I sat through many reviews just waiting to get mine in and i was actually finally able to buy it recently. So hopefully it will arrive soon, but if im honest the steam deck doesnt seem like the kind of device that i would want to take with me on commute because it seems to be really big. So i have still been on the lookout for other devices to see if anything else fits my needs so, rather than hoping that the games i want to see come to the switch so that i can play them portably, i decided to take a chance on a Different device introducing the gpd win3, the smallest handheld gaming, pc that i have come across. So is this the perfect device for my needs? Is it worth thirteen hundred dollars, basically seven hundred dollars more than the steam deck model? I opted for lets dive in for more content. Do make sure to subscribe to this channel because we upload fairly often and focus on all sorts of tac products, so do make sure to leave us a like and comment any of your thoughts down below while youre at. It really helps us with the algorithm, and if you want to support us further, then weve actually got a patreon open, which offers early access to content and special insight to projects that im always working on in case. That is something that interests you so links to. Everything down below the exterior design consists of plastic for almost the entirety of the build.

This device is very heavy, but its footprint is of about the size of the nintendo switch light, which is insane just try to picture something thats that small and dense. At the same time, there is definitely quite a bit of hardware packed onto this device, and you will definitely feel it when youre holding it in hand its a little bit hard to explain, because its so unique of the feeling. This device features a full set of buttons on the front and they all feel very nice. The d pad and the face buttons feel like ps, vita buttons, but with more travel. So i think that they feel very nice for a handheld like this. However, the positioning of the very nice thumb sticks with a great grip on them honestly, by the way does make handling this device a bit awkward and somewhat uncomfortable. And yes, this device does have some grips around the back, but they arent pronounced enough to really make this device more ergonomic. This is definitely an awkward device to hold for the most part unless youre using the bottom half of this device for more d pad focused games on the top youre going to find some vents for cooling, a usb, a port, a sleep, wake button and a volume Rocker, but you will also find the headphone jack and, most importantly, your shoulder buttons with fully analog triggers that feel so satisfying to press. These were very nicely implemented without a doubt on the back youre going to find some cooling vents and two remappable buttons on the bottom youre going to find the usb c port, as well as your speakers, which are going to be stereo here and bottom firing.

On the left, youre going to find a microsd card slot and a switch for going between keyboard and mouse simulation as well as controller simulation, i obviously tend to stick to the controller configuration you also get a fingerprint scanner for authentication around the front, thats very fast And accurate, so ergonomically, i find this device to falter somewhat, and i am hoping for somewhat of a redesign for the gpd14 when that eventually comes out now. This device is not only a gaming handle, but its also a sidekick loaded with windows. That offers a very satisfying snapping mechanism for when sliding the screen upwards, its kind of addicting to do it repeatedly. So when you slide it up, you will find the keyboard, which is really just a slap of glass that vibrates whenever you press some of the keys. These keys are uncomfortable to press if im, honest or tap since these are not really physical, possible keys. But you know what i appreciate having a keyboard like this, because its still better than using a touch keyboard for when you need to trigger keyboard controls for games. That dont always have good controller support its come in handy many times, so i cant really complain too much about it. I wouldnt use it for prolonged periods of time at all, but thats, obviously not what its meant for so its fine. In my opinion, this device features a 5.5 inch 1280×720 ips display that looks totally fine, its nothing exceptional by any means, but its a good resolution for preserving battery life and still offering an hd gaming experience which, in this device should be more than capable of offering.

For the most part, lets see touch display too so support with windows. 10 is very nice. I think that games look pretty good on this display with pretty good colors and nice saturation. I dont really have too much to say about the screen. Doesnt get all that bright because i would consider it to really be just about ideal for a device like this, but i do wish that it would get brighter. I i suppose the speakers do sound pretty good and they are bottom firing they get pretty loud and honestly, while they do sound a bit tinny and are definitely lacking in bass. These speakers are still pretty serviceable, so have a listen Music Applause, Music Applause. So when it comes to the software experience, this will come with windows 10 by default, but it will push you to update to windows 11.. As much as i like windows 11. I would not really recommend going for the upgrade on a device like this, because windows 11 is still pretty new and something like this is likely to not function very well with an operating system that it technically was not designed for. So i would probably avoid doing the upgrade personally, but if you have this uh this upgrade on your gpd one three already and have felt differently about it. Then please, let me know what you think about it. I could very well be wrong, but overall the software experience is okay. I literally only use this to go between steam and epic games, not using it for anything else at all.

