It seems that this device is still built directly from China, because there is a description made in China, but this device is officially sold in Indonesia through Oppo Indonesia and can be ordered. Starting now we focus on the case first, so Oppo paid Air is still in a demo Phone or demo device position.. We will try to unlock the demo mode on the Oppo pad Air with the easiest method without using a computer. We just delete the demo mode using the usual APK. We have, As an example, lets just check in the settings, so lets see the version first. This is Oppo pad air for the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon. The model is Oppo d2102a, then its Android 12. Now, before we delete the demo mode on this cellphone, the most important thing is that we connect the cellphone to the internet network via wi fi, because by chance for Oppo pad Air, it only supports wi fi only connectivity cannot use a sim card then also make Sure that in the user and account menu section there is no Google account logged in on this cellphone or in other words no Google account is used and logged in the Play. Store application pay attention to the Google account is empty. Next, we will immediately open the browser application here. We use the Chrome browser, we just wait a moment. Then we choose to use without an account and we wait until the chrome browser runs perfectly.

Then we will access the Magelang flasher block in the address bar section. We just type the url block, Magelang flasher, namely www.magelangflasher point com. Coincidentally, because the screen size is wide, it is very easy to use the keyboard on Oppo paid Air yes., And here it is. We press enter on the keyboard and we wait for s until the Magelang flasher block opens notice in the upper left corner. There is a 3 line menu.. We can select this menu until several menus appear at the bottom. Then we select the unlock demo menu and we wait for it to enter the unlock page move on on the Magelang flasher block. If an ad appears just click the X in the upper right corner of the page, then we can go down to the Oppo unlock demo section, and here there are 4 Unlock Demo menus.. We can use one first use unlock demo 1. If you cant use unlock in mode then so on, well try to select the top menu, namely unlock demo 1.. When we select this menu, we will be redirected to MediaFire. Then we can click the X in the lower corner to close the translate menu and we immediately download the democriset APK just click the down arrow. We wait a moment until it appears file. Notifications may be dangerous here. We ignore this notification. We select the download menu anyway for this second APK, with the name dow download so much.

We can ignore it. We just select cancel., Then. If the reset demo APK has been downloaded, there is a description that the download is complete if the download completion notification disappears. Like this, we can open it by selecting the dot three menu in the upper right corner. Then we select the download menu and we install the reset demo APK how to install it. All we have to do is click until a notification appears for security. Then we select the settings menu. Then we can activate permissions from this source or application permissions from this source. Then we want to install this application. We just select install. We wait for GSM marhabadi mode set is installed if the application is installed. All we have to do is select the open menu on the right and we wait for the application to run.. If a notification like this appears, this application was made for an older version of Android, we can select it. this reset. There are two menus. We p Select the top menu, namely the factory reset menu.. After we select it a notice menu will appear.. We can select the Yes menu on the right. Then here is a menu to activate the device admin application.. All we have to do is enter the verification code, which is 4 letters on the right which are green. In color. We enter all 4 capital letters.. It just so happens that it reads ZG here AV. If we have entered the verification code, all we have to do is select the activate menu.

Then at the bottom there is an activate menu. We select the activate menu again and we wait until the Oppo Path. Air automatically restarts, then we wait for it to light up on the Oppo logo display again later.. Ah, Sorry, its not a cellphone, but this Oppo paid Air will enter the data format display or wipe data without us needing to press any button on this tablet and pay attention to this. For displaying the data format, then wiping face wait, download perform any order Operation. Well, wait If its done After the wiping process is complete the data formatting process, then this tablet will automatically restart. Then it will appear again on the Oppo logo display. All we have to do is wait until the loading process is complete, then it will be followed by the color OS logo. We just wait until the loading process for this loading duration takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes. In my opinion, for Oppo Paid Air, this product is good according to the price in the price range of Rp. 4 million., The Oppo Paid Air tablet is the most worth it tablet to buy right, Apart from the wide screen display the size of this cellphone. thin. So it s very nice for us to hold with the screen dimensions, which are quite wide around 10.3 or 10.4 inches later. For the full specifications. Friends you can just check on Google too big, not too small, then the size of the frame is also quite thin.

So the grille on the side of the tablet is quite thin, with the size of a wide screen span like this. Unfortunately, the Oppo F4 Air does not support cellular connectivity, so we can use the internet network via wi. Fi is very unfortunate. This tablet cannot use use mobile data for network connectivity, but outside of this world we still get 4 gigabytes of RAM. Then 64GB of internal storage and an updated version of Android for defaults to get Android version 12. Maybe later we can update to a newer Android, making this tablet the most worthy to buy than competitors competitors. Ok, by the way, now its finished for the loading process, all we have to do is set up this cellphone up to the menu display.. If we look at the top left corner of the screen, theres no writing on the modivice anymore either on the other corner. Theres. Also, no writing on demo device again, which means the demo mode on the Oppo pad Air has been successfully removed.. We just have to set it up, select the language select the region. Then we check the legal information we select the next, because earlier we made sure this cellphone is not too logged in to a Google account, so we can skip the merge page with wifi. We can setup this cellphone without clicking on it. First connect to the internet network for navigation options. We can use buttons or gestures, then next, the method of unlocking through it is recommended.

We select finish and enter the page as long as the data is direct, we can choose just start automatically enter the menu and demo mode on this Oppo paid Air. We have successfully removed it in a very easy method without using a computer. Just installing the application.. So for friends who are planning to propose to a tablet, maybe the Oppo Path Air can be taken into consideration.. The os is 12.1. Ok, thank you for watching this video. I hope its useful see you in the next video from the Magelangflasher channel, remember to keep an eye on the service and the last word from us wassalamualaikum. Of course.