Oh my God leave how good Happy Valley was to. I always want to call it nappy Valley, dont, you yeah, you did like Napa Valley, no, like Napier Valley when they talk about places like balham and stuffs called nappy valleys. Oh, I see yeah a little Yummy Mummy, um, guys Ashley. This episode got me very excited Im, just gon na its very exciting. I just want to share a text that I just got from Nanny dies. She said great main plot line ruined by terrible subplot discuss. Yes, which subplot the one of the pharmacist um? What do you think of it? I thought it got better this week. I thought it was better. This week last week I didnt yeah. I think that he hes pushed to the edge. It was more believable this week. I think the big problem with any subplot in this is that Sarah Lancashire is so powerful. Yeah and shes got so much depth to her, as has the actress who plays her sister, as has her husband. I thought Id seen between her and her husband was really tender and emotional, its not that shes acting everyone else off the off the off the off the um screen, because even well, no! No because even like her son whos married to that other woman, whos uh, you know struggling because she too was kidnapped and the father of that guy, I think theyre all great, but because obviously its focusing on Sarah Langston when shes on screen its so real.

I mean I, I cant get over, how she does it because shes a greatest thing, because she doesnt act now. I know that shes, so no, no, you dont know its because she truly that is the true craft. What you see there shes completely and utterly in that character, and this is why she doesnt do much, because that comes at a cost. I think to be able to tap into that. I mean thats the moment when she pushes her face against the window and just does that and then just pulls it back. Oh, my God, thats how I cry when Im in real language and then pull myself back together like that Im so believable to me, I thought that first scene between Sarah Langston and her sister in the cafe was possibly one of the greatest scenes of British made Television Ive seen in a long time in so far as not only did it did so many different things that scene it it told us the history, it predicted the future. It showed us the heartache and heartbreak of this of the Two Sisters it managed to. As you rightly said remind us of Tommys crimes, because I said tomorrow, we havent actually been reminded of them yet of the series and actually seeing that clip back with him with her. But as well as those it also raised the concept of biological father and the sins of the father, does the biological interest of a child outscore even the sins of a father? Therefore, does the boy have a right to have some connection with this? Well, thats right thats.

I I liked the words before and finally the other thing. This was all in the first scene, the topic, the theme or the thought of forgiveness yeah to move on absolutely brilliant, because actually I softened for the sister when she said that, because she sees how her sister is destroyed by her hate and her bitterness. But I then rewound because I was like yes, I believe that you believe that, but you still behaved appallingly. You should have given her the choice. Shes going. I said no and thats it. He does yeah. I love that it was so such cast iron certainty that she knows he wont, but he wont so. She can say that um. I was actually really really angry, with um the sister and with the the husband, the sister, because it was just a classic case of do Gooding yeah, yeah yeah. They mean no bomb and theyre, not bad people, theyre lovely people, but that was duplicating how you could, when your sisters daughter, has been raped and killed herself with Isabel. I like, when she says all right lets just forget: lets forget what he did to our Caroline and how many weeks I spent that was because that was spleen removed. That bit was, though it was clapping at that bit because the way she just spills it out, shes so articulate. I thought I think she, I think she kind of summed it up when she said youve just never been very bright because it just wasnt a bright thing to do and yeah as Jimmy Jack says it actually raises an important debate.

It does raise an important debate about uh the children of someone whos committed such a heinous crime, um about whether the boy has the right to you know. Whatever the fathers done has the right to actually get in touch, meet, communicate with um consider some kind of a relationship with them um. It does raise that and I thought the idea of forgiveness, because, on the one hand the sister was right. What Sarah Lancashire needs is peace and theres no way of getting peace where shes at is there yeah, but you cant, forgive that. Can you no Im not saying she forgets? No, I mean thats thats the thats another great theme, another topic, another debate. Someone just said Gabrielle said what is the point of the blind woman jumping out the window? I dont see the point of that storyline. Well that ties into the drug dealers doesnt it it tries into it. It pays into drug dealers, but also it gave us that fantastic scene between her and her daughter in law, because shes triggered because of her kidnap. It was a device for us to hear the kidnap story again, wasnt it. But what was the story that Sarah lancashires ex husband um is pursuing isnt? It a story that she said be careful what you do there. I think this is because, because that that the story is here, yeah hes looking into them to them, thats all thats. My point, I think that I was just clarifying that that Gabrielle, I think, is where its gon na kind the stories are gon na kind of intersect um.

So on that point, in any day, if you see this, I I know what you mean about the pharmacist story, but I think its obviously its not so, although its a subplot, I think its a plot thats going to become incredibly crucial too, as Emily says, and Also to see the two men on CCTV, you did see that bit thats why you were confused by where Sarah lankerships going those two thugs in the sea. I see a CID briefing. They saw the two blokes so its just just like everythings, just like tying up um. What did you think of um James Norton this week? He was just in the moment he was in. I found it his most believable yeah he stood up saying lets, go bungee. Jumping – and he was so so uh, yes, the scene at the door with Ryan. How brilliantly did she play that one at the end, Ive got nothing to say about the little detail of her asking. What have you got? What have you got away? That was improvisation. It goes to the power of Sarah Lancashire genius. Ingenious I mean shes, I mean I cant take my eyes off her yeah. It was brilliant. She was so good um. Should they uh? Should she break the full news to Ryan Ive made a note of. Do you think she should tell him exactly what hes done? I would yeah as to why her daughter, I think she cant, say the words.