I have this device to immediately start up big picture mode with steam when turning on so that i can treat this as a console, at least as much as possible and thats, where i keep things between us. Essentially, this device features an intel core i7 1195 g7, which is a quad core 8 thread cpu. It runs on integrated graphics, with intel g12 xe, graphics, 16 gigabytes of ram one terabyte of nvme storage and 64 gigabytes. I think of emc storage uh for the operating system. It also features a 45 watt hour battery. This device might seem weak for the price, but it would be very difficult and very expensive to try to fit dedicated graphics on here, not to mention that that performance exceeded my expectations, and i will talk about that right now. So i wanted to mention that i wont be doing any kind of emulation for this device, because im personally not interested in a windows device for emulation im, more interested in playing my pc games on the go easily and thats. How i want to focus this review, but rest assured, this is still a fantastic device for emulation, but i would probably not spend thirteen hundred dollars to emulate games. I would stick to the iron odin instead, because its one thousand dollars cheaper and can emulate up to ps2 quite well as is, but my review on that will come into time most likely at the beginning of may.

But anyway, lets begin with the game thats. On the thumbnail for clicks, alvin ring this game is in fact playable on the system and it might appear to actually run really well at first, but over prolonged to gaming sessions. You will notice that this device will definitely struggle to renewl and ring consistently. However, the pc version of this game is known for having a lot of graphical performance issues which does come into effect here. You will notice lighting glitches, stutters and more, but in spite of all those issues, this game runs quite well and again is playable. As long as youre willing to put up with the issues i mentioned, you will still have a great time playing elden ring on the system. Just playing a game like this on a handheld is a great achievement. Load times are also pretty good, too, by the way which makes this game feel like it could be long in a handled like this at least, do in part next game i tested is final, fantasy xv, a game that i have wanted on the switch since that System was announced game streaming, wasnt going to do it. For me, i needed to be able to play one of my favorite games anywhere and while this game does run at around 30 fps, the game still looks great and i couldnt really find any graphical issues or glitches to point out, however, sometimes when warping around there Was a minor stutter, but i noticed that thats just a thing kind of at the beginning, like when youre just launching the game, but that didnt really bother me all that much anyway, since it was just one one of the few times where something like that happened.

Granted for every game i tested here, the fans also kick up and get a little bit loud, but i wouldnt say that its so loud that it makes playing in public, awkward or uncomfortable its fine, and i appreciate the performance that i can get with this system. Now, even when fighting the adamantis, which is the biggest enemy ive fought in any game, you will get decent performance, though there will be more stuttering here and there it doesnt affect the the experience all that much really so i would consider final fantasy 15 to be A success on this system monster hunter world is one of the games thats already advertised to run well on the system through gpds own website, and its very true. This game is the one that run most consistently on this list and the frame rate was at over 30 fps, maybe not 60, but 30fps are your typical ps4 performance that you should expect. This is very impressive to me, especially without dedicated graphics. Integrated graphics has really gone far over the past few years, to now being able to accomplish these things, thats really what makes handhelds like these possible to begin with, however, i will say that, while everything i said so far, is positive playing monster on here. With this controller layout and the ergonomic design on this device is pretty difficult, its not comfortable to play this game in particular, because with monster hunter youll have to reach for each button that this system already has on it at many different times, which makes sticking to One grip almost impossible, so while this game does run well, i dont enjoy playing it on this device because of the constant grip shifting.

This is something that i did not struggle with when it came to alden ring or final fantasy xv and many more games, but this is also a very specific use case. I suppose now to move over to epic games and to play a much less demanding. Yet a beautiful performer of a game like kingdom hearts 2 was a fantastic experience. It runs at 60fps with a lot of consistency. It feels like playing ps4 version of this game, which was already a beautiful experience to go through, and i would be very happy going through this game on the system, especially since this is another game that i have always wanted on a handheld and sure you cant Play this game on the switch, but it defeats the purpose. If i can take the game with me on the go, since we only got the cloud version which i still think its kind of ridiculous now kingdom hearts 3 is another story. It runs okay for the most part, but this is a pretty demanding game and it definitely shows on the system. There are times where the game is running at around 20 fps, sometimes at 30 fps and during cutscenes, often over 40 fps. But you should expect somewhere between 20 fps and 30 fps, but it is going to greatly fluctuate for the most part. So should you get a system like the supply kingdom, hearts 3 – probably not, but this might still be one of the best ways of playing this game on the go, at least until i test it on the steam deck, if at all possible when one that arrives So some other games that will run well, but i wont dedicate much time to talk about our dark souls.

