Now somebody asked me if i could do this game with this tablet. So i said sure why? Not because this is one of my favorite gta games of all time, so as i’m going over it, if you guys, could smash like button on this video, i would greatly appreciate it. Of course, if you want to check out our full review on this tablet on our website, i will throw a link in both the description and comments. Now, as far as some of the specs, this got an 8.7 inch display. It’S got a little bit of a notch on the bottom and top, but it’s not you know anything serious. The sound quality on this tablet is also really good and it can run these uh. You know pretty much any high graphic game really good. I played call of duty mobile. I started playing some pub g on this as well. It’S got a mediatek processor in it, so it’s a little bit lower grade, but at the same time like still got no uh, no issues uh, you know playing any um high graphic game now. Load times can be a little bit longer when you’re getting into a game, but you can see vice city just kind of like loads up quickly trying to skip through this. I think there’s a button at the top. Here i mean there’s a cool intro to this game for sure, but i kind of just want to get into you know some of the action some of the actual game play get some here, all right.

Let’S. Do this all right – and i will say this too playing you know this game or a lot of these other games on a bigger screen. It feels a lot better. I’Ll tell you what i think: i’m just used to using phones all the time i haven’t really been playing a lot of uh. You know mobile games on tablets, like you know whether it be a samsung tablet or an ipad uh it. It feels nice man it just it’s nice having that bigger display this uh tablet you know for like the 130 bucks they’re selling it, for, i just think it’s like a super good deal and um yeah. I just didn’t expect it to be as good as it is, especially like with the build quality on this. You know, it’s got an aluminum backing on it. You’D almost expect for, like 130 bucks on a tablet, you wouldn’t expect it to have a really good build quality, but this one does for sure kind of just like crashing around here, i’m gon na try to like at least rack up uh. You know some stars here, it’s a little bit harder to get them uh. You know to kind of get it going with uh. You know the stars and running people over in this game. It just takes a little bit more work kind of wanted. This guy’s scooter right here, let’s hop on that scooter, Applause, Applause, wow. I just ran into that cop car and i didn’t get a uh.

I didn’t get a star come on Music, a little park right in front of them all right man, you want to fight! You want to go Applause, all right that did it. Applause let’s, get that gun Applause, all right, nice we’re on the two stars; now Applause! So in this game compared to gta san andreas, it is a little bit harder for like aiming when you’re shooting you got. Ta, like maneuver a little bit more, this is kind of like a frustrating situation because, like i was right in front of that guy and it was shooting the car i mean come on man. That was, that was absolutely ridiculous and i got ta like Applause, Music Applause run Applause. Applause, wow! Are you kidding me? I was like driving right there and they still stop me how ridiculous all right it looks like at least we switched to daytime. So we can, you know, see things a little bit better here. That was ridiculous Applause Applause, this car looks cool it’s like a viper corvette or something you know. Let’S drive around a little bit: Applause, Music Applause, oops Applause, Music Applause; oh man like i, just flew off his scooter. Sorry, sir Applause. All right, let’s try this again; Applause, Applause, Applause, all right back to two stars, see if we can get to three Applause. Are you kidding me dude what all right that made absolutely no sense all right, anyways um, i think i’m gon na wrap it up there, but i wan na maybe do a little bit of a suicide run here.

So i’m gon na just go in the river because that last getting run over from behind right, there was absolutely ridiculous, but uh bottom line. This tablet is really nice um. You know you got the 8.7 inch display on it. It’S got the aluminum backing sound quality. Is good on it yeah and it’s it’s fun, it’s, definitely it’s, just a better experience when you’re playing a lot of these mobile games on a slightly bigger display and that’s become more apparent to me because i’m always playing these games on a phone. But there is a huge difference, but anyways check out this suicide run here. Yeah man we’re just gon na hop in the water anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video uh.