com and im doing another review of a laptop um. This time out, we got the elite x2 and one if you dont, know what that means. A g8 tablet so technically its a laptop, its a laptop and a tablet. Its a dessert topping and a floor wax only people that grew up in the 70s and the 80s are gon na, get that snl reference, but anyways. This is like the cadillac of tablets in laptops. I guess two in one: i guess thats why they call it two in one huh and dear hp, you attacker thats, you. If you want to give me, i dont get any kind of kickbacks or anything for doing these reviews or anything. But if you want to you know, throw me something im, not talking about money im talking about you know some products and stuff to review then certainly bring it along, but thats all right, im gon na. Do it anyway, im gon na. Do it for you. First off its not about functionality um in any of these reviews, uh be it dell or um hewlett packard. All the computers were great um. This again, this is uh as all the computers that are around here. This is uh 16 gigabyte, ram 16 gigabyte, 16 gigabyte ram and lets take a look at this first off. Look how thin that that is thats like a like wonder, bread thats, like a piece of wonder bread, its very nice, well, its bigger than a piece of wonder bread, but its like a bigger piece of wonder bread with the with the crust cut off.

So its very nice and soft, its actually hard its plastic, but um anyways, thats thats, my analogy for this particularly very thin device and lets open this bad boy up here. Look it look here, look how nice and beautiful that is. Can you believe how freaking thin this keyboard is um? I grew up with a commodore 64. im, an old man. This is freaking amazing. This is like a um, whatever new york style pizza, you know when you fold it over thats kind of like this, not a deep dish, so i grew up with a commodore 64. that was like the the chicago deep, deep pan pizza. It was really thick its more like a new york style pizza where you fold it over make one good one dont fold this over, though okay um anyways, very sleek keyboard, very nice small keys for my big hands, like i say that with a lot of stuff And so theres no buttons below the mouse. You have to actually push in the mouse based on on what you wanted to do to left click to right click, um very nice screen very thin, as you can show so theres a little um little bar behind here. Let me pull it out here, all right. Look at that and its not too flimsy. I did another review on another um laptop that im gon na post and its like the metal part, was all flimsy and like easily broken, i mean you have to be careful on this um.

I can see where it would break kinda easy, its its its sturdy enough, but uh some tenders and tlcs tender, love and care there guys and gail. So theres your laptop right there, its very nice, dear mom, dear santa claus. I want an elite 2 g8 for christmas, anyways, so theres that so thats a laptop form, and then you got your tablet form all right. It comes with all a bunch of nice little stuff, so lets check that out here got a bag of it. Here its got a nice little plastic, uh rubbery like cover but um yeah. Let me show you this first actually um. This doesnt come with it, its like a protection device um its by nc uh ncs technologies. So this fits its over. This lets see, if i can figure it out here, so it protects it very nicely so were going to put this on here, as you can see there. So if it does happen to slip out of your hands, then you got some protection there, and this goes in here and then i think theres a usb yeah, so it matches up with all the buttons the power buttons on there and i think theres, a usb Yeah theres an extra usb port that actually comes with the case, so i will try to remember to put that in the description and then it protects it like so im, not really sure i guess carry it around like this.

I guess the only thing is i dont see you have to use it as a tablet because it doesnt allow that bar to come down, or maybe it does see um. No, i dont think it does. Oh yeah, okay, there we go all right cool so that bar does take a little maneuvering but uh there. You can use the bar with it and then put it down like that very nice. You got some protection. You should put protection both for your computer and put in your wall in case you meet a lady at the bar, but anyways, so we should be protected. Lets see what else it comes with. Shall we put that away your life? Oh all right and it comes with standard stuff, a whole bag of stuff got your power cord here and you got those newfangled ends there. I dont know that the exact word for it im sure um tech geeks are gon na are gon na um blast fate. Me blaspheme me is that a word thats uh, i dont know the name of it, but um its not like the old power chords of the usb, its kind of stylish. All right, i know where stylish is. I know how to pronounce that come out sure what the heck this is tell you the truth, just pull out. How does this come? Oh, okay, it goes like this and then i have no idea what this is for. Im not really sure what this is for guys and gales ill have to look it up and see.

If i can find out what thats about. I have no idea what its for put that back in the mag like show its the same deal. I dont know guys and gals. If you know what this is put it in the description ill have to look it up. I have no clue what the heck. These are. Okay, interesting anyways. It comes with two of them whatever they are, i dont know what you would use them for all right. It comes with. I think this is for yeah thats for your ethernet. So if youre, not wi, fi plug that in the computer and plug that into your ethernet cable to get your internet connections, it comes with one of those Music and lets see what else we got here. This is another one. Does it come with two of these? I dont know why it comes with two same deal. I dont know if its a different, oh okay, this is um. This is a d cable. Oh, this is a video cable thats, why its not a ethernet its a video cable. So it comes with a video, cable, uh same ending and then theres one other thing going on here. Oh my god lets look that up Music, lightning, lightning connection, not really sure, so it goes into your computer to uh a usb connection. All right, i guess vice versa – i guess uh so thats everything that comes with this uh elitebook times.

These are pretty expensive. These are a couple grand um, so a little bit for my blood, i dont own one but um hp. If you want to send me one for doing a nice review for you um, you can and again they all function correctly. Just make sure you use the keyboard correctly. Dont use it upside down and uh thats, those guys and gals hey. If you got the money id go for it, its freaking super its super light. Its super durable just be careful. This thing on the back and you can put it in a backpack very easily, especially with this thing to protect it, and that was very. That would be very cool id like to own one, but uh not going to anyways thats it girls and guys. I hope you appreciated this uh review of this. I highly recommend it. Ive got a bunch of them sitting on the on the um shelf over there. That are going to be distributed to people much more important than me, and i hope you got something out of this. So please subscribe if you havent already. I would appreciate it please like if you like this video and uh can put up with my sense of humor. Please share if you someones looking for a laptop tablets. This would be a good, highly recommended one.