If youre new here make sure to subscribe, so you can stay up to date on everything happening with the channel and with that out of the way lets see if goalie kits claims hold up. So since one of the biggest claims of the king kong 2, pro is the elimination of stick drift. Lets briefly touch on that real, quick, even though stick drift is something that can occur over time with most analog sticks, the nintendo switch and especially its detachable joy. Con controllers have become known for many many reports of the dreaded stick drift, which usually manifests in unwanted input from the control sticks when sitting at neutral center. Traditional analog sticks rely on physical contact of the internal components, to register input and over time, wear and tear or dirt and dust getting into these components can cause the sticks to malfunction in one way or another. If youve been following my channel for a while or came over from my instagram page, you might know that i have a pretty sizable joy con collection in over the past five years and hundreds of hours of gameplay. I only ever experienced drift in a single left. Joy con that came with my v2 switch and it happened less than a week after getting the console. I sent this one in for a free repair and got it back about a week later. Having barely experienced the dreaded drift myself, it made me think that maybe all the reports of drift were a bit overblown and sort of a meme, but reports of nintendos service, centers being completely bogged down by joy, con repairs would say otherwise.

I do think how hard you press on the sticks when you play and how clean you keep your switch, can definitely play a factor in drift popping up, but it seems that the somewhat unique construction of the joy con sticks themselves, something that was probably the result Of needing to fit so many components into such a small form factor is what leads to so many incidents of stick drift on the switch ill leave a link to an excellent video by vks channel down in the description where he details his ingenious solution to joy. Con stick drift if youd like a much more detailed breakdown of how this happens, and that brings us to gully kits king kong, 2. Pro now right off the bat. I do want to say that i sort of feel like gully. Kid is addressing a problem for the wrong thing here. It would make more sense to me to be making driftproof joycon rather than a pro controller, since i hear so much more about drift on joycon specifically, but with that aside, the king kong 2 pro uses something called hall. Sensing analog sticks and triggers which utilize magnetic sensors, rather than mechanical, for contactless input commands. This lack of physical contact means the component shouldnt wear out over time effectively eliminating stick drift now. This is, of course, an oversimplification of the technical details, but thats the gist of it. From my understanding, let me know down in the comments, if im getting any of this wrong now its interesting that the triggers use house sensors as well, especially since the king kong 2 pro seems mostly geared at switch owners and the switch doesnt support analog triggers.

I also hear far less about triggers wearing out over time compared to joysticks, but i guess it cant hurt now with all that. Out of the way lets take a closer look at the king kong 2 pro and talk about the overall feel as well as the other included features here. I should quickly mention that, unlike many other 3rd party, pro controllers, the king kong 2 is just as expensive as nintendos official pro controller at 69.99. So the big value add here from gully kit are the drift proof. Analog sticks as well as the other additional features. Well, touch on shortly. The king kong 2 pro also features rumble motion controls, as well as nfc support for amiibo. So opening up the box here youve got some standard stuff, the manual a usb, a to c cable, the controller, of course, and this cool plastic travel case. This is actually one of my favorite things about this controller, and i wish more controllers came with something like it. Its super lightweight and barely adds any bulk and its perfect for tossing in a bag without having to worry about any scratches, scuffs or dirt. Getting on your controller, it is custom molded specifically to the king kong 2, though, so, unfortunately, it wont fit on a regular pro controller. Taking a look at the controller itself definitely reminds me of an xbox controller with the overall shape and the glossy buttons its very comfortable in the hands.

It has a soft touch finish and a nice ribbed texture on the back of the grips. It seriously feels really great to hold. I also like the way the zl and zr buttons are flared out. It makes for a perfect resting place for your index, fingers and being analog triggers. They have a good amount of travel, definitely more than the official pro controller, but still feel nice. The l, r buttons feel quite a bit different and are extremely clicky. I guess gully kit were kind of going for that mechanical keyboard feel and sound. They feel fine, but they are so loud. Its almost distracting – and i do think the resistance is just a bit too high, not a big deal or anything, but it is a little strange to have the two sets of shoulder buttons feel so different from one another. Looking at the top weve got our usbc port for charging our sync button on the left and mode button on the right which lets you choose between android and ios windows, wired, pc and switch modes for pairing with different devices. The face buttons feel really nice. They have a satisfying click to them and they dont come close to making the noise of the lnr buttons they also dont rattle around, like on some other controllers, even nintendos official pro controller buttons have a decent amount of wiggle to them. These feel super solid and are really satisfying to press. They actually feel pretty similar to the face buttons on the dual sense.

