Taking a look today at a rather unique PC called the GPD win, and this is a essentially a Nintendo DSi swing, doze computer. It runs the full version of Windows. 10 it’s got an integrated five and a half inch display an IPS display only 720p though, but it doesn’t have much horsepower because it’s just running with an atom x7 z87 cherry trail processor, with four gigs of RAM and 64 gigabytes of emmc storage. But having a little Windows computer with integrated game controller onboard is actually a neat concept. We’Re going to see some of the things you can do and cannot do with something in this form factor in just the second. But I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that I purchased this with my own funds. So all the opinions are about here are my own. No one is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. Now GPD is been making handhelds for quite some time now. I believe this is probably the third one that I’ve owned the last one I bought from them is the GPD XD, which I am a really big fan of. If you’ve been watching this channel for a while, this looks like a Nintendo DS and runs Android, and it is great for retro, emulation and what’s cool about what they’ve done with this one is they’ve integrated, a full mini PC with a display keyboard and game controller Into something about the same size, so this is roughly a Nintendo DSi the vise here, not all that large can easily fit in your bag and you’ve got a mini PC along with and a completely integrated system that you can also take out and use just about Anywhere it doesn’t get great battery life, though that’s a big disappointment with this one.

I really can’t expect it to get that great battery life, given its size it’s only going to be looking at maybe three or four hours of moderate usage on it, probably less. If you’re running some more demanding games on here, so you definitely want to keep a power supply handy, like maybe one of those external battery packs or something like that and they’ve packed a lot of ports on the back of this one. So you can definitely use it as a PC with a keyboard and mouse if you wish so you’ve got a USB type c here. This is what they use to charge the device, but it can also carry data. But again, if your batteries done you’re going to want to plug it in with that port, you have a mini HDMI out over here. You’Ve got an SD card slot that supports up to 828 gigabyte card USB 3.0 and a headphone jack on the back. Here are the shoulder buttons and the tray buttons for the game, controller and I’ll open it up here, so you can get a feel for what’s inside of it now we’ve got this really nice keyboard on here. This reminds me a lot of like a BlackBerry keyboard. These are actual keys that push down so you’ve got some real a little bit of travel to them, not something you’re going to touch type on, but certainly better than not having a keyboard at all. What I was really impressed with and pleased with was the fact that the keyboard really doesn’t get in the way of the game controller.

So this is not an uncomfortable controller to use and the keys are not getting hit accidentally while you’re using the game controller component, because you do have to push them to actually get them to registers. That was some good thinking on their part. There. The game controller feels very nice. The one thing that a lot of gamers may not like is that these sticks don’t click, which is something a lot of PC and Xbox games often do and require. So they have moved those functions down to these two little buttons down here so that’s going to be, I think, a bit of an issue, especially if you’re trying to click both sticks at the same time, so some PC games, if you’re streaming or playing on the Device itself may not be playable because of that you might have to plug in an external controller, for that or use bluetooth or something the nice thing is, is that the display has its own stand. Essentially, so you could do that without too many issues, but it is kind of a bummer that these sticks, don’t click. Now the game controller has three different modes to it. You’Ve got to switch on here to change between them, so right now it is set to X input which emulates an Xbox controller. You can also have it work as the older direct input format by switching the switch all the way over to the left, and if you put the switch in the middle, it will act as a mouse.

So if you are having trouble hitting things on the screen with your finger, you can use the little joysticks here to move the mouse cursor around and the buttons on the left and the right act as clicks. So I can hit the right button there to get a right click on the left button there to get a left click, so it’s kind of a nice feature, especially if you do want to run in desktop mode and even sometimes in tablet mode. It is very hard to click targets, with your finger on a five and a half inch 720p display, so that was a welcomed setting that they added to it. One last thing to note here on the keyboard is that the power button is on the front, but they’ve recessed it so you don’t hit it by accident, and I haven’t had that issue yet quite pleased with that. Little touch there as well now it’s interesting about this device is that it is not fanless. There is a fan on it that you will manually control, and you can do that here from the bottom, so they have a high, medium and low setting here. For this switch and the fan will always be running on this thing, you can hear what it sounds like when it’s running in high speed mode. So you won’t hear it it’s, not completely silent it’s, not all that loud either, but it is definitely something that most handhelds, if not all handhelds, do not have.

But this is one of the challenges you run into with these Adam cherry trail, processors being crammed into a form factor like this. They found there was a lot of performance issues when they did not have a fan on it, so that will help out a bit. If things are running slow, when the fan is on a lower speed, turning the fan up higher will probably improve performance, because these chips self regulate based on how much heat they detect. So when they get really hot they slow down, so they don’t overheat. That fan should help dissipate that a bit so let’s take a look now and see what games we can run on this thing and how well we’re going to start with some indie stuff, though things that you might find on Steam and, yes, we are running steam On this device locally, not streaming it from somewhere else in the house, we will do that in a little while, but I figured it’d be kind of fun to check out what we can actually run on this little handheld device. So we’re going to try a little bit of shovelknight first here and see how well we do with that. The speakers you can hear is pretty loud on it, so it gets a good amount of sound, so not a bad experience for that and we’ll load up. Shovelknight here and we’ll see how well it performs ours. Here we are running shovel knight’ and a nice 60 frames per second here, so really good performance on this, and I think that’s kind of the sweet spot for this device, which is some of these indie games.

