Mark and then dispatch mark before that dont forget to subscribe, so you will not miss any video and you will get notification when new video is published. Okay lets start it. Okay. Let me start by open windows. 65. Pricing, page, okay: i will share this pricing page in the description below yeah, so there is two big package of windows: 65. The first one is business. The second one is the enterprise uh on the home page. It showed there is three packets, basic standard and premium. As you see uh there, the difference between three of them yeah is about uh specification, the number of vcpu number of uh memory yeah, but they are using the same storage. Okay. But if we compare it the enterprise yeah lets we compare with the enterprise. We see that the pricing is same yeah, but dont dont forget that the enterprise is required for you to having the windows 365 uh having the windows, 10 enterprise license. Yeah okay, lets focus on the business plan, okay and then uh see on the below. There is the all plans and pricing okay in this page, it will be described about the detail option for the plan and pricing yeah from the 1vcpu, the for the 1vcpu, only having option that 2 gigabyte memory and then 64gb storage uh. It expand in the two vcpu yeah which getting having a up to 256 gigabyte memory storage i mean and then the highest one is 8v cpu and you can get up to 32 gigabyte ram and 512 gigabit storage.

Uh you see here. There is two pricing here: yeah the first one is monthly subscription yeah. The second one is monthly subscription with windows, hybrid benefit, yeah. What the difference of it yeah. Okay, lets. We see the okay number two okay. What is the windows hybrid benefit? The windows hybrid benefit is when you already having windows 10 pro license in a device. It means if your device is currently using windows, 10 pro or even better windows enterprise, you can use the hybrid benefit yeah and the price is about four dollar yeah yeah. Four dollar: cheaper, okay, of course, uh in my pc. I using the winfire lets, see okay im using windows, 10 windows, 10 yeah lets see the edition of it. Our windows 10 enterprise in my pc im using windows, enterprise, yeah, uh windows enterprise – is the upgrade version of the windows pro. So basically, i already have the license of windows pro, but in my organization also having a windows, 10 enterprise license. So basically, i have both and im eligible for windows. Hybrid benefit. Okay, lets back to the basic one. Okay lets: we try to register. Okay, try the for two months: okay, continue with higher quality with hybrid benefit. Okay, i have the windows 365. I have the windows enterprise license, so i choose. The windows hybrid benefit. Okay, this is my organization. Email continue. Okay lets. Do the trial 60 day subscription one user, okay, now uh its time to allocate the license.

Okay lets we enable the windows. 365; okay, save change! Okay, okay, so what should we do now lets go to the windows 65. If im not mistaken, the url is the windows, oh its, not assigned new cloud pc, oh okay! So apparently maybe it should wait. Maybe like one minute yeah setting up your cloud pc. So i dont set up anything lets just use the default setting whats your. What the next is enable lets just push next, oh just some q a about what is cloud pc here, but the setup is not done yet lets just do get started. Okay, the pc is still setting up yeah a few moments later. Okay, the setup called pc setup is done. Yeah. It takes about 15 minutes. Yeah lets reopen it open in browser i expecting having some kind of username password, but i dont see where i should put it yeah: okay, still, okay, oh, i can use a local keyboard, microphone, file, transfer or preview just check it. Yeah allow oh yeah. This is the username password yay. This is our club pc a few moments later, while we wait lets discuss about another client yeah so other than you can access it using web browser. Currently, im using google chrome yeah, you can also access using windows. Virtual windows, remote desktop its using the remote desktop, the the one with the icon orange yeah, not the old one i dont know: can we access it in the old one or the rdp one? Okay, maybe well try it later: yeah, okay, yeah! If you uh, this is kind of integrate with your uh.

Microsoft 365 account. So it will uh getting uh info about list of virtual. This off cloud pc that you having set up to your account yeah your microsoft 365, account okay, just minimize it. We will try it uh later yeah, and this is our cloud pc, okay, okay, now what lets sign in about this lets? Send him? Okay. I guess im not into into my uh companys teams. Yeah lets just minimize it for now. Okay, what we have here, oh lets, already print some office. Okay, of course, we should try to okay, okay, just setting the chrome or i mean edge, okay. Of course, the oh, of course, the first one we do is uh. We open uh,, slash, chrome, okay. Currently i already opened several window here. Yeah lets just close. It yeah lets test the capability of resubming here. Currently, we resume from the from the browser into the remote desktop app okay, we double click here: okay, its connecting to the cloud pc and its on currently im using to to monitor here, yeah the first one in my laptop and the second one is uh on The extra monitor and the cloud pc is showing in the both monitor okay, so lets just continue using this. The first one is okay. Lets do some benchmark the first one i do is lets. Do a speed test lets see about the speed. Is it as the same like the one that demo by the microsoft yeah okay lets change it into singtel, okay and go whoa, not really: woe yeah, but still whoa its about 1.

3 gbps. Okay and uplink is about 2.523 gbps. Okay lets try another one. Lets try another one about lets: try to m1 okay, pretty much same yeah pretty much. The same lets try uh, okay, just try the star hub; okay, pretty much! The same is about 1.5 gbps downlink and previously shown about 2.5 to 3 gbps yeah. I believe my my current cloud pc is located in oh 4.5 yeah. My current cloud pc is located in singapore because im my location is in indonesia, okay, so the micro uh, the cloud pcs placed in the nearest location or in the same location with microsoft, 365 tenant. Okay, next lets do the benchmark of the uh. This drive yeah lets do using this one. This mark lets see how fast is it? Okay were done with the crystal this mark. This was the tools for us to do a benchmark to the hardest yeah. Apparently, the speed is kind of par with sata ssd. Okay, so maybe if we later we or the other video, we try with the enterprise, well get a better experience, but i dont know yeah lets move on to how the experience to uh house the experience for watching a video lets open. The google chrome lets open. My channel okay lets reopen the okay this one. Okay, the experience for playing video with 3 30 fps is kind of good yeah, so you can consume a video with fine yeah. You can consume video without any problem.

So how about the video with 60 fps? Okay? Dont forget every monday, every sunday i post about uh my gaming, video yeah lets uh see the latest one. Of course we will do 10p. 1060. 106. 1080. 60. Let it buffer for a while lets, see the experience whether it can deliver the 60 fps wow. Not really 60 fps its maybe like 24 or 20 uh less than 30 fps. Okay lets do win r win, fair. Okay, this one also windows, 10 enterprise lets, do a copy paste for a file. Oh okay lets do uh lets do file copy paste from the host into the uh cloud. Pc lets see. Okay, i get. I have a video to try. This one is about 157 megabyte yeah lets do a copy paste here lets. I will do copy and then paste it to to cloud pc base. Oh okay, this can do copy paste, so lets see the speed. Well, i only have a 10 mega bit per second uplink, so i expect it will take all of them yeah about 10 mbps. Okay, just cancel it yeah, okay, how about uh it take the local resource like camera. Does it have a camera? Oh so its this cloud, pc is apparently taking a local resource like camera, okay, thats. My experience registering for windows 365 trial and then set it up into my microsoft, 365 tenant trying out into several operations like copy paste, a file from host into the cloud pc, try several trying a resource like camera and then do some benchmark like this benchmark.

Speed speed benchmark and try the experience for watching video in cloud pc thats it for today.