3. Final. Fantasy 13. The entire trilogy uh skyrim, had initially been marked as unplayable, but it does play and run pretty well. Actually, that includes the the special edition. Oblivion is also completely playable, even if awkward to play on the system. All of the pixel perfect remakes of the final fantasy games run here with good controller support too. Your automata runs nicely also, which was a pleasant experience, and many many more games are definitely playable on the system, not a lot of compatibility issues. To note, to be quite frank, so as great as this device has been for pc gaming, there are still some games that this device just wont run very well if at all persona 4 golden is basically unplayable, since there are so many graphical issues popping up as Soon, as you just launched the game, which is so unfortunate, yes, i will have to stick to playing p4g on my ps vita. If i want to play it on the go, but this was the only game that i tested that straight up wouldnt play properly. However, some games that i do not own that have been marked as unplayable, but i havent been able to verify, are cyberpunk 2077 gears, 5 resident, evil, village and very few others, but most games should work just fine. There is also this 80 dock that you can purchase for the system. This dock is made out of plastic and it still isnt really built all that fantastically, but does offer a lot of utility.

The dock does offer plenty of ventilation around the back, and the stock does not come with a power adapter, so you must use the one included. With with your gpd13, i tried out the intensive switch power brick by the way, but while its powerful enough to power the dock itself and allow for display to be connected and the ports to work, it will not charge the gpd one three. So, on the back youre going to find a usbc port, an hdmi port, three usba ports, as well as an ethernet port, so docking. The system here works just as how it would on the switch, and you can connect a bluetooth controller for the system to be able to play all of your games docked, which is awesome. I use it all of the time and i do like the experience its. The only dock that i would wrap that i would attempt to use with it as well, so battery life is obviously not going to be all that amazing, its reasonable enough with about three hours of battery life on average for most games but closer to 2 hours. With more demanding games, you can attempt certain tweaks to improve battery life, but i would say that it wont be much of an improvement, so you dont necessarily have to rush to see if its any good. So. Finally, in conclusion, i have spoken so fast during this video. The system is really cool and i like a lot of things about it, even if i dont think its perfect, i would have preferred some changes to the ergonomic design.

Some cases that i actually that are actually meant for it too, even if it does fit inside of nintendo, switch light cases for the most part, but ultimately i love the size of this device, which is what makes it so feasible to me. I can actually take my games with me portably, while avoiding too much attention, which is exactly the kind of windows handle that i would like to have. So when the steam deck eventually arrives. I dont know if i will prefer it over the gpd13, but i will say this: this device is too expensive to justify at this point. I already bought it, so i will keep it and probably check out the gpd14 when that eventually comes out, but the steam deck is just a much better value. Even if i dont think that i will like it as much, but i will include a comparison. A short one, though, with my steam deck review in due time, so in other words, i really cant in good faith, recommend this device because of the price and thats. Honestly, the only thing holding me back from a recommendation, because now there are much more affordable options out there, even if they are very limited and by the way uh. So as of recording this video yesterday, um like almost right after i had finished, writing my script. This bad boy ended up arriving in the mail, so this review might be coming out sooner than i thought.

Uh would be possible, so i think thats pretty cool the steamtech review should be coming out in due time. I just have to do a decent amount of testing and by the way i have tested a persona 4 golden on this, and even though its marked as uh incompatible, it does run quite well on the steam deck as of now, which should be april 16th. So yeah, so thank you so much for watching this video all the way up until the very end. I know that this was a long one, but thank you so much for sticking around um affiliate links down to the gpd13, as well as the dock itself, for are going to be left in the description in case youre interested in getting the system um and the Dock itself, which i strongly recommend that you get together so yeah affiliate links down below if you use those links, youll be helping out the channel quite a bit. Theres also going to be a bundle which is going to be a great way of being able to finance a system like this. In case you just wanted to pay for it a little bit more slowly. I totally get it so links to that down below and now back to the thanks very special thanks to every patron uh. All of you have been fantastic. Thank you so much for supporting tech summit all the way up until now and uh yeah. Well, it is always appreciated and yeah.

I hope that you have been enjoying the perks that come with being a patreon now i also wanted to wish you all a wonderful day. Thank you. So much for watching and uh follow me on twitch and instagram im very long, winded right now, so until then have a wonderful day. This has been francisco from tech summit.