Have these small vents over here it has these three usb and an hdmi output for your tv and you have the ether uh net port. So what you have to do here just put the gdb13 here on the docking station once it’s docked uh. If you want to use the hdmi directly to plug in to the tv, this is going to help transfer the signals of the screen into the tv, and you can play on a big screen. This is one of the beneficials. It has also multiple usb. So if you can connect multiple usb because the uh, the machine itself here, does have only one and one for a charging use pc. So if you want to like connect a keyboard and a mouse, for example, for your tv, for example, if you dock at the station here at the gdb – and you have one for uh output, three for your keyboard and a mouse, you can use it on your Tv straight away, you can do that so that’s, one of the benefits um. Also you have the ethernet port, but also you can use it as charging like, for example, we have the smartphone. We have the motorola here. If you use this to the uh to charge the motorola first, you have to take off the screen protector and you land this guy over here and once you open it, okay, so that actually connect here now the question is: does it fast charge um? So what i did, what happened see it’s first it’s charging right now: it’s, not fast charging it’s just charging, so it does not charge like uh.

What i’ve noticed it does have the fast charging capabilities, but when it comes to the current chipset like, for example, the mate 20x, which i post the video, how to do it, it does charge the mate 20x fast charging. But some snapdragon phones does not work here. Not compatible so just charge the phone slowly there’s, no more charging anyways. Let me just take out the phone and be careful because it’s uh, let me just put it again here: we can see. Okay, so wait wait a second guys, so i just open it and connect it again, and i found something very interesting check this out. It says turbo charger, so it charges wait a second. It does charge motorola affair, so that’s a turbocharged over here, that’s actually pretty good. Let me just show you closely here: you can see turbocharged turbopower connected, so it does charge. The phone is in a fast manner, that’s a good good news, because i did try it before and didn’t work, but now i think it’s working, fine, um, sometimes a hit or miss, but for me now it’s working and with the current chipset it does work. So i confirmed that now we have snapdragon 865 works here, as you can see as a turbo charger and with the huawei mate 20 x or the current chipset. So the build quality is plastic. So it’s you need to be careful with the build quality. It’S very plasticky, but it’s very functional um, also one of the best things that i can use.

This is charging the gdp when three. So this is the gdp on three instead of charging the phone here, i have to put it on the back. So if it’s running it’s gon na have hard time sucking the air from here to pull it out because you’re gon na put it like this, you know you’re not gon na stand it all anyways possible, so the best way to charge it. I would say you put it on the docking station and you connect the usb type c on the back. Here. You connect the type c. What is it? This is okay here connected as you can see, it’s connected it’s charging, and then you can use the airflow here to pull the air out without no issues, so you can work at the same time while it’s connected this is most likely the best most important functionalities.