My name is Ike, and today we will be doing another unboxing of something that Im looking forward to testing out in the home theater. And what we have here today is the room, its HD Fury room, 8K, 40 gigabit per second, and basically, what this is is some type of HDMI extractor to switch. But you know it does a lot of things just being going off what they have in the Box. Here. It says the world first 8K VR DMI 2.1 sound extractor that allows full audio up to receivers, audio specs from any external hdmi to hdmi AK or ER sound system. It is a state of the art, HDMI 2.1 Central that supports any video and or audio signal. In existence today, including vrr Adobe Vision, lldv, which is low, latency, double division, hlg HDR, 10, plus dtsx Atmos, and many more so I kind of you know, had seen a couple of other folks talk about this, and while it can be used, as you know, an Hdmi switcher Im actually particularly interested in their in a particular future, which would be the lldv, which is the low latency Adobe Vision. So lets get this unboxed and see what we have inside. So all of the things with this home, theater, rabbit hole and many earphones tend to find ourselves in is that its some sort of a never ending Journey, for I wont stay Perfection, but just trying to find what works best in your home theater space, Music.

Okay, it looks like we have a couple of cables cables. Thank you, howl break more cables and an empty box. So one of the reasons why I got this is that you know for a home theater, I do have a Sony 4K projector and which will now its not capital of Dolby Vision. So I was trying to find something that might allow me to be able to send some type of Dolby Vision signal to my projection screen and I kind of looked around, and this is one of the few things you know should have you know I dont think Theres any projector out there right now theyre discoverable of giving you 80 year old native Dolby Vision. But it looks like this is a technology to kind of Finds Its way around, to be able to provide you with a different type of Dolby Vision. Quality, which is the low latency Adobe Vision, it adds double efficient support to any hdr10 display from any Dolby Vision on a low latency Derby Vision capable sauce and basically allows you to be able to boost the ETI tank capabilities that you already have. If youre current projector is able to do hdr10 or HDR 10, plus too, give it a try, it does have four inputs so hdmi0123. It has the IR sensor a really important. I believe that stay infrared and at the back we do have an audio extractor and HDMI tx1 downscale HDMI tx0 act CC and up – and there is HDMI audio, so you can have a separate audio pad for 720 and 1080.

. Obviously, you have the line, control, which is good. It does come with an rs 232 poor and the svdif left right out. So I am actually very interested in this thats, a bunch of cables and Ill be willing to give it a try in the home theater and see if this is all that its really cracked up to be. You know one of the things that I I try to do for the home. Theater is, you know, try to find something ways that I can make improvements to what I already have without necessarily trying to break the bank. You know should have you know I. I do have a native Sunny 4K projector, but its not the JVC and X7 or any of the NZ series, and you know so Im just trying to find ways to add more video quality to what I have you know. So I will be setting this up and you know document in the process from my understanding, the setup process can be and it a rather interesting process, its not straight up Plug and Play, so I will go and try to get it set up. Try to document that that process and let you know what my feedback is. So thank you for continuing to watch and thank you for all your continued support for the channel.