Today we are checking out the brand new gpd win max 2021 edition, with an unboxing and overview of the handled gaming pc Music lets start with the unboxing inside. We have the gbd winmax 2021, which we will show in more detail shortly. Underneath is a user manual which is in chinese and english inside the box is a 65 watt, usb type c charger where you will include the correct adapter for your country when you order and last but not least, is a usb type c cable, which you use With the charger, and also for data transfer, a quick mention that you can order the gpd win max 2021 from us at droix ship 10 supported from the uk. It comes with a full two year, warranty so theres no return into china. We also have excellent uk based customer service and technical support. Should you need it visit now at droix, dot, co, dot, uk and order? Yours today lets take a closer look at the gpd winmax 2021. The 8 inch ips touch enabled screen has a default resolution of 1280 by 800, with 189 pixels per inch. It is very clear and bright. We have it at 50 brightness so as not to overexpose the video moving down to the lower half of the win backs along the top are a set of three buttons select menu and start below. That is the clickable left, analog, joystick and classic d pad in the middle is a tracking pad with pressable left and right areas for mouse functionality.

Further to the right is the power button on the top right corner are three leds to show battery fan and power status just below is the right analog stick and four gaming buttons. The majority of the gpd win max bass is taken up by the keyboard, which is full qwerty. It also includes standard f1 to f12 keys, which can be used in combination with the function key for shortcuts, such as volume and screen brightness. The gbd winmax measures approximately 8.1 by 5.7 by 1 inches when closed. It weighs around 790 grams, making it extremely portable. On the back from left to right, you can find the right shoulder and trigger buttons, theres a full size, hdmi port, to connect to your tv or monitor. There are two usb 3 and two usb type c ports to connect peripherals to and finally the left shoulder and trigger buttons on the left. You can find a switch which changes the joystick functionality between gamepad and mouse modes and on the right side, you can find the ethernet port and micro sd card slot inside you can find a 57 watt hours battery, which is good for between three to eight hours. Depending on usage, wireless connectivity is taken care of with wi fi five and bluetooth 4.2 join us again for the second part of our gpd win max 2021 review, where we will be checking out the i7 11 95 g7 processor model. We will be performing a series of system and gaming benchmarks, as well as showing aaa gameplay footage, including the graphic settings we use thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe and keep up to date with our videos and drop a like.