What is that? Well it’s a means of recording stuff from your old camcorders vcrs. All your old family devices it’s also a means to record you doing gameplay. It is a up to 60 frames per second 1080p usb 2.0 hdmi and av input compatible digital converter box. It has a 5 inch, oled screen, oled being the highest quality. You can get right now in your hd display and, as i mentioned, you can connect to this device and capture footage from old vcrs dvds, vhs tapes, high eight camcorders uh gaming systems as well. Adrian was talking about that we’re gon na check that out, but i’m gon na emphasize any audio visual technology that you and your family have that’s prior to the year 2000 that’s a really long time ago, it’s going to be compatible with this hd capture box. You’Ll be able to directly connect and actually play back and record these long lost memories that a lot of people would have thought they were forgotten and just gone for good. You can also listen to these memories with full stereo speakers. The digit now hd video capture box also has aluminum housing, so it’s quality construction. Indeed, the device itself is small and ergonomic. As you can see, we already have the main screen right there and to point out some controls just in real time right now. There is your usbc input right over here for power. There is a usb port also for power controls to go backwards and forwards with your photos, your videos, your gameplay, footage power on and off right there – and here are your inputs and outputs hdmi out hdmi in av out avn very conveniently located, and that is where Your sd card goes.

It goes right there, the digit now hd video capture box is also compatible with mac and pc package. Contents include a 5 volt power, adapter, hdmi, cable type, c, usb cable, cable, user manual and sd card. Just a little disclaimer note before using a usb flash drive or sd card, please make sure you set the format to f a t, 32 or exfat also be careful that any card you use has a maximum capacity of 128 gigabytes uh for the best results in Using your hd capture box, uh use a speed, that’s uh 10 or higher that’s the speed class of the card itself, it’s refresh rate uh. You can see that on the packaging of a card to make sure it is compatible. If your card is below that refresh rate, it might impact the use of the device. All right you can see here, i have it plugged in uh. I have it in the hdmi in setting right here, so you can see everything that’s happening on the ps4 and if you want to be on a bigger screen, you just plug another hdmi in to the out setting and three two one: zero Music like magic. All right let’s play some games uh and, as you can see, it’s playing back in 1080p at 60 frames per second uh, no real issues very easy to use and uh pretty fun to do i’m, probably going to use this a lot more in the future.

Oh, hey, what’s up everybody. You know, as i mentioned in the beginning of today’s episode of good tech, cheap, i am a videographer well, this is one example. We make these videos, they don’t just make themselves right so here’s, my camera rig. So obviously the lens is pointing towards the subject, which is usually me and adrian, as we’re here at home uh. It would be nice to be able to see ourselves so check this out. I plug in the monitor to my camera’s mini hdmi port. I plug into hdmi in on the monitor and look who it is. Ladies and gentlemen, my co host uh and you can see. I hope that the picture is clear and sharp full 1080p i’m going to get a mount for the top of my camera. This is going to rest right here and that’s going to be very, very useful, and when we play back on this, just like adrian did for video games. We have the dual stereo speakers right there on the back, so it sounds good. So that was the digit. Now, hd video capture box, thank you so much to digit now for sponsoring this video and providing this device. If you like this product, please click on the link in the description below and you’ll, be taken to their amazon page where you can buy this product for 199.99 that’s right. Just click on the link in the description below so that wraps up this episode of good tech cheap.

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