I have on both programs the same adjustment except the one on the leslie, of course, on the bb3 2 and the pc version. You have much more possibilities to adjust. Your leslie i intentionally chose a rather narrow, leslie adjustment and not a white stereo picture. The vbc3m is played on a tablet on an archos tablet: it’s a rather cheap tablet, the older version from 2015, it works flawlessly and the audio comes directly from the phone jack. The audio from the vb 3 2 from the pc goes over. A sound card goes over mixing desk bearing xr32 over a bearing audio driver, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music do Music, uh, Music, so Music. Music. Do! Please feel free to put your comments down below i’m happy to read them and also get in the discussion with you about these two different sounds.