This is the new Aqua RO system from uh grow Ace, see its their Reef series, Rodi 75 gallon per day unit and uh. You can find this on the grow Ace website links will be in the description down there, and this is just really good. If youve got you know, City, water or maybe just High PPM water in your uh, you know in your city or in your ground, whatever very simple. To hook up um youve got this blue hose, which you install here very easily theyre just push ins. You do have to take the little blue uh keeper out of there, put it back in when youre done, but you just have the end. This goes down to a float valve, which I do not have installed right now, but you know whatever you decide to run for a reservoir um. You just run it down there and it will shut itself off with the float valve when the reservoir is full and you get your water from the white hose. You see on this side, which is comes into the chamber number one, which is your sediment filter. Then it goes into the carbon block filter. Then it comes up here to the RO membrane, Im guessing and then DIY stage. Four di resin, I dont know what that is so and it doesnt say in the book either and I was going to have this com. 100, functional and ready to go, you see, I have got myself a water hook up here, but the adapter that they sent does not fit.

So you can see. These are just push fittings. You just push your tubing right in there and it seals up perfectly no issue, and then you have a black one here, which you run down to your drain. Uh. You have to have a drain near this system so that you can get rid of all the extra water because to get RO water, you do have a lot of excess water that comes out of it uh its like almost two to one. As far as I know, I could be off on that, but feel free to do your own research on that. So you know 100 percent, but um yeah, if you guys, are interested in an RO system. Uh, like I say links are in the description. There may also be a discount code down there, Im, not sure yet, okay Ill be sure to check and uh. I guess that will do it on a whole lot more to say about it, and these filters are good for like six months, it said under six or nine months under normal use, so Im not sure I guess it would all depend on how much water youre Going to use you know what I mean as to how long all of your filters are going to last so yeah check them out grow Ace its also where I got the air cube system from um. If I was running that again, I would definitely be running RO water in it and uh anybody that runs dwc probably is running Ro I would think, and if not maybe they should be.

I dont know dont want to tell anybody what to do but anyways there. She is nuwaka professional aquarium system, Reef Series, so yeah, if you guys, you know, got a big uh aquarium. You need good water, for which would be a good solution for that.