The GPD wind Max 2. Believe it or not, is a successor of the original winmax, a laptop handheld ish laptop hybrid. That was quite a fan of so certainly interested in backing its Indiegogo. For my uks, the win Max 2 is different in that Ill, be using it as a productivity machine. First, the gaming aspect, second, its essentially a laptop first, but having the gaming controls to hand, meaning that I can bring it with me, as my only Gadget when travel space is limited and still only be able to sneak in some gaming time. I think GPD have certainly lent into this, as the winmax 2 contains two little magnetic panels built into the top of its case, which you can remove and then use to cover the gaming controls in case youre, all business. That day, you need to do some presenting or whatnot so straight on the box. I realized just how light the handheld overview were in comparison. The max 2 is just over a kilogram which isnt banned at all by laptop standards, of course, so its not actually that heavy, its just, obviously heavier than what Im used to size. Wise is incredibly impressively designed to do its got pretty much everything. I would ask for in a portable gaming laptop inside its got AMD divided and 7 6 800 YouTube, which is very impressive in its own line, but weve also got a beautiful 10.1 inch. 10 point touchscreen 16 gigs of ram in my model, alongside terabyte, of on board storage Expendable by a second M2 slot micro and standard SD slots it which optionally supports 4G, its, not Wi, Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.

2. Its got a webcam but its positioned on the hinge so its very much one of those up the nose angles, fingerprint sensor, full controls with analog triggers Hall sensor, joysticks six extra gyroscope mouse pad. I mean the impacts to really does have pretty much everything its very early days. Of course, Im still getting used to it, but the controls are good, certainly better than the original Max, which I like. I still need to get used to the weight distribution, but given the size, you have something that you can really grip onto, which makes a difference. Theres two back pedals as well, which are useful but easily accidentally, pressed while Im still getting used to them typing on the Wind. Max 2 has been super easy and took very little adjusting, though there are a couple Keys like the backspace and pipes which Im still getting used to the joysticks are really nice and positioned as best as theyll be in this type of design. The other controls are standard GPD, which certainly puts them above average for me, and Suits my playstyle, but its a little bit too much travel at the back, shoulder buttons for me, which makes them a bit fiddly, especially at first. I do have a little bit of emulation, gameplay footage that Ive captured during my first couple of days of use, all of which has been super impressive, but as this is only Affairs, quick and profession, video, please do.

Let me know if you like, to see anything in particular in any follow up videos or my full review, so I cut to that gameplay now and summarize quickly. Up at the end come on lets go collect our kills careful on the way down. Whoa come on Cole, thats Army. You hear that boy get ready, God damn it. I got ta keep them off our kids. Nice work, theyre small over here, Music heres, your thing: Applause thats. It is dead Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music, Music, foreign Music, X2 has given me a very good first impression overall Ill, be using it primarily as a productivity machine over the festive period.