So this is two Im gon na put the link Down Below on Amazon. I have no Commission in there whatsoever its just a regular link. This is where I got this from well. This is a gift on Christmas, but I kind of pointed him in the right direction where to get this, so, as you guys know, I do a lot of YouTube videos, mostly product reviews, uh hot toys. Similarly, I consider it as a product – and I feel like this is perfect for what I do uh it does have an RGB light. What Ive been using is the old school. You know umbrella type, kind of LED, bulb and Ive been using that for the past 17 years, uh its been a long time. You know, and the umbrella finally gave in – and I was gon na – buy the new umbrella, but its like thirty dollars, and this guy right here is 200. So if I buy two umbrellas thats 60 bucks, I was just like you know what Ill add 140 and in its time, for an upgrade anyway, its its uh, its to 2023 now Ive been using bulb instead of LED doesnt have RGB lighting, as you can see, It comes with everything comes with a carrying case uh, as you can see here, you can carry it around. It has a nice Factor as far as you know, footprint its not too big, but it packs a big punch in terms of Lights.

Uh theres scenes which I would showcase later on as well, but for the the most important part to me, is that the portability of this light, because I do have a small house um, I dont, even have a studio. I basically shoot in the basement after I shoot. I got ta pack up my stuff and with this I dont necessarily need to disassemble everything I mean you could, if you want to. If you really want to save space, you can put it back on how you got it. For you know, as you can see here, it comes with a carrying case for 200. I think this is a great deal uh, whether you are you know, semi professional. I dont consider myself a professional or you know, or a startup. You know, like I said its not too expensive, but its also not super cheap um. So here we go lets take a look at the build quality, so the tripod it comes with the tripod itself. It also has a case its decently built the light itself. As you can see here, it is made out of metal, so it does have some good feel to it. Aluminum or whatever the case may be uh. You do have uh the panel. It does have like the soft box in here, not the soft box, the diffusers, which you kind of slides in which its its already slid in here uh. You can see there it.

It is quite nice, you can, you know tilt it up and down. You can make it look left or right, but the overall build quality of the light is pretty good. The stand just a generic stand, so you know like this stand right here, as you can see its very easy to assemble you just kind of put the lights in, tighten it up with a knob, just be careful because you are going to hit the side. So you might want to adjust it on the side right here, because you know its a telescopic uh sort of um stand. So you know you can move it up and down Im, not going to measure the you know the height or whatever. So to set it up. You just kind of open this barn door. Here, uh you dont need to use an umbrella thats. The beautiful thing you see, the diffuser is all these you know, part of it is showing up those things you can adjust as well. So you know those kind of like screw on the back. As you can see, the you can turn it up and down with the knob uh, you could use, also use the app, as you can see here, theres a dial mode which you can use it as a master or slave. As far as flash goes, you can also use batteries on both sides. If you wanted, that makes it really portable or an adapter, and you can see theres a QR code that you can use uh to control it via app, which is this one.

You can turn it on and off here Id rather turn it off honestly on the unit itself, because when you turn it off here, it seems like its just leaving. So you can, you know, change the color of the light through the app or on the on the light itself. You know either way its pretty easy to use. You can see here you can change the color. There are certain scenes and pattern, but you can see it does change. If you need blue. You know lets say your hot choice is a lightsaber. You know you want it to emit that kind of color. You could use this as well. You could use anything basically uh scenes. I love this part because you could you see here. This is, I believe, the lightning. So this is lightning seam, and this is I dont know if you can kind of see it there there you go handle so its like. A candle flickering, you know when youre, when you have it in there Im gon na use Venom as my model here. So if you have a specific scene, not necessarily just for hot toys but shooting you know, you could use this very well. You can adjust the brightness and this is Disco uh, so you know it gives you a different element. Party and disco almost feels the same TV. You know you, you put the light in front of your subject and kind of flickers on and off kind of, like hes watching TV.

You know you can see the sudden its, not really a flicker, but the change of light, a brightness out there that works uh. This is the cop um siren or light like theres, a cop, its behind you or in front of you, so that works out as well. It looks like somebodys here to arrest Venom, but yeah you can see you could you know, depending on what you want uh you can turn it on and off. I believe this is uh Paparazzi. You know flash photography, you know it kind of resembles lightning to be quite honest with you, but yeah its. It is a uh, an option size comparison to what Ive been using now and this light Im not gon na bad mouth it because Ive used this for the past 15 years, 17, maybe more but its time to upgrade. You can see the size comparison. How just easy it is to keep the LED lights now from the bottom. You know it shares the same footprint because it does share the same bass and all that stuff, but in the upper body you dont need a diffuser. This big kind of slide it in uh you dont, need to set up a lot of things. You need you dont need the bulb. You dont need the you know the umbrella, its fairly easy to use, and you for somebody like myself and – and you know its going to continue to the final thoughts here um who has to assemble and disassemble this all the time fairly easy with this guy.

As a matter of fact, Im not even disassembling it, I put it on the corner because it doesnt take up any space it. You know you fold, the uh, the telescopic stand and it takes minimal space whatsoever. It is a beautiful light if youre into photography, videography or whatever the cases youre doing tick tock, I would say this is one of the best, if not the best budget lights out there for two hundred dollars, the build quality seems good enough to be used for Most things also for traveling, its very Compact and, as far as you know, versatility you could use battery. So if you dont want to plug it in you have a shoot on location. This would definitely work but and then, on the back. You have this LCD screen as well, so you could, you could use it with an app without an app as a flash, very versatile and the price reflects it as well. Thank you for watching.