Today, Im going to talk about Harmony, OS 2.0 and why? I think this OS is the future. In this video. I will cover whats new about Harmony, OS 2.0 whats special about it, and my conclusion. Ive spent a lot of time and energy on this. Video and Ive got to say. Maybe this is the only video that you need to know about the truth of Harmony OS. So please show some support for my channel by hitting that subscribe button. Turning on the notification bell and giving this video a thumbs up, Your support is the true motivation for me to put continuous effort to my future videos.. So first lets check out whats new about Harmony. Os 2.0.. You may have seen many tech, reviewers say: oh its basically Android 10 and looks almost the same as Huaweis previous EMUI OS without too much new stuff.. Is that true Now Im going to tell you? Yes, its true and a big no.. Let me explain., Why not start with the new features. On the home page you swipe down from the left side. You will see the notifications. Swipe down from the right side. You get to see the control panel.. One big thing is: you click the music playing widget on the top left corner. You can play music from all music apps that are on the phone without actually opening the app.. You see the background. Apps dont include any music apps. And this feature can be seen everywhere in the Harmony OS.

. It can be seen as a microcosm of Harmony, OS concept, which are minimalistic, systematic and de applicationized., Actually Im, not sure. The last word is a real word or not, but I bet you know what I mean. Under that are the shortcuts, just like any other Android phone.. You can quickly disable or enable some features by tapping the icon there. Nothing new. Whats, really new here is the Super Device section.. You can drag a device onto this device to connect to it or handoff. Task.. Well mainly elaborate on this later, as this is the most important part. Lets, keep exploring whats new here., You slightly swipe up on an app to get a snippet.. You can pin it to your phone interface.. You can long press to remove or choose different snippets to display it., You see what Huawei is trying to do here. They try to modularize everything that lets you access your most used, apps even easier and faster. Like before. If you want to buy something from an app, you first open the app close the ads and then search now you just swipe and search.. You can also enlarge a folder, so you can click the app directly. Dont need to click the folder specifically.. There are also other changes like new UI or animation here, Im not going to show every detail about it. Otherwise this video would be endless.. The thing is here, you might ask, despite all those changes, whats the fundamental difference between the already existed Android system, Thats, a good question, but have you ever thought about it? The Harmony OS is a totally new OS that gives no additional learning cost burden for its users.

Isn’T it amazing, But then you may ask so thats just another Android system with new UI designs. Thats, not right. The core concept of HarmonyOS is to eliminate the limitations of Android and hardware devices.. Now let me fully explain the Super Device feature.. I will use the tablet laptop watch and TV to demonstrate. This. Lets start with the MatePad Pro.. You drag the MatePad Pro onto your phone under the Super Device. Interface, wait for a few seconds and then will be connected.. Then you will have a Super Device of phone and pad.. You can do whatever you want for your phone on the pad, Watching videos or full screen. Videos wouldnt be an issue. Want to type long text No problem and the content is syncing on your phone And if you want to exit, just drag the MatePad Pro icon out of the circle.. Now, for the Super Device of tablet and laptop. Huawei offers three modes between the two. First is mirroring.. This mode enables you to project the content from the laptop directly to the tablet.. Second is extending.. You use your laptop as a secondary, screen. Whats. The smart here is, it detects the tablet position automatically, whether you put it to the left or right, and you drag the files accordingly.. One good thing I can think of for this mode is when Im working. I can use my tablet to watch some videos and when the boss is coming, I can quickly turn off the video and pretend to work hard.

. This is good.. Third is sharing.. You can drag any files between the two.. There are many benefits for this, like you. Can use all applications from both the laptop and tablet simultaneously, which will improve your working efficiency greatly, because sometimes you want to draw something on your laptop. And now you can do that on your tablet and drag the files to it once finished. And for the smartwatch. As the display is small – and maybe the only thing you need from it is just some critical information, so you dont need to stare at your phone all the time while doing sports or other tasks.. Now lets move to something even bigger, like Huawei, MateView and TV.. You see the MateView display just uses my phones computing power to. Let me do everything on it and I can use my phone separately. At the same time And TV you can enjoy a much better way to communicate with your family members or friends.. After all these, I guess we truly understand the core concept of Harmony OS here, namely to eliminate the restrictions or limitations of a single hardware device and let each fully present its advantages.. It lets your phone device fully present its mobile communication advantage. Your tablet fully present its drawing advantage. Your computer fully present its input advantage and your TV fully present its big screen advantage or your watch present its compact advantage when you are not convenient to check your phone.

Its not about changing a few UIs or adding a few animations its about an ideal life. Thats not going to entrap or be limited by a certain amount of devices. It unites everything in one and lets you enjoy. Life., You see Harmony. Os is unlike Android or iOS its, not a replacement for them.. Before we had one OS for one type of device., Like Windows, for PC, Android and iOS for smartphones, but now we have so many smart devices its such a burden to do one OS for each type of device. Users will find its overwhelming too. Not convenient., Therefore, cross platform and cross device interaction is a problem that all manufacturers want to. Solve. Google is trying to develop next OS. The Fuchsia Apple is trying to use its in house chipset to fuse its ecosystem. And for Huawei Harmony. Os is their answer for the future, OS. And thats. Why I think Huawei Harmony OS is the future. Is our new hope., Alright thats the video? I hope it has helped you in some way. Please. Let me know what you think in the comments section. And dont.