Well, you probably have heard about harmony us, but have you seen it in action? The huawei mate pad 11 is the first device running harmony os and today this video will not only talk about the tablet. Well, also talk about harmony, us ill show you some of the features right now and well talk about the possible features in the future. So lets go and lets check it out, alright guys so there we go heres the huawei mate pad 11 huaweis latest tablet, coming with a snapdragon 865 six gigabytes of ram and while its a very smooth and fast tablet for all kinds of things from office work To gaming well to quickly show you the performance well play a game. You can also connect bluetooth, gamepads. I use, for instance, a playstation 5 controller and lets quickly hit up asphalt. 9. So i can show you the gaming experience now. The huawei mate pad 11 is not only a great office tablet or multimedia tablet, because it has got really nice screen and great speakers for watching movies. It is also really nice for gaming. We have a nice performance, 120 hertz display controller support and gaming on. It is a lot of fun, but also working on. It is really amazing, and one of my favorite features is huawei share. So let me quickly show you that now huawei share is for me for my work. Really amazing, as it allows me to share things like pictures of video directly from my smartphone to the tablet or to my mate book, and all i have to do – is just go to huawei.

Share tap here at the tablet and boom its sending the file from the smartphone to the tablet. So its really fast, as you can see, and then you just have to scroll down here – received files. Then im here i sent some videos. I send some pictures and i can directly edit them on the tablet, so thats really amazing, but harmony os can actually do much more than those basic things and lets dig a little bit deeper into harmony us and lets check out the features alright guys. So there we go heres the huawei mate pad 11 running harmony, os and ill use the pen because its much more convenient and my finger is not in the way so well. First of all lets go to the settings about the tablet. As you can see its running harmony us currently in the version 2.0 and as you can see, the tablet has a qualcomm snapdragon, 865 six gigabytes of ram, so its very powerful but harmony os can run on many devices. It can run on smart home devices. Smart watches, with only 128 kilobytes of ram, but also on smartphones above 4 gigabytes of ram, so its not only a skin on top of android. It basically really depends on which device youre using now. Let me quickly show you what kind of features are new now. First of all, i want to get started with, maybe the not very obvious changes, and this is, for instance, if you have a look here at the alarm clock and how um the style is themed.

As you can see, white black and gray shades, which is very minimalistic and also you have um really nice tones, really nice, fonts and whats really smooth are the transition. This is called a magnet motion design. Basically, it mimics kind of how things in the world move. So very smooth fast, with really cool transitions and yeah. I have to say um. This ui is really fluid, so ive seen a lot of tablets, but this is really next level smooth and the reason also why they call it harmony us to make everything more harmonized and well, as you can see, im on the home screen now, my home screen Really sucks im terrible in those things, but you can organize it really really nicely with a lot of widgets. For instance, if you just pinch out here, then you can go to widgets and you have really many widgets like you can have all your emails here in the widget. You can have your calendar and one widget and you can organize it really. Well, another thing: thats new arm is this bar here at the bottom, which basically shows your frequent used apps right over here, so that are basically the most frequent used apps based on your user analyzers and on the right side. We have the recently used apps, so that makes it kind of easy to see all kind of information you need by just looking at the screen and not searching and digging for information, which, i think is kind of convenient.

Its also really easy to create all those widgets and organize your home screen. For instance, if you just tap and hold on an app like the calendar, you can go to snippets, then you choose the one that you like the most like this one here and then you can add it to the home screen, and here, for instance, you can See your calendar, you can jump right in so its actually a really neat user interface now lets check something thats, probably more interesting for you, which is not ui based, and this is, for instance, on the super device well right over here, as you can see, if It detects any other device on the network or close to you. You can actually connect to it, so this is basically how to integrate all your huawei devices into one device, and this is really really amazing. So i will now just quickly connect to my huawei matebook and once connected, i can just connect to the matebook with a single tab here on the screen, so lets just connect to the matebook and lets check this out. So i just have to allow on the matebook, and we are connected so right over here. You can see now that um, the laptop is connected um to the super device, which is the tablet right now and lets see what we can actually do with it. All right everything connected and we can now share the same gallery.

