Inside of this box? It has a greetings card, warranty card and links to download the driver., And this is the pen tablet. Its super cute, especially the doodle it’s, small and lightweight.. It doesnt need a lot of space on your table.. It has four customizable keys and has anti slip, so it won’t move while you’re sketching.. Next, this cute pouch., It has eight extra nibs and a nib clip. Here is the type C usb adaptor for your phone and instruction manual., Okay, sis you can do it. Just make sure you can open it there. lol. In this side, there is micro, usb cable, that you need to connect to the pen tablet and to your phone or laptop or pc, or to your bfgf, who left you behind., Just kidding.. It also has shortcut buttons and, lastly, the cute book mark.. So I will try it now in my laptop.: Go to their website and search for the model of your pen, tablet., Download and install the driver so that you can now customize the shortcut buttons of your pen tablet.. I can only do sketch here because I’m not used to it.. It might take me a year just to finish it. lol, But I’ll my best in the phone version so keep watching till the end.. If you want to have this I’ll put the link on the description., Thank you to Gaomon because they emailed me, even though my last upload is 6 months ago.

, And thank you also to those of you who reached here and for supporting me no matter how long I upload. So that’s. It see you in the next video. Promise. I will upload it.