I also ordered a screen protector for the iPad 9th generation today, Im going to show you the unboxing and the review of both of these products. The screen guard that I brought from Amazon was around like 250 rupees, and the case was around. Like 14.99, I used an Amazon, coupon and also Microsoft. Edge Rewards for buying these things, so the final price for both of these products for me, was around like 1350. Something like that. So this is how the case and the screen protector from mgrj come inside. The package at first lets take a look at the screen protector, which is a tempered glass screen protector, costing only 290 rupees in Amazon. You can apply a coupon code of 40 rupees for getting an offer. Also, I will leave the both of the products Link in the description, so you guys can also purchase from them. The biggest downside of purchasing a tempered glass for your iPad 19 from online is that it it has the possibility of breaking while shipment, but I had no issues as you guys can see. There was not even a single scratch on the display and also there were like so many things like a sponge and Etc for making the what you can say screen guard applying process more simple, so this is the case outside the bot. So this is a proper red color, like the red color wrapper what you can say its not that perfect red, but its a Red Rubber color.

I dont know how to pronounce it its a kind of like a silicon rubber at the back and the Front plastic is full made of yellow color. That is like sharp, yellow, but the rubber is like a red color rubber. I hope you guys understand so lets apply the screen protector uh. For the first time in my life I have applied a tempered glass without any bubbles. Oh my God. This is like an iPad. 7 10.2 inch yeah 10.2 inch screen. I applied a template glass without any bubbles. It was like insane, but you have to give me an award for that. Give me a like for that or like or subscribe. Okay like that is insane right, like not even a single bubble. Oh, my God, Im not giving the courage to the screen guard Im, giving the courage to me. It was insane like how I did it now lets figure out a way to insert my iPad inside the case, because it was not that user friendly. So you have to read the user manual, so I opened the user manual and I saw this, which was not even understandable. I did not even understand how to remove that red piece from the case. So, after an eternity later, I figured out a way to remove the red piece. It was to pull from the lightning port um, so it will like peel off right away after this peeling is done. You can remove the yellow part from the silicon rubber.

The this case, this is kind of like a three layered case, so there is like two plastic layers and at the back there is a silicon case for protection from ropes and everything so for removing the yellow part. You just need to like pull it from the top and it will get out easily. Then you can place your iPad inside the case and put the top part on top of that. Okay, you need to align the touch ID and the Apple front. Camera Apples iPads front camera like this, and then you need to just clip it in like this thats it now. All you have to do is insert the Silicon part to the case, so the installation process is pretty simple and basic. I hope you guys understood um. If you guys have any doubts, you can leave a comment lets see if I can solve that. The case will make your tablet a little more bulky, but it will give you the 100 security that is for sure, like you can use your iPad Carefree. After applying a screen protector and a case like this, this is kind of like a 360 case which will protect your iPad and also, I think this is one of the best iPad cases out there you can see. The camera is also working. The front camera has a wide angle and when we check the wide angle there is some weak netting but thats due to the screen guard I applied, but not because of the case.

But I dont mind. I dont even like the selfie camera inside the iPad, 9th gen, its center stage and all but not up to my liking, so anyways I, like the case. I really recommend it to all my subscribers. If you have the money go for it uh. The case looks really good its kind of like a kids case, but its really good its going to protect your iPad from a drop or something like that use your iPad Carefree or replace your display every time you drop it. So thank you for watching.