That are not very demanding on the hardware, but are still a lot of fun to play. It may not be available on Android either so, if you’re into these kind of games, this is a very good platform in which to play them, but it won’t do as well on higher end stuff. So let’s take a look now at grand theft, auto 5. So now we did see 60 frames per second on shovelknight. You won’t see that on grand theft, auto we’ve got it running here, I’m, getting about 15 frames per second right now, with the graphics, all the way turned down and running at 800 by 600. So this is as low as I could get this to possibly be running at it does play it’s, not completely unplayable, but it’s, certainly not going to be a very good experience, especially as you get into more complex scenes of the game here. So you know it’s something you could do but it’s, probably not something you’ll want to do and you should consider game streaming. If you really want to try to get a better Triple A experience on something like the but lon, you asked: how does it do with Minecraft? Well, let me show you: we’ve got some pretty decent frame rates here in the high 50s, sometimes into the 60s, although generally I’m, seeing it hover in the mid to upper 30s in over 240, occasionally so, not bad of an experience at all in Minecraft.

I am running the OP, define performance, enhancing plug in or add on or mod. I get yelled at all the time for calling it the wrong thing, but you get the idea. Optifine really does help little pcs like this, do better with this version of Minecraft, and this is running really nicely. I would imagine the Windows. 10 version should run even better on here. Although this is the version I think most people are still running, and this is a really nice little portable minecraft experience. You get the full PC version on a handheld, pretty cool. I did run the 3d mark cloud gate test which we use on all of our pcs to get a feel for how they stack up against one another, and on that test we get a score of 2204, which puts it pretty close to a voile PC. We looked at not too long ago running with the same exact processor, so this is performing where I would expect it to perform. It does better than the kangaroo PC that we looked at recently, which has a slower Atom processor. So you got to get a feel for where it stacks up. I also wanted to try a certain emulator that is named after a mammal that swims in the sea and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about by looking at it here and we’re, getting decent frame rates about 20 to 25 frames per second here I’m sure I could tweak the graphics and do better, so this is probably something that is playable here on a handheld device, which is really something we could not have done on the Android devices to date.

So this does give you the ability to get this particular emulator running as well as many others that have similar hardware requirements now, because this is a PC and it’s running steam, you can do steam in home streaming with this device. There’S wireless AC built in so you do get a decent connection to do that with and we’re going to try that real, quick here on no man’s sky and see how well it does let’s, let my gaming PC in the next room, launch this and we’ll see How it works all right, so here we are running no man sky, the infamous game from my gaming PC with steam in home streaming and having the wireless AC on the device here really does make a difference. It’S running really nicely. I’Ve got a good signal. Of course, to my AC router in the room here with me, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the PC gaming experience. It seems to be running at a full 60 frames per second, so I’m getting decent frame rates here and, as you can see here, it’s a pretty playable PC experience here streaming from the next room. I am noticing that the sticks, though, are very sensitive there’s, not a lot of a dead zone on them, so you’ll definitely have a harder time. I think getting more precise movements down with it, especially when you’re trying to do something really fine and precise, but I might be able to adjust that somewhere off to keep playing with it a little bit, but by and large is a pretty good streaming experience from The PC let’s take a look now and see how the Xbox streaming works.

All right, so I’ve got my Xbox one streaming over to our handheld. Now and again, the handheld is running Windows which can run the Xbox app for Windows which allows the streaming to take place, so it seems to be doing pretty nicely. My only gripe again is the controller is not a lot of it. Not much of a dead zone on here so it’s very hard to get fine movements down precisely with it and, of course they don’t click. But overall you can get your Xbox extended to this handheld device when you’re in your home. I do recommend that you plug in your host devices the PC or the Xbox in via ethernet, and then you can stream wirelessly to the handheld here. Just to eliminate some of the networking bottlenecks you might run into Ethernet on the host device is always recommended, so that is the GPD win, a very intriguing PC concept. Unfortunately, not the best gaming PC and some of its not GP DS, fault there’s. Only so much hardware that you can cram into something this small, so I wasn’t expecting all that much from it. But my biggest gripe on the gaming side is the fact that the game controller isn’t all that great for PC gaming. The controls are very sensitive, not much of a dead zone for fine movements. No clickable sticks either, which is a big issue, so you will have some struggles with certain PC games. You might be trying to run locally or stream over to it.

The battery life isn’t. All that great either, so even when you’re not pushing it all that hard for hours, maybe is about the best you’re going to do when you’re running games on it you’ll get less than that. So you’ll want to keep one of those big batteries around with you. As well so cool concept to have a mini PC with everything it needs to run in one package, but not so great for the things I think they were trying to achieve with it. It’S also a little on the pricey side of three hundred and thirty nine dollars, it’s, certainly an understandable price, given all the hardware packed in here, but I think, if you’re looking for a fun handheld device, my pick is still there XD device which costs about half It’S about one hundred and fifty dollars versus three hundred and thirty nine for the Windows version, you can run a PC streaming on this device as well, not as good, perhaps as this might do with steam in home streaming, but good enough and it’s a really good Emulation platform: you can’t do the system. We were running on the emulator earlier, but you can do just about anything else from the 90s on back, and this still remains my favorite handheld. This is LAN siphon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporter Eric.