So in this video i’m going to be showing you how to get this game downloaded. So, as you can see over here, i’m playing this game on my iphone, but it doesn’t matter, like i said you can. This thing works for both ios and android mobile devices. So over here i have the game open in my iphone you can see. I have a good controls, i have some good controls and these this game is kind of you can say: user friendly and i’m. I can just uh adjust the controls, while i’m being offered a lot of options for the controls and the graphics are pretty cool and look at that that’s. A big button, perhaps anyways whatever going so moving around this app low. All alone is kind of spooky because i don’t know what to do. I have this brick in my hand and i’m. Okay, i have the d pads. I have the analogs. I have this, these geometric buttons. I call them geometric buttons because they’re square circle x triangle, apart from the x they’re all geometric, so these are mushrooms or whatever i don’t know so uh again, let me just rephrase what i just said earlier in this video. The steps are pretty simple: follow them and you’ll be able to get this game downloaded on any of your ios or android mobile devices. So these are some long sugar cake, sugarcanes, perhaps not. I don’t know i’m, not microculturist, i’ll, just close the game for now around it that’s the game and now i’m going to be showing you the game like and underneath the health icon is the game i can for grounded and right now.

What i’ll do is that i’ll just delete this game so that i can move on to the steps on uh regarding how to get this game. So let me just you know kind of uh delete this game. Yes, so i’m, just gon na delete this game. Now there you go now moving on to the steps talking about the steps you step number one, you open your settings, you scroll scroll down to general settings and then you go down to background app refresh and you make sure that your background app refresh is on Wi fi and cellular data, if it’s an oni if it’s on any other thing, turn it to wi, fi and cellular data. This is step number one which is just for ios devices. If you’re using an android device skip to step number two, which is that you go to your battery settings and you make sure that your power saver mods on your ios and android devices, are turned off these two. These are the two steps with step one only being for ios devices and then pretty simply, you close the settings and you hit the browser and over there, you in the search engine bar you type in app app, so type in into the search engine Bar, i hope you can see that clearly it’s So as soon as you click search, a list of modded games and apps will appear in front of you. As always, and this like this list again i’m saying that this thing contains a lot of cool stuff.

But for now we’ll just stick to the search bar and type in the thing we need that is, grounded and over there you can see in the game description. It says mobile version, android, plus ios. If it’s signed or not revoked, you can just go on to install it and start the injection process by clicking the start. Injection button over here i’ve just fast forwarded the video just to make it short and remember. There is no need for jailbreaking or routing it’s. As simple as i’m, showing you, it is, and the injection process may take up to a few minutes, but not too long and as soon as the injection process finishes, you will be asked to complete this one last easy step, which is super cool because after that, You’Ll get your game downloaded, so i’ll show you how to do it it’s pretty simple, not to worry, not to worry at all. So what do i have to do is that i have to install two apps from the list below and follow the instructions to complete the injection process so i’m being offered a wide range of instructions out of which i have to go for the two. I have to go for any two, so definitely i’m going to go for the two easiest of all the instructions, so copper banking seems to be the easiest one. I have to install and run this app for 30 seconds to unlock the content, so i will advise you to run these apps for 40 to 50 seconds just to be on the safe side and make sure that your offer is properly completed over here.

I’Ve, just i’ve just fast forwarded the video just to make sure that uh, the video is short and about the sources of these apps. These apps are downloaded from the offshore apple store the google play store, if in case you’re using an android device. So don’t worry about that. I’Ve completed offer number one i’m gon na go for offer number two, which is fetch rewards. I have to complete uh the same similar kind of an instruction i have to install this i’ve been running for 30 seconds to unlock the content. So again, i’m downloading this app and i’m going to run it for 40 to 50 seconds to make sure i’m i’ve completed the offer properly and about the uh existence of these apps in your phone. You can delete these apps afterwards, if you don’t need them, because they’re irrelevant at times and unnecessary, which and and they end up occupying space for no reason and there you go you’re grounded – has been downloaded. So this is how simple it is, follow the steps and you’ll be able to get it. I hope you liked the video guys, thanks for watching, subscribe to the channel, give this video a big thumbs up share this video and i’ll catch you next time in another cool video.