like indoors versus outdoors, but it looks like it takes a pretty good picture from what i can tell so far i’m gon na go back to the e drive i’m gon na pick photo Those couple still shots. I took out there trying to aim it’s going to be a little.

You know it’s going to take a minute to get used to aiming it because again, you’re just taking this little pin and you’re, aiming that little tiny, pinhole camera towards what you’re going to do a little bit of practice. You should be able to aim it and basically hit whatever you want to. So the file size is a 40 32 by 30, 24 and 603.7 kilobytes. So just a quick search. It is a 12 megapixel uh file, so it’s actually taking a 12 megapixel picture of it. Now you can’t change the resolution there’s no software for this there’s no hardware for it. Basically, you have a pin an sd card and that’s it so pin sd card hides together again the light goes off once you turn it on it lights up. So you know you powered it up, but after you powered it up, you can literally write with us all day long and no one would know you were holding the camera in your hand, to turn the pin on or to actually use the pen you’ve got to Roll the bottom, which is kind of weird, but somebody else, picked up your pen thinking it was a pin and hit the top button they’re going to be taking pictures or turning on or off the camera, so make sure you don’t get this mixed up with your Other pens in the house so again that’s a w8 uh video shooting, pin uh 1080p, which appears to be 12 megapixel pictures.

It comes with 32 sd gigabyte card comes with 32 gigabyte sd card, so um you can probably put a 128 256 in there. If you’re going to use this pin a lot, you can also use it as a nanny cam. If you wanted to you, could you know put that in a pan holder somewhere in the room and long as your nanny’s, not taking your pen or bar in your pen or whoever you’re trying to watch is not using your pens um again, that would sit in The pen holder and no one would be uh any of the wiser too, like to thank everyone for watching the video. I do have several more of these coming up um i do uh security for a living and i’ve got a lot of people looking into nanny cams i’ve done smoke, detector cameras, picture frame, cameras, um wall, charger cameras, um just tons of different hidden cameras. Nowadays, i never did any reviews on before, because i really wasn’t posting that on youtube but um from now on.