This is actually an Android device running with a rack ship 3288 processor. This is going to be of interest to retro gamers out there, it’s called the GPD XD it’s running with the Android. It’S got Android 4.4, so the prior version of Android is running on it: 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage, so it’s pretty much a mid level. Android device you’ll see on some of the benchmarks that we’re going to be showing you in a few minutes running the 3d mark test right now that it performs pretty much in the middle of the Android scale, not quite up to what you might see with. One of the flagship smartphones, but good enough – and I think it will run most of the Android game library pretty well but I’m interested in it for its emulation capabilities. I got this for 140, as you see it. A really nice display on here actually IPS at 1280 by 768, so really sharp, looking display very nice to look at from most angles, which I thought was really nice to see on a device at this price point. A decent controls too. You got two analog. Thumb sticks here that actually do feel very nice, maybe not as good as the Nintendo but close to it. You also have a d pad here, that’s very nice and stiff and responsive along with some decent buttons. Here, too, you have some shoulder buttons on the back.

Also so you pretty much have the buttons you need to play just about any arcade game or Android game out there. You got your select and start buttons here. Everything can be configured properly. What was nice is that, as I was jumping into different emulators, this really came pre configured sigh didn’t have to really go in and map many controls. Things just seemed to work right off the bat they installed some software to give it some some compatibility with those things. So a really nice experience there again we got 2 gigs of ram in here 16 gigabytes of storage, and we also have an SD card. Mine came with an SD card when I bought it, I don’t know if all of them will so you may or may not get one, but they threw a loose SD card in the box with mine 16 gig card their USB is over here. This is for charging, but you can also plug in an OTG device like a USB adapter, so you can plug in a secondary controller. That does not have bluetooth, though, so, if you do plan on using its HDMI output here to plug it into a television, are you going to have to also use the OTG there to plug in a controller via USB, because there is no bluetooth? There is Wi Fi, of course, connecting to the Google Playstore and everything else, and you have a headphone jack there too. So a pretty nice system, though overall nice design, the battery life isn’t bad on it, either I’m going to say probably between five to eight hours of battery life, depending on what you’re doing with it.

So if you’re running Nintendo games from back in the day, that’s going to be fine, if you’re doing things like you know the pspp emulator, which is going to push the hardware much much more strongly, that will probably run closer to five hours so again, very dependent On exactly what it is, you are running on the device when you are using it so we’re going to step through some of the higher end emulators in this review. We know that the 8 and 16 bit stuff is going to work fine. I did run it before I did like the controls. They did feel pretty nice. It wasn’t it wasn’t a bad experience at all, but we know a 50 dollar tablet can run the Sega Genesis. This one can we’re going to look at, though, is Dreamcast some heavy duty. Arcade games like Street Fighter Alpha 3, whatever whatever it is, and we’re also going to be taking a look at the pspp emulator to kind of see where the limits are of this device. So let’s get to it and see what we can run on here, all right, so we’re running the Dreamcast emulator called recast, or somebody said it was called raycast the other day, whatever they call it. This is it running here on the device you can get that emulator for free on the Google Play Store as we’re seeing frame rates of about 38 frames per second right here was running through the attract screen so not again not up to par with.

Maybe a high end phone might be, but certainly playable. It doesn’t look bad here at all, but I am going to do, though, is plug in my external display here and to see if that has any impact on performance. So there we go. We’Ve got the screen running now on both I’ll switch over to our dual display here: we’re, seeing pretty much the same frame rate we’ll wait for the track screen to come back up here again and see if that has any impact, but again we’re. Seeing about that same 38 frames per second or so that we saw before so really no impact for connecting your external display to the device. We might jump back and forth between that in a little bit so I’m going to get out of here now go back home and we’ll go. Take a look at the Nintendo 64 emulator called Moo Pen, 64 plus and we’ll dis resumed our game of morio. Here, I’m, going to turn the volume down, so there we go we’ve got more you’re running. This seems to run pretty nicely. My only complaint with it is that the sound is a little scratchy. So I have to do some adjustments to some of the settings on there, but, as you can see here does seem to be running pretty nicely in emulation on the device here. So it works okay with the Dreamcast, as well as the Nintendo 64 to mid to late 90s consoles that tend to push them the lower end hardware.

