So you can have all of those ports power. External hard drives and display out and just from the one type C port, which is essentially what I've been looking for so I'm going to start this hub, and hopefully this is the one I've been looking for that's gon na. Allow me to be able to do all that so there's the box there, the outline of it just a few little details there, so USB 3 ports up to 4k out via the HDMI port, which is good alright, so that actually feels really solid that's made out Of metal and it's got these four rubber feet on the bottom. You can see there there's the HDMI, a full size, HDMI out there type C in for charging and a USB 3 port, the second USB 3 port and the third one, along with that very handy. It'S the card slot now me using my digital camera I'm, often using these these slots now so I don't have to use in a depth. I can literally just plug my card into this, and then we see the the habit logo on the top. So let's have a look now I'm going to test it out and see if it can power an external hard drive a few USB flash drives. I have and most importantly display out and charging all at the same time. So here I have my show me me, notebook by the way, a very nice clorium notebook I'm been using it for a while I'm very happy with that, but it does lack one most important thing for me is additional.

Usb ports it's only got one USB 3 port on the right hand, side and just the type C port, so I'm gon na plug this in and then like in the power to this, which is just on the slide here and straightaway. I can see now that it is charging which is good now, I'll see if it can access my SD card here pop it in, and that has popped up with my computer no problems, and I also want to test out a couple of flash drives here and Just plug it in a second one, so that is working, it's popped up and windows, every single one of those drives and, lastly, plug in a 1 terabyte external hard drive with the last remaining USB 3 port. And yes, I can access that too. So, that's good. So it's powering their three devices. We got the external, hard drive and the two USB 2 ports and actually the micro SD card too. So that makes it for now have a look and see if the display out is going to work at the same time. Alright, so I plugged in the HDMI cable that's, going to my 1440p monitor. Unfortunately, I don't have a 4k monitor at the time of recording this video review here, but it's working fine and it is charging at the same time. You can hopefully see there the blue icon with a battery bar Pro they're showing charge, so that is charging and I still have the 1 terabyte external hard drive connected up.

My 2 flash drives SD card slot and I could also swap that out and put, for example, like a mouse and keyboard in there. So this has been the hub that has eluded me for some time, because it did test out a Goodell type C hub, and I had a lot of problems with display out. It could not get display out to work at the same time. Well, charging while accessing and using those USB 3 ports on there, but this one I'm happy to say it looks like it's working perfectly for me so far. You can simply just unplug this and then move away when you and from your desk, for example, with your laptop, come back and then plug that in and it's like having a desktop so it's, really a or one plug, desktop solution here, because you could have your Keyboard your mouse plugged in and we need to do, is just get to your desk, plug in the hub and away you go so that's. The habit USB 3.1 type C hub and I'm really happy to find one that's actually working properly, because it's quite hard to find one that will offer stable, HDMI output up to 4k, as well as three USB 3 ports and a SD card slot. So it's good it's working one side effect I have noticed of having everything connected and charging at the same time, is that it does get warm to the touch but it's not like very, very hot or anything like that.

Slightly warm, but at least it does have that nice alloy build there, so it won't dissipate the heat better than plastic, so overall I'm quite pleased with it so far and if I do run into any issues or anything I'll post. Another video update on this.