Normally i wouldn’t want to spend more than 50 to 100 bucks on one of these, but this one has several things going for it. First of all, it already has an i7 3770. Second, it already comes with 16 gigabytes of ddr3 ram and third it’s, the optiplex 9010 model, and that means it has a standard, 24 pin power connection and that’s going to make upgrading the power supply really easy. The seller was asking 250 and i didn’t want to pay that, but i ended up working back and forth with them and i ended up paying 200 for it. But without the mechanical hard drive. 200 is more than i’d, ideally pay, but still for 200 bucks we’re. Getting the cpu motherboard case and memory and that’s the bones for a working system and that’s hard to beat for 200 bucks. The i7 370 is getting older, though, and it will limit a lot of newer cards, especially at 1080p. Gaming. At 1440p, though, should give it a better shot in most titles, the new amd cards and the new rtx cards are both still impossible to find. Basically, but i was lucky enough to buy an overpriced 1660 super from best buy for about 320 bucks. The 1660 super is a great budget, 1440p card, though so that’s. What we’re gon na focus on with this optiplex. Today, a budget 1440p gaming system. There really wasn’t a lot left to add. So i put in a 600 watt non modular evga power supply and we installed windows on a one terabyte sata ssd, all together.

The system cost about 675 dollars to put together and that’s, including the 15 windows 10 key that’s better than the cheapest pre built with a 1660. I could find on best buy, even though it’s currently sold out by over a hundred dollars, and that system has a non super 1660, with only eight gigs of ram. This doesn’t have the tempered glass and rgb that that does, but it should deliver a better bang for the buck than a pre built system like that. Would the only way to see if it’s any good, though, is to test it out right, so let’s jump into some games and benchmarks all right? First up, i ran 3dmark time spy, the directx 12 benchmark – and this came in over 5 500 points. So that’s really a good score for this system and then on fire strike. We got over 12 000, so not top tier scores, but it’s going to be a good mid range experience next up, forza horizon 4 and we’re running this at 1440p on the ultra graphics preset, it did a really good job. It came in over 80 frames per second, but if you look down at the gpu limited percentage, it’s one point something, so it was actually the i7 3770 that was holding us back next. We have strange brigade – and this was running at 1440p – on the high graphics preset, but with motion blur turned off, and this came in at 94 frames per second, this is like a esports shooter type game and being able to get up over.

The 90 range is gon na make it feel good and snappy next game we have is horizon zero dawn and we’re running this at 1440p. On the original graphics preset, you could probably turn a couple of the settings up from that. If you wanted to – and this came in at an average of 64 frames per second – which should be nice and playable – i think this was only 30 frames per second on ps4 and the next one we have is far cry new dawn. This is a pretty hard game on the cpu and we can see here, even though we averaged over 60 frames per second towards the end of the benchmark. When there was a lot of action on screen, it was dropping below 60.. You can see the mix of settings that i’m using here, and this is for grand theft, auto 5, which we’re running at 1440p. There were a few times when i was going through a lot of traffic or driving real fast, where the frames did dip a little bit below 60, but it was very playable and it was above 60 most of the time. So i would say this is a a playable mix of settings for this game and i was pretty happy with how it ran on this cheap system. Next, we have call of duty warzone. You can see the mix of different settings that i’m running it at here, but it is 1440p and i jumped into a bot match here because i’m terrible at this game, but it seemed to run okay.

I thought it felt pretty good. There were no really major hitches, even if there were a couple of dips here and there, and i think this would probably be a pretty good system on which to play some call of duty as long as i’m, not on your team, the next one we got Here this is skyrim special edition and we’re playing this on 1440p ultra settings. Doing some uh deer archery, because you know i’m, a i’m, a melee focused orc, so might as well do some archery. Why not i’ll tell you what it’s way easier to get them with the bow and arrow than it is to chase them down with your mace, though Music? Next, we have the newly released kingdom hearts 3 and we’re running this at 1440p on the high settings and uh, although this did drop below 60 in some of the cut scenes when they have more effects going on during the gameplay, it was nice and smooth and Was really more in the 70 to 80 ish frames per second? Most of the time i would say some of these bigger attacks have a lot of effects and they will bring the frame rate down more than the general combat will, but i thought this would be. You know something good to to test to see what it did in a worst case. Kind of scenario: next up is dragon quest 11s, and this is again 1440p we’re running this on the highest graphic settings except the anti alias setting.

I have set it three out of six and a 1440p. This was more than playable. I was getting what seemed to be around 90 frames per second most of the time, which is really good uh for a turn based rpg, and anybody, i think, would be happy playing this game on this setup. There were a few hitches here and there, particularly when the camera seemed to like change, like the initial frames of a new camera angle, would hitch up a little bit, but nothing that really impacted the gameplay. Next up, i ran red dead redemption 2 and you can see here the mix of settings that we have it going at. This is the one game that i dropped to 1080p instead of 1440p. It would run at 1440p if i drop the settings low enough, but i think the visual sacrifices you have to make is not worth it in this game once you start having to turn down all the lighting and volume, metrics and particles in this game, it really Just starts looking a lot flatter and i think running these higher settings at 1080p is the better way to go. And, lastly, we have cyberpunk 2077.. Now this one, we ran at 1440p, but we had to drop to 30 frames per second, you can see the settings we’re running at here and really the 3770 was holding us back a lot in this game. When i left the frame rate uncapped, it was bouncing between like 35 and 50 frames per second, and it felt very, very um, unpleasant and unsmooth to play and locking it at 30 is much more enjoyable.

There are still some times when the 3770 will drop from 30 frames per second, particularly when it’s, like loading in a new chunk of the city, i believe, but 99 of the time it runs fine and when you’re like on foot fighting people or engaging in some Combat it’s not a problem at all, so i would say: cyberpunk’s definitely playable at 1440p on this system, just not at 60 frames per second. So it may not look as good as a high end. Pc would, but at 1440p 30 frames per second solid. I think you’d have a better time playing it on this system than you would on say a playstation or an xbox at this point in time. Well, the stealthy little optiplex still packs a punch. The i7 3770 is a limiting factor and in some games like cyberpunk, it did keep us from being able to hit 60 frames per second, but the 1660 super was able to hang in almost all of the other games at 1440p. It’S. Definitely not the most high end system out there, but for 675 dollars total. The value on this is hard to beat. 2021 is a messed up year for trying to put a system together. If you do manage to get your hands on a higher end card like an rtx something, then i would definitely recommend spending a little more money and doing a nicer build than something like this. But a lot of people are only going to be able to find something like a 1650 or a 1660 super right now, just because of the availability and everything so if you’re able to buy one of those dropping it into a system like this is totally a Viable option it’s going to be able to you know, push that thing to full utilization in most games and you’re going to spend a whole lot less money than if you go out and do a full new like ryzen, 7 or i7 build um and then drop.

You know regularly 200 1650 super or a 1660 in it you’re going to be holding that chip back. Of course, you can always upgrade in the future, but by that time there’s going to be new cpus, maybe running ddr5 and stuff out. So something like this might be a good holdover option in the meantime, thank you for watching along. I hope this was entertaining if you’re not subscribed yet hit that button down below and i’ll, see you in the next video and that’s, including a 1500 1500 windows.