A little bit 440 bucks you’ll have a pretty nice little console that can do that and now we’re going to take a look at is MAME. This is running Street Fighter. Alpha 3 we’ll see if I can survive long enough here, to get a feel for how this runs so a decent frame rate I’m, not seeing any slowdown at all. The sound is also pretty good here. I’Ll turn up the volume a little bit, so you can listen to this as we’re getting pummeled by this dude here. So let’s wait for the second round to start here. I got to continually put on another coin in here and get the show back on the road here, so you can get a feel for how this is running as we’re playing so pretty decent arcade experience also – and I think, having these analog sticks on here – really Helps so that’s a nice feature too, and especially in a fighting game like this, because you do want to do some of those fireballs and stuff I’ve never been good at these games at all, and I really need to learn how to play the maybe I’ll. Take some time to do that, but here you go, you can see it’s a pretty. You know pretty a hardcore arcade game here running really nicely. This is probably among the more higher end games. You might run on Android hardware Nassim keeping up with it quite well. So pretty pretty good experience there.

Overall, I should also mention to lis pause the game real quick here that there is on the back of the device, some really nice little shoulder buttons that have mechanical switches on them, so they do click and they really sound. Very very nice, when you touch them, but they’re, also very, very responsive too. So, where things start to slow down is when we’re doing some of the PSP emulation so we’re running the PSP emulator with this is a God of War. You can see it’s it’s, somewhat playable, but very, very slow, especially with all this activity on the screen here, I’ve been trying to adjust some settings down a little bit to maybe get it a little bit faster and some of you who are more experienced with this Emulator might have some suggestions for me, but really is not the best experience when you start working your way into more modern hardware. So I think where we saw the the limit is, is probably at the Nintendo 64 that the Sony Playstation does run pretty well on. Here, as do a lot of other consoles from the the earlier stages of gaming here me again, the mid 90s back should be ok, but where you kind of hit the limit is on the PSP and some other things that are a lot more demanding both on The process, but also on the graphics hardware, so those are those things to kind of keep in mind throughout there.

So in the 3dmark benchmark test, we got a pretty respectable score. Actually, eleven thousand four hundred and six and the frame rates on the graphics tests are about half of what they might be on a flagship smartphone, but those are 400 devices. This is a 140 device. I was interesting, though, is the physics score was as high as it was 45 frames per second on the physics score, which is much more processor intensive. So this does have a pretty fast processor, which bests or is at least as good as the flagship phones it’s. The graphics, the GPU side, that isn’t as fast but what’s nice, is that as far as the Android Play Store is concerned, the kind of games you might buy on their here like a Madden football, are all going to run just fine because again they are targeting A lot of lower end devices on the on the Google Play Store, as you can see so, games like this really run quite nicely off. The Play Store things you might buy that are native android games will work just great it. You know a lot of the higher end stuff that might be designed for the Nvidia shield and some of the other higher end devices won’t be as nice as this would be, but certainly a lot of the games you’ll find on the Android store. That are, you know, aims the casual environment should work pretty well, so that is the GPD XD and i have to say, i’m very impressed with this device.

I wasn’t expecting much. I had looked at a GPD device that was similar to this a couple years ago. I wasn’t really that impressed with it didn’t feel all that polished or finished this one really is quite nice. It’S got a really nice display that’s. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box it’s hard to not notice it, of course, but the quality of the display is really nice. You know that IPS display the right resolution for the size, so you don’t really see any pixels. The screen is very sharp. Looking the controls feel very nice, very solid controls, very responsive controls and much better than I expected, especially from what I looked at prior with it. So it does look and feel like a 3ds, so they did borrow some innovation from Nintendo. Here, but I think this does work well for what you’ve got here and what’s nice is that the controls are integrated and when you’re done with it, you just fold it shut and your screen is sort of protected. I mean stuff could get in between there. So you might want to get a pouch or something, but you can throw it in a bag and not worry about the screen getting squished while you’re moving around with it. So pretty nice overall, 140 dollars. I bought mine at Aliexpress, but there’s also some available at geek buying comm going to put a affiliate link down TV GPD.

So if you’re interested in this and you buy it from geek buying, a portion of that will help the channel. This is not being paid for by geek buying but I’m going to start at the end of my videos, just plugging my affiliate links a little bit more because those really do help the channels, growth and I’m always looking to keep the channel moving. So if you are interested in buying one of these that’s a great way to do it and you’ll help the channel too.