Size and material size is 16 centimeters by 22.7 centimeters. The material is all metal except for the base plate. If you take both the size and the material into account, you will quickly notice that the GPD winmax 2 makes up for a perfect companion. If you ever want to work from home. Imagine that you made up a nice and chill office situation, and you notice your mouse wont move properly on the surface heres when our GPD winmax 2 comes into account. It makes up for a perfect mouse pad the cursor moves perfectly fine up and down and left and right. Take your mouse put your chip, it even Max 2 under it and its time for some serious work. Are you up for an adventure to save the world from all evil? Then dont forget to take your GPS tool with you once you realize its dangerous to go alone. You know whats. Also the interest ramming a sword into your GPD win Max 2.. It will scratch your screen. Dont worry. This guy is just fine Im using a screen protector here you have your answer: why GPD ships every win Max 2 unit with a nice non reflective screen protector? If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to stick your mini sword into your win, Max 2 go for it, its perfectly safe seriously, guys dont do this get the proper sword. Instead, there can only be one knife of the GPD.

Yes, that was a real sword. I even cut myself while drawing it out of the windmax too Im going all in for you. Oh Maxi, please give me a kiss heal my wounds. Oh yeah youre such a good boy, such a good boy, come close, a bit more yeah, thats good. You feel it you and I we have a very special connection. Unfortunately, all the connectivity options I have to offer is to like my video to subscribe to my Channel or to contact me via Discord or email. The GPD win Max 2, on the other hand, has a ton of connectivity options scattered all around the device, and the time has finally come to talk about all those funny shaped holes and what hides behind them lets start with the back side. Here you have a usb4 port which is Thunderbolt compatible. The other USB type c port is USB 3.2 gen 2.. Both of those USB type c ports can be used to charge the device. The windmax 2 helps me to keep up. My daily exercise lets go back to our ports. We have an HDMI port. Another Port is the headphone jack thats super important for me. I like it so much and I hope all the future GPD devices will come with a headphone check. The final port on the back side is a USB type, a port, but this USB type, a port, is not alone. On the side, there are two more USB type, A ports.

All in all, you have five USB ports on this device, which is more than many high end. Laptops have to offer these days, which is very sad but makes the GPD winmax 2 stand out even more three two one fire with the GPD win Max 2. The artillery is in your hands next. Well talk about storage options for this very important topic. We have a very special guest lets, hear what he has to say. Your heart May Pirates need a star thats, a data and their GPD win. Max 2 is perfect for us comrades. It can contain four terabytes of internal single sided, nvme SSD. In addition, we have two external SD card slots on micro and one full slot. In addition, there is another semi internal nvme s, SSD slot for another 20 to 30 nvme SSD after two terabyte available now foreign, the internet archives see you later on the Pirate Bay goodbye enough talk about holes and plugs who needs those. If there is a Wi, Fi, cable nearby, you can plug in anywhere on the device its time to talk about the wireless connections. Our primary wire, less connections are Wi Fi and Bluetooth. Wi Fi supports Wi Fi 6 with speeds over 2000 megabits per second and Bluetooth supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard Ill. Tell you a secret GPD wont tell you this, and no one on YouTube Will Reveal this, except for me, the prototypes have one more connectivity option which the final units do not have because GPD fixed it here have a look at the hinge whenever Im out in The Wilds there are chances that I might get lost, but I will never lose hope because I can rely on my GPD winmax 2 to send out an SOS Morse code.

Ppd says they tweak the hinges for the final units to fix this. As soon as I get my retail unit after a few weeks, we will see whether it also develops Morse functionality or if the hinge stays closed, nice and tightly dont get tricked. You dont need a Win 4 for this. Your good old win Max 2. Does the job quite well, I, on the other hand, Im in the desperate need to get even four, so I can make more awesome tech reviews for you. So please like and share this video and watch it 10 times. So I have a chance to reach 1000 views and enter the competition for a win 4. help those hands to hold some free stuff. Do you want to eat healthy, take out that Gamepad cover and prepare your fruits and vegetables Music after cutting and cleaning? This is as good as it was before me. That is proof that this durable multi tool will serve me well in many everyday situations. The second Gamepad cover can easily be modified to hold up to four micro SD cards, while still preserving its original functionality to cover the game controls. The sliding mechanism does not suffer either. Technically, you can say that the GPD win Max 2 got Hardware hacked before it. Even officially released almost like your regular Nintendo console time for the hard stuff peanut win Max 2 Music lets crack. This open lets talk about the display. The display is a 10.

1 inch QHD display. The resolution is 1600 by 2560 and the aspect ratio is 16 by 10.. The screen is great for programming. It can easily contain your IDE and display between 40 and 50 lines of code. The winmax 2 is the first handheld which makes turn based strategy games or other games with high details. Finally, fully enjoyable, they were pretty playable on the winmax one already, but the bigger screen is a huge Improvement. Not only modern games profit from the 10 inch display. Did you ever want to manually colorize your pixel art retro games? Did you ever want to give Mario a blue, green or yellow hat? Now your chance has finally come Music playing DS games which require both screens to be aligned vertically is quite enjoyable on this handheld, hey folks from the old days, are especially pleased by the win Max 2. Thanks to its ergonomic hinge design. We can reach all those itching areas on our bed with ease. No youngsters leave me alone. I want to enjoy myself a bit care said: look at buy that Unleash Your Wildest Dreams, spend time together, while youre, slowly rotating the sticks, gently stroke, the touchpad and comfort. It with a relaxing keyboard massage or give it a dirty slap on its triggers, whatever your wishes may be. The max 2 is here, for you Ill do my very best good night. Yes, it was all real. There was no fake. Yes, my winmax 2 survived the whole test without any harm.

Yes, I recorded each scene multiple times, including the trigger slap and the trigger survived it quite well. Yes, it took me way too long to make this video, but I had a hell lot of fun while recording and editing yes, the winmax 2 survived the mini sword, just fine. It left no scratches on the device. It only scratched that super soft screen protector Im using yes, 2 while recording and it did not take any fall damage. Yes, Im still waiting for my AMD winmax 2 to get shipped. This was all recorded with my Intel prototype. Yes, that was a sock. Yes, I love you all.