Lets start with the spec differences.. The RTX 2060 has 25 more CUDA cores than the 1660 Ti. However, the 1660 Ti is capable of higher base and boost clock. Speeds., Both graphics options have 6GB of GDDR6 memory. However, the 2060s is a bit faster.. The power limits of both graphics also differ a bit, and this will impact performance. In this comparison were using two Ryzen 4800H based machines, the ASUS TUF A15, so the 1660 Ti has an 80 watt power limit, while the 2060 has a 90 watt power limit. Expect a 115 watt 2060 to do better to what were looking at here.. The reason Im comparing these two is because the RTX 2060 is the next step up from the GTX 1660 Ti at the moment and as Ive got two TUF A15s with the same chassis. Cpu RAM and cooling I was interested to see the difference between these GPUs with Ryzen based laptops. Were going to compare 20 different games. So this should allow us to get a good range of results to work out. The average difference. Both laptops were tested. With the same version of BIOS Windows version and Nvidia drivers so lets get into the results. Red Dead. Redemption 2 was tested using the games benchmark. Tool. Ive got the RTX 2060 shown by the red bars and the GTX 1660 Ti shown by the purple bars below.. Ive also tested all games at every single available setting preset, which are arranged from lowest at the bottom to highest up the top.

. In this test at ultra settings, the 2060 was 6 faster than the 1660 Ti. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode by running through the same section of the game on both laptops., Regardless of setting level. The RTX 2060 graphics is ahead as expected. With again a 6 higher average FPS at the highest ultra setting preset. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the games built in benchmark tool and the 2060 was 5 faster at the highest setting preset in this one, and the difference was the same at lower Settings too. Control was tested by walking through the same part of the game on both laptops. Ive found this to be a more GPU heavy game, which explains why the 2060 had one of the best results out of all games tested with a 12 higher average frame Rate at high settings. Ghost Recon Breakpoint just had a below average 4 boost to average FPS at ultra settings. However, there were bigger differences at the lower setting levels, particularly in terms of 1 low performance, which saw massive gains with the 2060 indicating a more stable result.. Borderlands 3 was also tested using the games benchmark tool. This time at the highest setting preset, there was an above average, 9 improvement to average FPS from the 2060 laptop and the gap narrows in as we step down to lower setting presets. Apex Legends was tested in the Worlds Edge map running through the Drill Site on Both laptops and the 2060 was around 6 faster with all settings at maximum or 4 faster with all settings at minimum.

Call of Duty. Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode and also with either minimum or maximum settings, as there are no built in presets.. The differences were on the smaller side here, with just a 5 gain at max settings with the 2060 laptop or less than a 4 FPS boost.. The Division 2 was tested using the games benchmark tool and the 2060 was 6 faster than the 1660 Ti at max settings. So, on par with quite a few of the other titles that weve tested, here. Fortnite was tested using the replay feature with the exact same replay file used on each laptop., There was a 5.5 boost to average FPS at maximum settings. However, this seems to increase with lower levels as the 2060 had a massive 26 lead at lower settings. Monster Hunter World was tested running through the main town in the same manner, on both machines. Once more around about a 6 increase to average frame rate at the Highest setting level preset with the 2060. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the games benchmark tool using Vulkan, and this test saw the biggest difference out of all 20 titles tested with the 2060 15 ahead of the 1660 Ti at ultra settings.. Likewise, Metro Exodus was also tested using the games benchmark tool and saw the second biggest improvement out of all games tested with a 12 higher average frame rate on the 2060. Granted the frame rates get so low at the higher setting presets in this test, both are still giving lower results.

. The Witcher 3 tends to be a more GPU heavy game and Ive tested it by passing through the same part of the game on both laptops.. There was an above average result seen with the 2060, which was 8 faster than the 1660 Ti at ultra settings. In terms of average, FPS. CSGO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark and, as this test seems to be more CPU dependent than GPU, it saw the smallest difference out of all titles tested with the 2060 just 3 faster with all settings. Maxed out., Dota 2. Also, doesnt really seem to benefit much from improved GPU power, as the 2060 only gave it. The second lowest improvement out of all games tested with just a 4 higher average frame rate at max settings, while results were far closer together at other levels. Overwatch was tested in the practice range and while actual gameplay doesnt perform as well. This more accurately allows me to perform the same test pass, which is ideal for a comparison like this. At the highest epic setting preset. The 2060 was 7 ahead of the 1660 Ti in average frame, rate. Assassins, Creed Odyssey was tested using the games built in benchmark, and there was an above average 8 higher average FPS from the 2060 at max settings, but like some of the other games tested. Interestingly, the performance boost was way higher at lower settings, especially in terms of 1 low performance., Far Cry. New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark tool and once more, the 2060 was 8 faster in average FPS at the highest setting level.

Dont worry weve got racing games too. F1 2019 was 6.5 faster on the RTX 2060 in average FPS with the highest setting level in use.. In terms of overall improvement over these 20 games, the RTX 2060 graphics is performing 7.2 better in terms of average FPS.. As you can see, the performance difference can vary a fair bit between games. Tests that are more CPU bound like Dota and CSGO saw lower differences.. This is also in contrast to the 14 performance boost I found when comparing the 1660 Ti and 2060 last year, but with Intel processors, so not sure, if were seeing less difference here as a result of the Ryzen 4800H processors Ill be doing some Intel. Vs AMD comparisons so make sure youre subscribed for those. Outside of gaming. Ive also got some 3DMark results and, as expected, the 2060 was ahead of the 1660 Ti. Ive also got the results of SPECviewperf, which tests various professional 3D rendering workloads., As both machines, should, in theory, have the same cooling solution and thermal paste. We can accurately compare temperature differences., Ive tested both laptops, two different ways above the red bar Im stress testing, with the Aida64 CPU stress test and Heaven GPU benchmark while below the red bar Im testing gaming by playing Watch Dogs 2.. In the stress tests, the temperatures were similar, but while playing the actual game, the 2060 system was hotter. Granted most of that seemed to affect the processor, as the GPU was only 2 degrees warmer than the 1660 Ti.

. Now, for the final difference, the price you can check the links in the description for up to date, laptop prices with either graphics as prices will change over time.. This will depend on where you live, but in general expect the RTX 2060 to cost more money as its a higher tier graphics option. In the US. The TUF A15, with GTX 1660 Ti, seems to go for 1000 USD, while the RTX 2060 model is 200 more expensive, granted its currently out of stock. In this example, and does also have double the storage space. However, I havent been able to find a better example. In this case, youre paying 20 more money for an on average 7 performance boost in games.. The improvement definitely isnt that large between the two granted it does depend on the game.. Honestly, I think the GTX 1660 Ti is in a great sweet spot, assuming you dont care about ray tracing.. Even all this time after ray tracing was released in 2018, there are still few games that can actually take advantage of it.. Some, like Control, do utilize DLSS well, but these options are definitely in the minority. I cant say Id personally pick the 2060 just to get. First generation ray tracing hardware but thats me and who knows what the future will hold. Anyway. Let me know which graphics youd pick for your next laptop and why? Down in the comments and if youre new to the channel, then get subscribed for more upcoming laptop comparisons.