I think I think we all forget it. He thinks someone should. I would at this point, because you know why I would not out of Revenge not at now not out to get him to do what I want, but just because hes in such danger, under the influence of this man, because hes so manipulative hes, a genius narcissistic Narcissistic sociopath so Im going to say anything if thats my grandchild or child to make sure they do not go to them. But I mean, can you imagine like when she stops when shes going back to get in the car, and he says he says he loves her? He said he loved her and she went. It was the only raped her didnt? He they didnt have a relationship before did they and then it turned off I dont know: did they ever have a relationship, his mum and dad, and then he went nuts on her and raped her. Is that what maybe thats? What I remember zodiac, if you should just be honest with him, but I think shes, scared of thinking about it herself yeah. She doesnt want to say the words, the woman next to her oh mercy, map whats this, the woman next to her in the police station, which is on the computer, knows something about Joanne the woman on diazepam, because because of the way she lifted her eyebrow and She saw whats on the computer. I thought that was more quizzical.

Was she looking that up? What about the yeah? What about the sports teacher scene? I now explain to me personally throwing up. I was like no, no, no hes gon na be caught between these two violence. Sociopaths, this poor boy, yeah, so explain to me. I know the wife explained exactly what he does so I know exactly what he does, but why does he do it? Why is he interested in young people that he wants? The only thing rebuild. I think that hes gay, I think, thats why he has so much thats what hes told his wife that he likes to rebuild so maybe shes trying to make sense of him. No, no. She doesnt, he doesnt tell her anything. She knows a pattern. He gets really angry when hes breaking down the person breaking down the kid gets really fisty with her and then when the kid is broken down, he then goes and picks up the pieces and rescues its just his psychopathy, its his pathology, hes, just hes, just very Sick minded I didnt, I slightly didnt believe that Ryan would have talked to him that willingness to their argument. I tell you why I do the football he came and he got his grooming him. He came in. He was really soft. I thought the actor was very good in that scene. Right hes just been told its hopeless, he cant stay at his friends. His aunts is too tiny, didnt sleep all night, and he comes as do you want somebody to talk to.

He wants to talk to his dad. He cant talk to his dad and this guy steps up and does the grooming thing. If you want to talk to me anytime, son, yeah, yeah, yeah Bobs, your uncle fannies, you want, do you think Neil is Tommys. Dad no says Jenna Whiteley Tommys, dad theres a thought. Okay, final couple of points I dont Ill be there do, does anyone think? Does anyone think that theyve set the narrative cue for a UFO to land in the middle of the series? No its a wind up. Isnt it was that um I was thinking. Maybe theyve got UFOs coming in in the show. Remember in Fargo, are you a folk landed at the end of the series? It was very strange. A couple of people saying they think Neil and Tommy are related, and I suppose the reason that youre thinking like is because its so extraordinary what hes done, but they gave that little excuse didnt they from Sarah lancashires son, which was its all wrapped up with the Fact that he couldnt see his children for 14 years because he was Now call it wasnt his name recovery. So hes like trying to fix that thing for Tommy that couldnt be things for him, but theyve both got the same hair lots of hair. They have lots of hair now. Macy mate wants to make this point that Sarah Lancer forgot her glasses and shes Mysteries. Now now, how do you know about our glasses? I never saw anything about forgetting her glasses when shes running and sort of combating does she wear glasses, maybe yeah.

I do think they made quite a lot of that number plate like it might be wrong, but yeah, and then how can we ignore the final scene, which I thought was incredibly grisly um? I still am not convinced by the pharmacist in terms of either his script or performance, and I have to say, I think, theres a thinness to their scenes that that really might is markedly starkly different to all of the other scenes involving all the other characters. But that said, I quite like the drama that now has been left with. Whats happened between him and the woman in the house. I think I think thats quite I think that will give it more heft. So actually I disagree on. I actually think thats going to become quite a powerful, powerful narrative there everyones saying about the glasses and it was a close up of the glasses, so maybe youre right, oh right, continuity, the pharmacist is Faith, Elliot Gonzalez, says hed, happily see a UFO. Take the pharmacist. The pharmacist Ellie also says its such a weak Link in this show hes an actor acting. You said it, you said it, you called it um, but yes, incredibly good. Incredibly good dont forget to follow Elliot Gonzalez on Instagram. Please final thing: Nadia is predicting that James Nortons gon na jailbreak when he goes yeah in Leeds and no but hes also that whats. So heartbreaking is hes using his son for that he doesnt give a about him and its going to break his heart and hes.