To this, but this one does have a bit of an upgrade and im really excited to see how it performs. This is known as the msi trident theres a lot of these models on the market, but this ones powered by a 10th gen i5 with six cores and 12 threads and the previous owner actually upgraded from a gtx 1650 to a gtx 1660. im. A huge fan of this case design, i mean its definitely small, and this did come with a vertical stand. So we have that right here, you can either lay it horizontal or vertical. With this stand here, weve also got the power supply, which just happens to be a 230 watt power supply, which should be plenty for. The hardware were running in this unit. Now this wasnt without issues when i initially picked it up on the gpu and the cpu. I was seeing some really high temps, so i went in here and i actually replaced the thermal paste on both of those it also didnt have an ssd its got a spot for an m.2, but its really hard to get to, and there was only a one Terabyte mechanical drive installed, the previous owner stated that it did take a long time to boot up and really it comes down to everything running off of that mechanical drive. So i installed a 512 gigabyte m.2 ssd and it was such a pain to get to. I had to take all the side panels off but uh.

Luckily, there is a spot for that m.2, so im running the operating system from that new m.2 and i kept the older hard drive just as some extra storage for games. It also had 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 2400 megahertz, and, like i mentioned, i did replace the thermal paste on the gpu and the cpu side of things to keep those temps down, because that gp was actually getting really hot in here. It was kind of dusty, it really wasnt that bad, but i did go ahead and use a vacuum to get everything out of here and now it looks brand new and its functioning id say better than ever. When it comes to i o up front here, we have our audio in audio out usb type c. We also have two usb 3.1 ports. I guess theyre calling these super speed usb ports around back here weve got some more audio in and out gigabyte ethernet. Five more usb ports hdmi from the internal graphics, but this doesnt have internal graphics built in. I guess thats, just in case youre, using a k series cpu and our four pin power input when it comes to the specs for the cpu. This is using the i5 10 400 f. We dont have any built in graphics here. Six cores 12 threads weve also got 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 2400 megahertz and that gtx 1660, and on that cpu we have a base clock of 2.

9 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.3. So far, everythings been working out really well and ever since i changed the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu temps have been much better before swapping it out, while playing something like doom eternal. I was hitting in the 80s with that cpu and now its way down. Well, take a look at that by the end of this video but yeah. That was one of the big issues with this computer. When i first got it other than just having a mechanical hard drive, because it was really really slow to boot, but since i wiped that other drive and installed windows to the ssd, everythings been really snappy and im actually really happy with the gaming performance of this Machine and in this video were gon na run some benchmarks test out some games and well definitely test out some emulation by the end of this video, but first things. First, lets take a look at those benchmarks and first up we have geekbench 5 with a single core score of 1097 multi 6049 im, not really impressed by the single or the multi core score here, given that we have these higher core count: higher clocked ryzen apus On the market right now, but i still think this 10 400 f can get some gaming out of the way next benchmark on the list is 3dmark firestrike. We scored a total score of 12, 571 and finally time spy with a 5586.

So with the benchmarks, out of the way, its time to jump right into some pc gaming and first up, we have forza horizon 5 ultra settings 1080p, and i got an average of 74 fps. When i initially went into this. I just set it to that high preset and was doing such a good job. I figured we could do ultra and, as you can see here were getting some really great performance out of this one Music. Next up we have the witcher 3, and this is a mix of ultra and high and basically i just turned hair works off and we got an average of 68 fps. So if you want a little more out of it, you can turn some of those settings back down to high and its still going to look great whoa there, roach halo, infinite did way better than i thought it would were at 1080p ultra settings we got an Average of 76 fps out of this and im sure if were out in a big open area during the campaign lots of effects on screen, it will go a bit lower, but multiplayer. You should be good to go with that. Ultra setting over 60. heres gta 5. Very high settings, except for grass detail and we got an average of 104 fps and i figured wed – get really good performance with that gtx. 1660.. Oh 1080p. Ultra we got an average of 88 fps and i did try nightmare but unfortunately just wont.

Let me select that because we only have six gigabytes of vram, but ultra still looks great Music and finally, we have cyberpunk 2077. This is a mixture of high and medium settings with population density set to medium, because that really does take a toll on the gpu and cpu. We got an average of 63 fps, so going all the way down to medium is probably the way to go when it comes to emulation on a machine like this, i figured wed be able to get most of this stuff out of the way, no problem at All as long as the game is compatible with the emulator ps2 is to be good to go at 1440p. I didnt test in 4k because my monitor here is only 1440, but even at 4k. I think we could pull this off with. That. 1660. were also getting amazing performance with wii. U emulation using simu! I got that vulcan back in going were at 60fps 1440p with breath of the wild and again i really do think that wed be able to handle this at 4k were only at about 55 utilization. On that gpu and weve got plenty of cpu power to go with this one. I didnt see any dips at all with this at 1440p and finally, ps3 using rpcs3 vulcan back in 60 fps with skate 3 at 1440p id say yeah. This is really nice now, when it comes to games, like god of war 3, probably not going to be able to do it, but if you check out the compatibility list for rpcs3, it just says end game: if you head over there and check the list out As long as it says, playable this machines going to handle it out average cpu temps at idle, where around 38 degrees celsius, average gaming, 68 and the maximum that i could get this to hit was 88 because thats, where its set at the thermal throttle – and that Was with cinebench r23 about eight minutes into it, it did thermal throttle now.

Another thing i always like to look at is total power consumption from the wall. So while i was testing this, i had this plugged into a kilowatt meter at idle were around 34 watts, while gaming, it pulls around 137 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall, while maxing out all six cores 12 threads and that Gtx 1660 was 193 watts, so were under that 230 watt power supply that comes included with this unit, so overall im really impressed by the performance of this machine, given the form factor here i do wish. I had a bigger power supply because i wanted to add an i9 cpu to this, and i dont know if this cooler would be sufficient, but the real thing thats stopping me is the included power supply coming in at only 230 watts, with a 10th gen i9. We would pull much more than that and we need power for the gpu. Also ive looked online, trying to find a higher wattage power supply, and the highest thing i can find is a 330 watt and with the 10th gen i9, i think wed still be pushing it, but im willing to try it if youre interested in seeing a video Like that, so let me know in the comments below but thats going to wrap it up for this one. If you have any questions or you want to see any other emulators or games running on this machine like it sits right now.