The idea of this section is for me to create not too long videos to show you apps related to productivity, customization of your device or any other fun stuff, and that you probably didn’t, know about to give you the possibility of winning one of these apps to Participate all you need to do is to be subscribed to the channel and go to the first link in the description where you’re going to find a form you can fill, which is going to be used to determine the winners. You just need to put your name. The app or apps you liked from the video and how you want to be contacted. This can be your instagram or twitter username or your email, and at the bottom there’s an optional space. You can fill with comments or feedback. The winners are going to be announced on my instagram and i want to clarify that the contact information is going to be exclusively used to contact the winners hope. All of that is clear. If you have any doubts, you can leave them in the comments and now let’s start with the video. In this first episode, i’m going to be showing you three apps, the first one is called tascade. This is an organization tool that is meant to help you organize your project tasks or anything. You need to do in your day to day it is mostly free. There are only particular scenarios why you’d want to upgrade to the unlimited version, but if you stop to analyze the details of the features, there are really interesting ones that you get for free, which other apps charge for when you open tascade.

You can see the simple and intuitive design of the app when you’re ready to create your first project. You can use any of the templates of the app or like, in this case, a blank page inside and after you’ve, given a title to your new creation, you can start to add blocks of text which are supposed to be the divisions and milestones of your project. For the divisions you can use headings and regular text and for the milestones you can use check boxes which come in different presentations. So you can choose the one you like best. You can also add files from your device. You can indent your pieces of text and you can also do some customization by using one of the different colors in the toolbar to highlight your ideas to each line of text you create in your project. You can assign a due date. You can assign it to any user that’s included in the project, and you can also comment it, which brings a new window that lets you create or see the conversation around data, specific text as i’ve been mentioning. You can include other people in your projects and that’s. Actually, the way the whole app has been thought of, you can see it in the is with which you can send your projects to other people for them to either see it or edit them. The best thing is that people that only want to see your file don’t need to create an account.

They can continue as guests and still be able to see what you have created. If we stop here and analyze the app until this point, you’re looking at a very good app that lets, you store information about your projects. However, when it really shines it’s, when you access its web version here, you can change the views of your project. You can choose if you want to see them as an interactive board, where you can move your blocks with more freedom and overall have a different visualization of your project, or you can choose a mind map view if your project can benefit from what this view has To offer from the first time i saw this, i loved it, especially because i like mind maps and because it is a really nice implementation of them, which unfortunately cannot be viewed at the moment from the app. You can also choose an action view which creates a more noticeable separation of the blocks of text in your project and finally, there’s an organization chart view which is similar to the mind map but it’s designed for other purposes, as i mentioned before, task 8 is meant To serve as a tool for group projects, and for that it has a chat feature that not only lets you send messages to other users in the project. It also lets you start a call with them with both audio and video. It is an overall great app that is constantly being updated.

They even have their own project where you can see the updates, they’re making and comment future features. You’D want to see the second app is called a power mirror. This is an app designed to help you mirror your iphone or android phone into a laptop, a pc or a tv, with a usb cable or through a wi fi connection. When you’re about to start the connection you’re. Also, given the option to mirror your pc to tv, i haven’t been able to try this, so i cannot share with you my experience or opinion, but when you mirror your phone it’s just like screencasting, it you’re going to be seeing in your pc exactly what you’re. Seeing on your phone, you can use your mouse to control it if you’d like so and there’s, also the possibility of using your keyboard for playing some games. However, to use your keyboard and mouse, you first need to establish the connection through a usb cable, but every time i’ve tried it. It hasn’t been working for me. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s, something that keeps happening to different users, but either way. It is something to definitely keep in mind. This app allows you to watch media that’s on your phone and reproduce the audio through any of the devices, which is something you can toggle on or off through your phone. The app has a vip version which gets rid of the branded watermark on the screen.

It also enables the possibility of entering full screen and some other useful features. The good thing is that you can use the trial version with no time constraints for you to test it and based on your experience, decide if you want to get the vip. There are some customization options you can choose from, like the mirrored resolution, the render mode the max fps or, if you’re, planning on taking screenshots or recording the mirrored screen, you can do it through the desktop version and it lets you choose the format, the quality and The destination of the resultant file, you cannot only mirror your phone to your pc, but you can also do it the other way around and mirror your pc to your phone, where you can use your phone as a mouse and keyboard with this. You don’t need a prior usb connection and it has been working perfectly in my experience. It is an overall great app, especially if you’re someone who’d like to have their phone screen on your laptop or desktop for university stuff or work. The only thing i wish the app could do is to allow this same experience, but for the tablet, because as of right now, the app is not available to download from the play store on tablets and last but definitely not least, we have kwgt. This is the app i’ve used to create some widgets you’ve seen in previous videos. You can do so much with this app from clocks to calendar widgets to music players to temperature and forecast information.

If you’ve never heard about this app. That would be great because that’s the point of the series and if that’s the case, let me summarize it to you. First of all, the app has a free and a pro version. If you decide not to pay, you can still create all of these widgets on your own, but it’s a little difficult, because the app has a complex, ui there’s, a lot of objects. You can create many things you can customize. You can even make certain parts of the widgets interactive and, although you can spend some time creating and perfecting your crafts, the app comes with some default widgets you can put on your home screen. What makes this app incredible is that you can import and use other people’s widgets, but for this you do need the pro version, with the pro you’re supporting the developer, removing ads unlocking the import feature and, most importantly, saving the word from an alien invasion. The pages on my home screen are currently a work in progress for a future video, but you can see the different widgets you can create. I have customized some things from these widgets, but none of them were completely created by me. These are the apps i’ve, been using to either paste the widget on my home screen or get an idea of what i want and try to implement it in one of my current widgets, there are a lot more apps like this.

Some of them are free and some of them are paid. You can, let me know in the comments which is your favorite one, and if you want to get inspiration or discover new widgets launchers themes and more, i recommend you check out the android themes subreddit, which is what i’ve been using to know about new widgets and It’S also how i found out about this app, which, if you’re interested in obtaining or one of the other two apps, make sure to fill the form in the description. You can leave a comment when you’re done or a question, if there’s any doubt about any of the apps. There are 15 total people who are going to be rewarded. That is 5 for each of the apps leave a like. If you enjoyed the video subscribe for more content, i hope you have a nice and productive 2021. Make sure to check these previous videos and i’ll see you in the next one. This has been a regular teenager.