We can actually push files from the tablet to the computer or back and also, for instance, here you see were connected to the laptop and you can start recording your computer screen now for sure. For all those things, you kind of need a permission from the computer, so you can just not connect to another huawei device. Thats, probably not yours, but whats, really cool right now is. I can, for instance, um see the screen of my computer right over here and record it actually wirelessly so for making videos um. This is for me, i actually kind of interesting for making tutorial videos and stuff like that, and a really really cool feature now. Lets connect the huawei freebots 4 and lets see how that works. As you can see, really neat animation, so they really work on the whole ecosystem that everything connects seamlessly and, as you can see, um i just opened them up press the buttons it detects it automatically. You dont need to go to the bluetooth settings or whatever, so its really really smooth all right. The huawei 3.4 are connected by the way um. The headphones are really really good, and here you can see now super device huawei 3.4, so the audio output has been switched to the huawei 3.4 and yeah its really amazing how you can control all your devices right over here. So here you see in the middle. The super device, which is right now the tablet and here the closest one so that works closest with on the tablet, is um the huawei freebits4.

And if you have more devices, then you will see them around here, and this is actually what richard? U has shown in the presentations about harmony, os youve, seen that animation already with the whole ecosystem around a super device which is really really cool, now lets add another device to the tablet. My huawei mate 40 pro. So we swipe down here. So here you have. The new control center ive told you. We have super device right over here and we have a few toggles in here and there are some new things like ebook mode, which youve probably not seen for now. But the rest is pretty much like on other huawei devices and theres. Also, this multi screen collaboration icon right right over here. If you open them up um, you can actually connect your phone, so you need to enable bluetooth on the phones, thats very important, so bluetooth. We switch it on, we close it and then you can see instantly when ive activated bluetooth that i can now connect to the mate pad and boom were connected. So in a second we should actually see the screen of the smartphone on the tablet. So there we go its connecting and yeah um lets, see, connect it and there we go. There is the screen and, as you can see, there is only very little latency for sure there is latency, because its screen sharing everything here but um whats, really cool – is that you can also operate the screen on the tablet.

That means all the actions you do on the tablet um. It will actually also do on the smartphone, and this is something which is really amazing. For instance, you can just leave your smartphone here on the site and write text messages with someone, so you dont need to take your smartphone watch a movie right over here type, anything which is really cool and also the inputs. Um are across all the devices. For instance, if we open up the notepad, which is right over here, so were gon na add a note and there we go. We type something here on the keyboard of the mate pad. It will actually type um it also on the smartphone, and you can save all the notes across all the devices which is really really an amazing feature, but not only that its also really nice. If you want to copy files from your smartphone onto the tablet. So yeah thats really cool, and if you minimize that um you get a little bubble which you can drag around the screen edges and it will just stick to them. And if you want to open it up, then you just tap it once and it opens up the smartphone screen and while on the display of the smartphone, turns off after some while but um, you can fully control it here on the tablet. But just if it is locked, you have to manually unlock the phone in order to regain access, but really really amazing.

The latency is also really low. You can directly open up pictures from the smartphone to check them out. For instance, i took some thermal images from my nintendo 64 and i can just start editing them right over here. Also with the m pencil – and i can even make this bigger so there we go, then you have here the full screen to check it out, which is really really cool, so um thats regarding im, working together with the smartphone, but lets see how you can utilize Um the tablet to work together with your matebook and thats, the really cool thing, youre gon na see and guys there we go so, as you can see, right now were in the mirroring mode. That means we have the same screen on both devices. This can be really useful if you want to show something to people now. Whats really cool is that the interaction works like just on teamviewer, for instance, you do something on the tablet and it does automatically so at the same time on the laptop, so double tap here to open the folder and as you can see, that works really good. Now the extend mode is much more interesting for me because it gives me more screen space so well. I can just put icons now here on the secondary screen. I can just drag yeah windows to the other screen, which is really really convenient, so you can watch a movie right over here, work here or open.

