This is the gam game, noted hd 2232 model number two, and this is made by have it a habitat, headset uh theta like joking okay, three bullets. Trust me after a couple of these months, aging starts still unbeatable in this price segment like exactly should recruit. So without any further delay, let’s jump into the video. This is michael jordan from intertext signing in on this portion of this video. This video is officially sponsored by gamma tech, vide and gamma tech. Video is a retail store and shop with all kinds of mobile gadgets and accessories shopping complexes. Legal foreign, please make sure to check it out and make sure to follow them. Okay, let’s jump into the video uh unbox experiences. Actually our live unboxing so live. I really love braided, cable, braided, cable, like onyx regional support from the quara first and foremost reason i would say it: air band quality. I mean like energy quality, just set up just marathon. You can feel the traction i mean, give her a full portion, okay and give her a moment to see about the fan tech, so fantastic. That i would say, like i mean just interference, i mean just usb type c. So, as a result, four seven point one sound system at four shopkins foreign, so that’s the main thing about this cable. Okay, now so, just to last year, multimedia function, well, uh, phantasy, jammer headset is everything in the multimedia. Actually, the dongle type is volume control, foreign Music, 29 plus minus 15 db.

I mean like 15 ohms, sorry, actually so 50 millimeter driver has a 29 plus minus 15 ohms electric impedance used for i can pull like voltage already boosted after a base coax. If you really have the money, if you really want something in this money, like common money which is utilized, you can go for this one. It is h2232d so guys that was pretty much about today’s video, even correction. Please make sure to hit the subscribe and press the bell icon to never miss any of our videos. This is michael jordan from internet signing out.