The gamepad did still win three. The gpd win3 i’ve been waiting for this for so long uh. I was part of the kickstarter way way back. Uh and i’ve backed this project. I’Ve been waiting for it because handheld gaming is something i’m i’ve been really really getting into recently, and i do have a ineo. I did do a video about it in the past if you’ve not seen that video card here to that video but uh. This is a much smaller form factor and this is intel kind of like a better version of the one one notebook uh one gx, one pro, which again i’ve not done a video on, but i’ve also been using. So in this video let’s go ahead and unbox. It take a look at the gpd win3 and also the dock that comes with it. So, first off enough with the yapping let’s go ahead open this up: oh quality innovation, extreme service, whatever that means there’s a screen protector, a tempered glass screen protector. That seems to be included in this action speak louder than words. This seems to make a lot more sense, and this is the gpd when three hey. My initial feeling is that it feels thicker than the images it cannot. I thought it would feel a little slimmer but expected uh, let’s let’s set this aside for a moment. This is for screen protector application. Then we’ve got okay, the information booklet, just a quick start guide of sorts okay and to this side.

So this is a 65 watt charge: okay, 65 65 watts – and this is a usb type c to type c cable for the charging, so that’s pretty much the box contents and before we get to the win. Three let’s let’s also take a look at this uh dock that comes with it, or rather i mean it’s an optional accessory. I did not uh buy the case, because i felt that i was being a little lower priced uh. So this is the docking station. Okay, it actually opens this way. Sorry about that. Okay! No luck! I have no clue what that was. Okay, taking it out. This is a back panel and this is where okay, this is the dock: okay, okay, my bad! That was sad okay, so this is how it works, and you can just plug this. In i mean there you go so with this dock we’ve got a type c: port, hdmi ethernet three usb 3 ports, that’s nice, but i don’t think this one actually supports thunderbolt. I might be wrong uh. This is some that’s something i’m gon na have to test out so now here’s the gpd win3 – and this is a slide out display. You can slide it and there is this so called keyboard over here. Uh i’ve got mixed feelings about this one, the keyboard, i kind of like the fact that it’s there from the from whatever i’ve read it is not supposed to be great as a keyboard, uh and initial impressions.

I don’t think it’s gon na be great as a keyboard, but i do like the fact that it’s there, because windows is a very, very keyboard mouse centric os as much as microsoft wants to adopt it for uh touch, it’s still predominantly uh. What do you say? It requires input so uh with the inu it’s been that’s, been one of the things that’s kind of driven me. Nuts i’ve had to constantly plug in a keyboard and trackpad accessory i’ve had to connect that and use it, or just everything takes a little too long. Once the games are set up, it’s it’s amazing to play, but till then that’s needed and the fact that there’s a keyboard that slides out, i mean you can slide the display out and access. I think it’s a positive here now what else? So if we’ve got a gamepad and mouse switch option, there’s a micro sd card slot, which is very much appreciated – you know with at least emulated games and stuff it’s easy to just uh, just put that in so we’ve got l1 l2. This is a difference for the l2. R2 is a difference from the iron here with the iron here. These were just keys, but here they are analog triggers so for for say, racing games. It should be much better. We’Ve got direction keys here x y, a b uh thumb thumbsticks, which are clickable so l3r3 is here and we do get two extra keys, which is wonderful.

This is the power button, so let’s go ahead, press that there seems to be juice in the led indicator. There’S a x button here are the speakers and here’s where i feel uh a little bit of what do you say, gpd’s experience building portables has come to the fore with the iron. You know the speakers would get muffled every time. You actually put it down this way like this, but here they’ve kind of curved it out, so that the speakers, even if you’re, just resting it like this, the speakers would still you know, you’d get some kind of output with it. The fan seems powerful and the fact that there’s a full, fledged usb uh a port here, that’s again something i really like. I do miss that with the iron here i keep talking about the ineo, because that’s the portable that i’ve been using a lot of and with that the lack of a type, a port means, especially when i have to plug in a keyboard on mouse uh having To locate uh an adapter is a pain at times, so let me run through setup here and again here’s, where this keyboard it’s a godsend, i’m, cortana and i’m here to help a little sign in here. It’S it’s live it’s loud that’s, not even the highest. The speaker seems much much louder than on the ineo, but the screen is a lot smaller. Personally, i like it because uh i like the form factor, i wanted something a lot smaller with the iron eo it’s it’s, something you rest on yourself and play it’s, not something you hold in hand and play a lot because it gets.

It gets difficult to do. That for a long time, so this is prince of persia sounds of time. The remake should have been out by now, but hey. So i wanted to get my principles fx. I was trying this and it runs pretty smoothly, but it’s an old game. So, as you can see this it’s running at like five watts and here’s, where i really like how this is because now just to alt about uh without without having this keyboard, it would not really be possible and uh. You know having to resort to something else or any kind of shortcuts it. Just it just feels like too much of a pain. Let me load up resident, evil village. This is all medium to low settings, seems to be running fine, it’s, pretty pretty solid. I mean i’ve just started playing it, but hey i’m, not particularly a fan of resident evil and because it’s x input it’s all uh. What do you say? Pretty much mapped you don’t need to do any kind of mapping. Thank you for that Applause. So, as you can see, it’s pretty pretty solid, i mean we’re just running at what 10 10 watts is right now and uh for that, okay, keep forgetting the controls. Once you’ve moved off from here comes the pain it just becomes a pain so anyways, as you can see, this is ps2. I’Ve got a lot more emulated games that i could try so guys.

This is a fingerprint scanner, it’s pretty fast, so nice, so you’ve got venge to the back these two buttons so guys before we wrap. Let me give you a size comparison, so this is the gpd win3. Now this is it side by side with the iron here, as you can see, it’s much smaller lighter. Is it better? You guys tell me so that’s side by side with the iron here. This is side by side with the 1g x1 pro so join the rocker dark order, btub now coming to dedicated handhelds. This is it side by side, with the nintendo switch light, so it’s much heavier and thicker, but the form factor is smaller. Now this is it side by side with the mooji i7s. This is a gaming phone, a different kind of gaming phone and, finally, last but not least, side by side with a psp go. This one has a slider too, so anyways guys that’s it. For this quick little unboxing experience uh if there’s anything in particular you’d want me to test. Do let me know in the comments below i will have that done in a future video, so any particular games or whatever uh. Let me know in the comments below – and i guess, that’s pretty much it thanks for your time, thanks for watching until next time. My name is ash. You’Ve been watching c4 retech and i’m signing off. For now.