This gaming laptop is packed with a ton of features and may very well be the highest end. Gaming laptop we’ve taken a look at yet lenovo’s legion 5 pro comes in a single matte storm gray, color the front features the legion logo that lights up when plugged. In on first impressions, this laptop looks like a beast simply from its sheer size, although it’s meant to be a gaming laptop, the outside design is subtle enough to use for work and professional settings as well. That is, if you’re willing to lug it around with you. Unlike today’s, thinner laptops that require compromises when it comes to ports and space, the legion 5 pro is unapologetically gracious with its ports. The left side includes a usb type c port, along with a headphone jack, while the right side of the laptop includes a usb a port with e shutter button. The back of the laptop features, three additional usb: a ports, an additional usb c port hdmi port rj45 slot and charging port across all these slides are four vents with an additional bottom vent that should keep the laptop cool when playing games i’m. Also, a fan of the subtle legion logos stamped across these areas that are noticeable, but not too outlandish. The legion 5 pro sells at a starting price of 16.99, but our version has an msrp of about 2 000.. As of the publishing date of this video, the legion 5 pro is marked up on third party sites up to 2 600 in a lot of places.

Since we are looking at a gaming laptop here, we should talk about the specs housed into this thick laptop. This version of the legion 5 pro that we were sent is configured to have an amd ryzen, 7 5800h processor, with 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of ssd. It also includes nvidia’s highly sought after rtx 3070 graphics card. There are cheaper versions of the legion 5 pro that uses an nvidia rtx 3060. Instead, as for the display, the legion 5 pro has a 16 inch quad hd 2560 by 1600 ips display with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, although i’m only just unboxing. This laptop for now i’m already excited to see how performance stacks up with these specs bezels are incredibly thin on this device, and just for my initial impressions, i can already tell the legion 5 pro was created to immerse users on the laptop, even though it will Take me a little more time to get a feel of how this laptop performs. There are a few other features, i’m excited to test out the legion 5 pro uses, lenovo’s true strike keyboard and has fully programmable rgb backlighting. As someone who also works extensively on their laptop and uses, number pads, frequently i’m excited to test this layout, not only for gaming, but for work as well. While i prefer my keys to have a little more curve in them, these keys initially seem tactile enough. The trackpad on this laptop is also quite spacious and fairly clicky for those curious there’s, also a 720p camera and lenovo’s harman speakers.

And yes, this laptop passes the one finger test as a final note, considering the size of this laptop there’s, an equally weighty, 300 watt power, brick for charging the legion 5 pro if you’re a fan of portability. I have to say this laptop is quite the opposite. In regards to both size and weight, all things considered i’m really excited to test out lenovo’s legion 5. Pro there’s a lot to like in this laptop and considering the spec sheet on this baby i’ll be putting it through a lot of steam and epic game tests. Be sure to stay tuned for the final review and let us know what you want to see in the comments below i’m leeda from these hypnotics, and i will see you guys next time bye. So the other day i went to the market and i saw a bunch of people with their iphones just checking their grocery lists, and i told them hey.