Wolf f, pad 2 sent out today, and it goes for just about a hundred and ten dollars. Heres everything that comes in the box – and this does not have fast charging. Unfortunately, there is a screen protector that comes pre installed on this and in the front you can see the speaker on top the camera on the side. The back is just textured and the camera is slightly protruding, not that much on the back here with the flashlight on the right side, youve got the volume, keys, power button and reset button on. The bottom are two speaker grilles, even though it looks like a really long speaker. It would be nicer if they had one speaker on this side on the right and one speaker on top, but on top we do have the USBC port a headphone jack, and this is where you can get to the SIM tray and the micro SD card slot. I put my Sim in and unfortunately, Im stuck at Edge for T Mobile technically its mint mobile, but regardless Im barely getting a signal here. Well, not a signal, but my internet is super slow Im, getting a 0.18 download speech, 0.18 megabytes and then .08 upload speeds thats horrible. Only for international users will you get 4G LTE apparently, but for the US, its not going to work well, and I did make a call on here – the call Quality was terrible. I could I had a hard time hearing the other person.

They said they could hear me just fine, but I couldnt hear them, and this was in the same household if youre looking at using this for your sim card, I would definitely pass on this theres. Better options out there, everything else The Show Must Go On. This is a 1280 by 800 display and it doesnt look too pixelated right anything, thankfully, to IPS its, not laminated or anything. So you can definitely tell that theres a gap between the screen and when you touch it, videos are going to be capped at 480p due to the wide find level of being L3 on all platforms, except for YouTube and just real quick. I know eight inch tablets are kind of scarce in this market in todays market, but heres the other one here that does have a Wi Fi level of L1. So you can watch videos at 720p at HD and just side by side. You can tell its kind of night and day outside of the screen resolution. I mean thats kind of hard to tell the video quality sometimes, but what you can tell is that this Nokia T10 tablet has a laminated screen and it just looks better overall. The only good thing is that the speakers were kind of loud on the side I just wish they did emit from both sides instead of just one, because it does feel kind of weird emitting from one side it feels more immersive and enjoyable.

It fits on both sides. Not all is bad, though basic tasks are okay like web browsing and whatnot. The only thing is, I do notice some hiccups here and there more likely when it you open up the the tablet, but it does kind of lag a little bit for a little longer than Id like it to be. I mean everything looks pretty much buttery smooth, not buttery smooth, but everything looks smooth overall, so cant complain there in terms of the geek match score. It got some pretty low scores. It has to be expected. Nothing too surprising there. The single core score was around 350 and multi. Core score was around 700. The compute score was super low at 97.. Really disappointing numbers actually first game here is Roblox and the frame rate doesnt really seem that smooth all the time its a little better than expected, and I guess you can say this is playable. I also tried the one piece treasure Cruise or whatever game that was in 3D and it just keeps crashing like the whole uh tablet freezes up. So this really cant handle too many games, but some moderate use – moderate 3D games can work, especially ones that are optimized for low end tablets or devices like Call of Duty. This tablet seems all right for what its worth the battery life seems kind of promising with the 5500 milliamp hour battery its not too well optimized, because Ive had this on for pretty much two nights and the battery has depleted quite a bit.

Maybe thats expected for some some of you, but there is a tablet that has a better battery life and its better in almost every way, which is the Nokia T10 right here. This goes for just a little more, but I think its worthwhile, mainly because you can game on here. You can watch videos at HD 720p, among other things, and the battery life is better. Its diving on right now, but yeah Ill, have links a link down below for this as well as this one too, because uh you can at least put a SIM on here. There is an alternative one that has a SIM slot for this one sim support, but it costs more. So keep that in mind and then also Im going to be checking out the Fire, HD, 8 and 8 plus so be sure to subscribe.