This is their bolt dac and amp, which is mqa and thx certified uh. So you are going to be able to get higher quality sound out of your devices. This will work with android devices, tablets phones, work with pc mac under linux, and it will also work with ios devices such as your iphone, if you use a usb 2 lightning adapter as well. So you can pick this up on amazon at the time of this review for about 99, and this high performance dac will open up a new level of audio for your music files. If youre an audio file, you may want to check this out stay tuned and ill be right, back: Music, okay, so this is again the helm, audio bolt dac and amp uh. There are a few certified things on here, such as thx, and it will support mqa audio. So if youre looking for mastered audio through something like title mastered or other streaming services, this will do it for you, so it will do sample rates up to 384 kilohertz. It does dsd rates up to a 500 megahertz, not kilohertz, but megahertz, so it is plug and play for android ios windows, mac ox and linux, but you are going to have to uh come up with that lightning adapter to usb adapter. If youre going to use it on your iphone, so lets show you what comes inside the box here. They do have this nice little leather, a carry case for it and, of course, some documentation and well get into that in just a few moments.

The documentation is a well laid out all written in english, and here are all the specs on the bolt from helm and im going to leave this up here. So if you guys dont get a certain thing out of me during this, you can come back to this point in the video and you can pause it and check it out. It only weighs 1.2 ounces, so its super small easy to carry around with you on not a problem, its not a big huge, dongle thats, going to add a lot of extra unnecessary cabling. If youre going to hook this into say a smaller device like a phone. So anyway, that is what weve got there. There are a few other things. I do want to show you with this later on in the video so im going to set this aside for now and then well, look at the dac itself. Now it comes in this nice little carry case here, magnetic closure at the top and youll be able to grab the dac out of here, and you can store it if youre not using it and its a nice thing to have just kind of as a protection Case and or storage case so nice that they add this in now the dac itself again super small here you can see they have a pre installed usb type c to usb type, a converter here – and this is so if you dont, have usb type c on Your pc say you can plug it right into your pc, using a regular usb port gold plated usb type c and 3.

5 millimeter on the other side, and you do have a little led here which will indicate what we are getting as far as file quality or Streaming quality in your music as well, and it will change different colors, and i will show you that once i get everything hooked up and ready to go again. If youre going to use this with iphone youre going to need a usb type c to lightning or a usb type, a to lightning and use both of the adapters okay, so now that ive got this hooked up to on my android phone, you can see. Ive got a blue light on here. That is your standard or sd audio that is 48 kilohertz or under this is what youre normally going to hear out of most android devices uh or most devices in general. Is that 48 uh? Well probably 44.1 kilohertz is the standard. So if i play a standard uh setup here, some pink floyd that i have on my phone, its going to stay in blue because its usually in that 44.1 kilohertz range so were in that standard definition. Audio range now, if i want to uh bump that up with a higher quality flac file uh, that is something like uh. You know say: 352 uh, kilohertz, youre, gon na see that the dac now turns to hd audio, which is that red led there and that lets us know that were over 48 kilohertz, the dac is doing its job converting and it is playing it in that higher Uh kilohertz range, which does make a difference even for somebody like me, thats, not an audiophile im, not somebody thats going to go out and really want to get 300 dollar pairs of earphones and use those for higher quality audio.

But now that ive heard it. I can definitely tell the difference. The whole entire sound stage is different. The uh bass is different. Everything sounds better now. Also, if you have something like title or a service that is going to do, mastered audio uh, you will get uh mqa audio out of this. As well and the light will turn magenta and mastered audio is smaller file size for a very, very, very nice. Sound and a lot of services are offering this amazon title just to name a few use, mqa audio and it will turn magenta when the dac is unfolding. That and you will hear a definite difference when that is being used, but even going from 48 kilohertz to hd in red, where the dac turns red and youre over 48 kilohertz, and you can experience you know, say: 250, kilohertz or whatnot. You will hear a difference. Uh, this dac definitely makes that processing happen, and it does sound really good. So, if youre an audiophile and youre looking for a dac, that is nice and compact, that will do the job, supports mqa audio and is also thx certified. Then youre going to want to take a look at the bolt from helm, audio its a priced right around 99 on amazon again youll have that link in the description below this was luke from galaxy tech review. If you have any questions or comments about this product, please leave them in the comment section below ill get back to you as soon as possible, remember to like, and if you guys, havent subscribed yet please do so because that always helps me out and ill check.