The chat on the other window really really amazing and you dont need to have a secondary screen. Now the collaborate mode is even more interesting because it allows a lot of interaction and also copying files between the tablet and the laptop. So, just like on a secondary screen, you can use the pointer to go to the tablet and control it, and this is really smooth without any delay. So this is really really crazy. How fast this is so well now open up here, the gallery and now we can drag and drop pictures to the computer. So you just um touch it, you hold it and then you just drag and drop it to the computer. So its now copying the file and the file is right over here and you can start opening it up in photoshop or whatever. So this is a really really amazing feature and basically the main key feature of harmony. Os is not only a ui based thing that its nicer smoother has better memory management, its also about the interaction of other devices and how they work together, and i think they did a really good job on that now. Something that was really mind blowing for me is how you could use it to actually make creative content lets, say: youre, a graphic designer and you like, drawing on the tablet, but you dont have photoshop on the tablet or some app and its just much better on The computer, then you can just use the tablet as input for the computer, so were now using screen mirroring mode, and i can use the pen here to draw on the picture and you will see it basically draws in paint.

Just imagine this is photoshop, but i actually draw it on the tablet, and this is really really amazing, especially for graphic designers. So, as you see most of the devices work together and its even possible to connect um the huawei smart watches to the tablet and actually start a workout here um, you can track your activity and you get the instructions on the tablet and stuff like that. So its really really interesting now, something you might have not seen or have seen already in if youre on the huawei device is the um huawei assistant. So if you scroll here to the left, you actually get the huawei systems when youre logged in so here. For instance, you can do many, many things, many shortcuts. You see a personalized news feed. You have your calendar right over here, top apps weather. You can also customize all that which is really really interesting and last but not least, lets talk about the app gallery. App gallery is improving guys so um yeah it has a refreshed look and, as you can see, um there are many local apps. Already some big apps, like tinder amazon shopping, so its growing, but this will take some more time to be really on the level of other app stores, but still its doing already. A really good job and um web pages is also something i wanted to mention, because the memory management, the performance optimization, is really good, so um they load as you scroll.

So if we just refresh this, this is really fast, as you can see so were browsing the web here on the tablet is really a lot of fun, so its really really super smooth, all right, so thats harmony os on the tablet, a little bit of the Integration between the devices, the free buds um, the phone, the the mate book – so all in all works really good, but also, let me know your opinion on that down below alright guys. So this is how harmony us looks right now, but now a little bit of real talk. So where are we right now now, right now, um harmonyous runs on top of android open source project thats. Why there is no google services integrated? You have the huawei app gallery where you can download all the applications, the hms core and all this is growing, but harmony. Os is much more than just a skin on top of android. Its a lot of optimization and huawei is really focusing on the long term performance of the devices. So you probably know that many devices get slower over the time when they get new updates and stuff like that. But the memory management and many things on huawei devices on harmony us are really improved so that they keep being fast also on a longer period, but whats also really important for huawei seems to be the integration of other devices into their ecosystem. So well, as you might know, huawei is not only producing smartphones or tablets, theyre, making smart watches theyre, making headphones theyre, making intelligent speakers for your home and many many more devices also this year.

I think there will be a lot of new huawei devices, all around household electronics and much more so um. It really makes sense to have an operating system where you can have a master device kind of to control. All the devices where you have a seamless integration and i think, thats a really smart step to go into this direction of a smart home ecosystem so because, for instance, if you buy a huawei device, then also you probably want other huawei devices around in your home. Because its so easy to control them – and this is where you really push and focus on that topic, and i think its also really cool because um that system, what you have seen here on in harmony os, makes it really easy to connect to other devices. For instance, if you have um a mate book and you have a tablet, you can use it as a secondary screen um, you can easily transport um data from your smartphone to the tablet or to the computer, and this is all wireless and the software integration is Really really good um. I just want to see what happens next with the hms core with the app gallery, if really more apps are coming there, if they really managed to keep up with google and all the big players that could be kind of interesting, but i think common us is Definitely another option in the market and they will grow so im really excited to see what the future will bring.

Also um. I just showed you some basic features today, but maybe im flying to poland, because there they have a harmony us experience, zone and im really excited to see what i can already try out there. As you might know, i have a few huawei devices here, but not all those devices like sound x or whatever huawei has so it would be really cool to see the integration of other products in this system already guys, so that were just my two cents on This whole huawei harmonyus story. I think theres a long way to go, but they already covered some ground so kind of interesting.