. This is the 7 Pro X and this is the 9i.. Now this also comes in the 7i version. If you go for Intel, but the base model, the starting price 1499 is an AMD. Sku. 200 more dollars will get you that 7i, the Intel version.. This is a sort of pro creator. Laptop. A 14 and a half inch screen size, which is pretty unusual.. I dont recall us ever having seen one. Weve seen 14 inches. Weve seen 15.6.. Those are much more common. 14 and a half kind of in between. Its a QHD plus thereabouts resolution. Because of the unusual size., It wont be a resolution that youre familiar with, but it is better than HD and not quite 4k. Now, because this is for creators, its a more advanced screen., Its touch, its 120 Hertz refresh rate, which is unusual in anything that isnt A gaming system frankly, but Lenovo figures were starting to see that in smartphones you get 90 Hertz or 120 Hertz smartphone screens. So why not in your general use high end laptop So thats a bit of a nice feature, though wide color gamut for creators as well.. So hopefully, this is something you can take with you pretty light pretty thin and get some actual work. Done. See your work pretty clearly and use the touchscreen if you need to. As far as getting work done on the go in addition to that nice screen, it weighs about three and a half pounds, and the internal components are also important.

. You get up to Intel Core H, series., So its not the P, its, not something thats low powered same with the AMD version.. You can get Ryzen 9., So pretty serious contender for CPU power. And on both the AMD and the Intel versions up to Nvidia RTX 3050 graphics, which not a super high end GPU. But it is pretty good slightly above the lower power entry level options.. So that can be useful in professional 3D workloads and a little bit of gaming if thats, what you desire on this nice and portable system. Of course, any professional users are going to want to know what their connectivity options are and modest, but useful enough is how I would describe it. Thin systems. You dont get a ton of ports, as you do large, creative laptops.. So here you have standard USB, A and two USB C connections on the Intel model that will be Thunderbolt support, not so much on the AMD unit. And you do have. You might have noticed this little switch here.. This is for camera. Privacy turns the camera off.. It disconnects it for all intents and purposes., So it wont even show up.. So you can really trust that this will actually power the camera off if thats, what you desire for some privacy and that sums it up for this system. It feels nice in the hand, very roomy touch pad very portable and a really nice display, even if its that bizarre 14 and a half inch screen size touch good color, coverage.

, So yeah, but a pretty good creator system. Well wait for our full review to see How it performs. Always a question in thin chassis like these., But since we can go up to H series, we expect pretty good performance.. Now lets move over to the Slim 9i 14. Before we even turn it around or look at anything else. Lets focus on this lid.. This is the most eye, catching probably part of this laptop and this design. I know youre not going to pay 1799, which is what the starting price is for. Just a lid., But while were here, it does look nice. And it adds that premium look and feel.. This is what Lenovo is calling 3D glass similar to what some smartphone designs use on their rear kind of a curved glass that kind of covers the aluminum beneath.. It looks sharp., It feels good.. The glass feels like a nice quality touch and it has the sheen that is just kind of pleasant to look at. So overall, between this shiny sides here and the white color, this is a nice looking system.. So lets turn around. Look at the rest of the system., Like I said, not going to pay 1799 for just the lid., So something else must be driving that price.. This is a pre production model, so its not powered on.. But this is an OLED display.. You can get OLED QHD or 4k OLED panel.. Obviously, thatll run you a bit of extra money, but in all of our experiences, OLED is brilliant to look at vibrant colors.

, Its really something that you havent. If you havent seen in person, you should just check out yourself because it doesnt really come across on the camera, especially when this ones not on. But it looks brilliant in person and, in my opinion, is usually worth the extra money unless youre trying to buy a budget conscious system. Joining this fancy. Oled screen are powerful, speakers. Theres four. Its a Bowers and Wilkins tuned system., And we got a demo and it really did fill the room. Definitely above average speaker volume without really losing a lot of the quality there. So thats, a plus for anyone who likes to watch the shiny display and really boom their audio.. As far as the interior, though, you may be wondering what is powering the system., It is P series Intel Intel only 12th Gen., So its not H like this. It doesnt go to the top of the power tier but P series 12th Gen should give you still Pretty good performance., We tend to see that in thin and light systems, which you could definitely say this is. Also unlike this system, no discrete GPU.. This is integrated, graphics, only., So not a professional animator or designer system really.. It is more about the portability and then some its kind of a general use, laptop thats nice to travel with, but just has a bit more premium feel in terms of the design.. So if you want something for more serious work, the Pro X is probably the way to go, but this is the sort of fancy looking conversation piece bit more premium.

If you have the budget for it and good performance, hopefully from the 12th gen. Despite being a P series., We will of course test both of these when they come in for review. We expect more horsepower to this. One expect this to be a good daily driver with a little bit of flair., So check back for the full reviews on PCMag.