Today we are taking a closer look at the HEX Technical backpack. This past year there have been a lot of changes that have affected how we live our lives, especially with how we commute and travel. The HEX Technical backpack is a bag that was designed with these Changes in mind, with a focus on hygiene and keeping safe, while we were out in the world., This bag has three design features that really stick out.. The first is using antimicrobial technology on the fabric.. This fabric can repel and resist up to 99 of bacteria, mold and fungus., Which can help keep your backpack germ free, especially when you put it down on the ground or on other unsanitary. Surfaces. Hex has had this antimicrobial fabric tested by an independent lab, and you can read more about the technology on their website.. I’Ll leave a link in the video description. If you would like to learn more about the science behind it.. The second feature is the amount of slip pockets versus zippered pockets.. The HEX Technical backpack has a ton of slip pockets on the outside that use magnets. Instead of zippers., These pockets. Allow you to quickly grab items like a mask hand, sanitizer or a phone without having to go inside of your backpack.. The last feature is probably my favorite and that’s. The integrated wireless charging pocket. HEX has designed this special pocket on top of the backpack that can hold a wireless charging power bank.

So you can charge your phone by simply placing it on top of the bag.. This means no scrambling for cables and no placing your phone on dirty surfaces to charge when you’re out and about.. One thing to note is that if you want to take advantage of the wireless charging pocket, you do need to purchase a HEX power bank separately. Since this pocket was designed specifically for it., I found that wireless charging with the HEX power bank works. Great. The fabric used on the technical backpack is pretty thick and I was able to charge my iPhone through the fabric and a thin case.. Now let’s move on to pockets and compartments., Starting on the front. You have a smaller magnetic slip, pocket here.. This is usually where i put my face mask and hand sanitizer.. It makes it very easy to grab and go.. Then you have the front zippered organizer compartment that has a few slip pockets inside for smaller items. Above that is another magnetic slip. Pocket for much larger items. On the sides of the bag are even more pockets.. Here we have your standard water bottle pocket and I found that slimmer bottles fit just fine, but a larger diameter bottles like a 32 ounce Nalgene bottle are a bit too large, so you really are regulated to skinnier bottles with this pocket.. A really neat feature is that inside of this water bottle pocket is where you’ll find a key leash for your keys.

. I like that, the keys are easily accessible yet tucked away and hidden in this pocket. On the other side of the backpack is where you’ll find a phone pocket, which is completely fleece, lined and padded., And off to the side, you’ll find an even smaller stash, pocket. Speaking of stash pockets, HEX even includes one on the shoulder, strap that can fit a card or ID. And that’s it for outside pockets.. Most of these pockets are held together with magnets.. This gives you quick access to items without having to touch zippers and buckles, and when paired with antimicrobial fabric, you have a layer of defense from germs with less surface contact. Overall. On the inside is where you’ll find a single main compartment, and this thing is packed with even more pockets.. The laptop sleeve is completely padded and fleece lined. HEX says you can fit a laptop up to 16 inches, but I believe they just mean a 16 inch Macbook Pro or other really thin 16 inch laptop.. I found the laptop sleeve to be too small for a regular old 15.6 inch PC, but anything smaller than that fits just fine. Below the laptop sleeve. You have another sleeve for documents or a tablet., And then you have lots of pockets for pens chargers and cables right below that.. On the other side, you have these small mesh pockets and another large slip pocket.. So, as you can see, the Technical backpack is filled with pockets.

HEX, really didn’t waste. Any space with this backpack. Now would be a good time to mention that this backpack is on the smaller side.. The main compartment on the HEX Technical backpack is only 17.5 liters and although there are a lot of pockets as far as open packing room, there really isn’t that much of it.. I found that the main compartment can fit two to three changes of clothing. Two one inch binders and a couple of notebooks or a gimbal small camera cube with some other smaller gear.. In my opinion, the HEX Technical backpack is best used for very light travel or as a mobile office, where you have to carry a lot of tech and smaller items for work or school.. It’S, really not designed to haul lots of gear and it’s best reserved. As a smaller daily backpack for essentials. When it comes to fit, I found the backpack to be comfortable when fully packed.. The back panel is made out of this rigid, EVA foam, which feels firm against the back and also helps the backpack keep its shape.. I also found the shoulder straps to be very thick and nicely padded and finally, there is no waist strap, but there is an adjustable sternum strap for extra support.. All in all, this is a really nice backpack.. The YKK zippers are very smooth and they have these nice chunky, zipper pulls and the fabric feels very robust and heavy thanks to the Cordura ballistic nylon, which is a very tough fabric.

. When you combine the quality of these materials with features like the antimicrobial fabric and wireless charging capability, you really have a design that is unique and I have to give it up the HEX for their creativity, because these are features that you don’t see everyday.. So that concludes this HEX Technical backpack review. For more backpack reviews and buying guides make sure to subscribe to the Backpackies channel or check out backpackies.