Just uh follow this method: okay, uh. This is android 11. The latest uh android version – and this is a samsung f51, but all the samsung device, android 11 version. You can do work like this. So, first of all, you have to connect your phone uh with a usb cable it’s, not charging cable. You must have to connect the cable on your computer and then connect the usb cable. So i connect it and then you normally can turn off the phone. You normally can turn off the phone so for turn off the phone. You have to press all the button together: volume up down and the power button you press together. Okay, follow follow my hand, it’s not turn off when it’s off you just release the volume down button and still press volume up and the power button press again all the button. Together, i release the volume down button, but it’s still holding volume up and the power button and yeah. This is the reset menu. So now you just press the volume down button to select wipe data factory reset when you came here, just press the power button and then again press volume down button and then again press the power button and air is resetting your phone now press again the power Button – and here you have to wait some time because it’s now booting and system restoring so harris takes some time almost uh, four or five minutes need to open the menu.

So just wait here. I skip this part and after that, when the setup menus come, then i see you how to set up the next process: Music. Okay, after five minutes uh, you see this screen and i think every everybody can understand how to set up this. But i see uh again, click the start button and then click here, the next button. Here you have to connect your wi fi, because some of the device before connected with google account. So if you connect wi fi, then you can see if google account installed already. So you can see Music, so Music, Music, Music, one Music, okay, some of the device is uh frp, lock or google account locked here, like you, have to put your old old signing. Google account here. Otherwise, you can’t go the next step. So far. If you stuck here and you don’t know what is your email address was installed before, so you click the i button and see our icl ffb bypass video and then you can bypass this screen.