Does it work with sharkbyte? Yes, it does. I have the i have a mini hdmi to a full size, hdmi cable. You have to buy that separately and you see the image here. You see my hand this camera right here. This is the fox here digisight now, for whatever reason, it only seems to work in 4, 3 mode and hdmi. I haven’t figured out how to get it to work in 16×9, even though it’s 16 by 9 panels, like a 1280 by 720 panel ips panel. But you know it’s it’s, pretty high resolution it’s a nice big 10 inch screen. So if you like, flying through a monitor which i don’t know a lot of you who might, but i think many people fly planes, might this will work great that’s, a nice high resolution image and, of course, it’s digital and go ahead and unhook all this before Everything overheats and we’ll talk about the rest of the monitor. All right quickly. Just show you what else you get in the box. You get some standard rubber, ducky antennas. Uh you don’t need. I would recommend getting something better to get better reception. You get an av cable, uh works on the side, pretty standard stuff for a hawkeye, fpv, monitor and then for power on the side. Here is a uh barrel, plug to xd60 plug, and i just have a forced lipo powering the monitor uh. I think it’s a three to six s for the power and there’s a fan going.

You can see here. This thing gets pretty hot, you can see. We have two antennas here on the top uh sma connectors and your reception is going to vary depend depending on more or less with the quality of the antennas you have so um yeah. I would again throw away the ones that they sent and buy some nicer ones. You’Ll get better reception, it’s, obviously, two different receivers and uh two separate receivers in diversity mode. So you get the um uh standard diversity. Switching between you know, whichever signal is best. You do yeah, of course. Of course you get the box back there, that the monitor came in and it comes with this little stand. You can stand it up on if you’re on a desk like here or you can use the um quarter. 20 tripod mount on the bottom we’re. Here on the side, you have a little micro sd card slot for the included dvr, not a very good dvr it’s, a standard dvr that comes with all the hawkeye fpv monitors. I think it’s, like 30 frames per second and just some weird stuff, where you can’t, really use the files um. You can basically only use it for playing back on the monitor itself on off switch here again back on top. You have the avn port and hdmi ports over on the right side. You have two plugs for barrel: plugs for power i’m, not sure why there’s two but there’s two available here and then you have a usb port, probably for extra power outer firmware updates and then another av port here and here’s.

The back you have looks like some speaker vent holes here for the cooling fan and you have two basically jog dials or joysticks on the back that control all the functions and here’s some specs 11 to 26 volts dc is the input and no battery internal battery Was a little disappointed by that because it’s so big, you think there would be space to put internal power on this, but yeah, maybe a mod for a future video comment down below. If you’d like to see that you basically use the two joysticks in the back to navigate through the menus, so if you hit the right joystick and hit the down you get this help menu, and that shows you what all the keys do you have the interface Osd on and off menu for the dvr here and then you have a little quick guide chart that shows um all the bands and channels that are available on this particular receiver, or the receivers on here so just hit the right stick up to turn this osd On and off to change the input just hit left or right on here so go back to hdmi av3 dvr. So if you want to access the recordings in the dvr, you can do that, and this is the actual receiver interface here. So let me plug in something you can see what the analog image looks like all right. This is the uh image from an analog camera.

This is the runcam hybrid from the analog camera part portion, you know, it’s, you know 1280×720 it’s, pretty decent resolution and most decent fpv cameras are going to give you a good image on this monitor and it is an ips display, a fairly fast refresh rate. You can check all the specs on the product link down below in terms of the brightness um outdoors it’s, decent um. You know i’m going to show you i’ll show you here the recording i took of this outdoors uh. Basically, i just i didn’t. Have a sun shade or anything like that, and i just pointed at a camera at this screen. While i was flying around outdoors and and you can totally see the screen – no problem it’s a fairly bright display even for outdoor conditions, but i had a little bit of a shade over the top of the monitor like from the trunk of my car or the Hatchback so um in direct sunlight, it does get washed out and it is a bit hard to see. So you probably want some sort of a sun shade of some type to just give it a and just to just to keep it out of direct sunlight. And you should be able to see the monitor fairly very reasonably well now, unfortunately, this doesn’t come with a sun shade, but i’m sure there’s, probably a lot of aftermarket products out there. You can probably find on amazon for other types of like tvs.

For example, sun shades that can fold up and collapse i’m sure they’re, not too expensive, probably like 20 bucks, or something like that, and you could use that to attach to this as a sun shade now regarding range again, as i mentioned before, uh really depends on The antennas you use, the receivers are typically on these hawkeye monitors are, i would say, a slightly above average, not not the best, but they’re not they’re, not really that bad either so you’re going to get decent range as long as you have pretty decent antennas, but You know if you’re looking at this as a 5.2 gigahertz system for like doing really long range or like long range airplanes. This is not going to be you’re, going to probably want to get like external receivers like 1.3 gigahertz receivers and then use the avn to get your best reception if that’s. What you want to use this monitor for, but yeah it’s, pretty big uh, pretty bulky pretty heavy, so you’re gon na have to have a specific reason to want to get this. This is not something like. Oh can i, how heavy is it you know? Can i just like you know, throw it around and just carry it with me and my backpack uh, you know it’s fairly heavy, so you’re going to want to have a specific, specific reason to use this, obviously for like races or like for spectators. This is going to be great because it’s, a nice big screen pretty bright and it gets good reception, so um.

This is going to be absolutely fantastic for people that are like just spectating. This is a great big screen for something like that. Anyway, that’s going to cover it for this review of the hawkeye captain 10 inch fpv monitor.–_PfxPJk