If youve ever used, one of those, the d pad feels pretty good. I like the resistance, but the rocker in the center is pretty small and i do think you could run into some accidental diagonal inputs. Then weve got our plus and minus buttons and capturing home buttons, which all feel good, and then we have these two added buttons. In the middle here which youll use for all the king kong 2 pros extra features ill go through all of those here shortly, but first i want to take a moment to talk about. The analog sticks on the king kong 2 pro. Unfortunately, the most disappointing thing about this controller, especially when the drift proof sticks, are one of its main selling points. So the sticks themselves feel great. The thumb pads feel really nice and the sticks have a perfect level of resistance. The tension feels almost identical to the official pro controller, but the problem, at least for me, is that theres, this weird dragging or scraping feeling when rotating the sticks at a full 360 degrees, its a rather unpleasant feeling too kind of like scraping away soft paint with Your fingernail, or something like that and im not sure exactly whats causing it if my controller has little divots in the rings around the analog sticks or if its the chrome paint on the sticks themselves, causing the drag either way its a rather distracting feeling that pretty Much ruins this controller. For me, i have looked around at some reviews on amazon and it looks like im.

Not the only one whos experienced this issue either, but i will say there seems to be an equal amount of people who had no issues with theirs or who knows. Maybe they didnt even notice. I should probably see if i can just get a replacement, because i do think some people have sent theirs in and got back a controller that didnt have the weird stick drag issue, but fair warning id say its very possible that you could end up getting a King kong 2 pro with the same problem, if you order one yourself – and it really is unfortunate, because otherwise the king kong 2 pro is a very premium feeling controller and it comes packed with quite a few unique features which ill go through now because i do Think for the right gamer, some of these things will be very useful. So, almost all the settings, adjustments of the king kong 2 pro involve pressing this gear button here, along with different button combinations, theres onboard calibration options for the gyroscope triggers and analog sticks, although, as stated in the manual, you shouldnt need to do this unless youre experiencing An issue but its still nice to know its there. The sensitivity of the analog triggers and sticks can also be adjusted, including a no dead zone mode. If youre looking for pinpoint accuracy, turbo mode can be set by pressing the settings button along with any of the main face buttons or triggers, and you can cycle between 20 presses per second and continuous modes, then theres.

The motion sense aim assist on pc mode which lets you toggle on gyro controls for right, stick input you can choose between the l and zl buttons for the toggle by pressing either one simultaneously with the settings button and obviously youd want to choose whichever button doesnt Already have a critical function in the game, youre playing or just remap your controls to accommodate this only works on pc, though i tried it on the switch and nothing happened. Pressing the settings button in the plus button lets you swap inputs for the a b x and y buttons. This is something that can already be done with the button mapping settings on the switch, but it is cool to have the option right at your fingertips. For a swap on the fly, then theres professional player mode, which lets you decide whether or not the controller remembers your settings, sometimes with controllers like this, with a ton of settings options, i worry about having set something incorrectly without knowing so it is a little peace Of mind that with the default settings, everything is reset when you power off the controller, keep in mind ive, pretty much been sticking with the default settings anyway. So im not really losing anything. When i turn the controller off, but by pressing the settings and mode button, at the same time, you can set the king kong 2 to remember whatever customization you have in place and finally, one of the most unique features of the king kong 2.

Pro the auto pilot gaming button, the way its described on the box is a little confusing, but its essentially a button input recorder, pressing the apg button down for 3 seconds will start the recording, which can be as long as 10 minutes once youre done. Recording press the button once again to have the controller automatically perform your recorded inputs exactly as you recorded them or press it twice to have your recording run continuously as cool as this feature is, i cant realistically think of many scenarios where id need something like this. Maybe for some text – heavy stuff where you just want to be pressing the a button constantly or something like that, but im sure theres, someone out there playing a game where this would be useful and you can also save your apg file recording to your pc to Share with a friend or just keep a backup of i cant imagine there have been many people to do this, but again cool that its an option. So i think that about covers everything for the king kong 2, pro the good its an incredibly comfortable and premium feeling controller youre, not missing out on any of the functionality of the official pro controller and youre. Getting quite a few extra features as well. The bad there seems to be a pretty serious quality control issue with the analog sticks and for a controller thats just as expensive as nintendos official option, its really hard to recommend the king kong 2 pro over it until theyve fixed this issue.

It really is unfortunate too, because if mine didnt have that issue, it would probably be a serious contender for being my main controller of choice. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the king kong 2 pro. If anyone out there already owns one of these id love to know, if you ran into the same issue with the analog sticks, id also be curious to know how much of an issue stick. Drift has been for you on the switch and i think thats going to do it.