So this is a pocket sized 7 inch Windows, 10 laptop it's had a lot of interest. A lot of people have been asking me to review this one so I've. Finally, given in and said, ok yeah we'll check it out, even though I did say that no more atoms, but it will definitely be the last one. So it's powered by the Z, 8750 it's got 8 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage. Wireless AC apparently has a full metal build on it full size, USB 3 port and a 1080p 7 inch touchscreen on it. So you're probably wondering why I am not showing the original packaging and why this is a retake here, because what happens as I exposed the CD key, which they put right here inside the box for the world to see now yeah, I couldn't post, of course, edit – That out, but I feel it's just a bit easier for me to do it this way, so I haven't looked at it yet. I just saw that and thought I'm going to have to redo the video. So here we have the power supply. Nice and small. Are us 2 prong, of course, I'm going to need a power plug adapter for that one, and that is rated to 12 volts, 2 amps and then a type C to type c cable, and then here, of course, we have the little laptop. If I can get it out and an instruction manual here, there's just outlining the specs of a day you can see so the battery size is seven thousand milliamp hours, so the weight of it is 504 grams, which isn't too bad at all.

Definitely a lot heavier than a mobile phone, of course, alright, so the build of it that looks a lot better than the GPD one that I looked at and unboxed, so all metal. The top here feels quite solid in hand on the front. This is a little Ridge there to open it up and, on the right hand, side. We have the ports here so that's. Apparently this is an exit vent here for a little fan that's in there, just like the wind. That was also fan cool, but it was kind of just blowing hot air around. There should be an intake okay. There we go on the bottom, four rubber feet and type C port micro HDMI, and then we have a coarse 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with microphone support by the looks of that logo and then a full sized USB 3 port. I, what you can see later on in this video, if it will power an external hard drive along the back here. Nothing. This part looks to be plastic for the antenna reception, I would say, or perhaps as the design choice there and no ports. On the left hand side, so it is missing for me one crucial, port or slot you could say and it's a micro SD card slot would have been very handy on this I mean I know you do have a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of storage. Even so, I would have really liked to have had that, but so far yeah very portable just have a look now and see how thick it is comes in at eighteen point: four one millimeters that's without the rubber feet there.

This is the thickest part really and with the rubber feet, 20 millimeters so 20.6 there that isn't bad at all so time to open it up and have a look at the inside here. So the hinge on that that's quite stiff, but not bad. I like to have more of a affirm feeling hinge. Last thing: you want us to be all loose and floppy, so the maximum angle will recline well, is actually a lot better than those thought goes. Almost all the way back. You can see there and if you have a look at that keyboard, that actually feels quite good, very firm, so the build quality so far is impressing. Me it's a lot better than that wind model. So we've got a touch point there. I think that's. What you call them isn't it like the IBM's, the Lenovo ThinkPad series, so this acts as like the mouse pointer so using pressure there I'll have to test it out when I power it on, of course, then your left and right mouse buttons there. I can see a logo here for the microphone, but can't see any really input for it'll hole. It must be just below perhaps one of these keys here, which is a little bit awkward. So there's may compromise, as you can see here, with the keyboard to layout at least this still full sized arrow keys, which is going to help of people on a 19 2 game honored whatever.

But there are some keys along here. The caps lock is very small shift, key, quite small as well, but with this space and real estate, they've done a pretty good job here actually and we still got shortcuts for the audio controls they're print screen, which I would like to have and yeah typing on This, of course, isn't going to be so good compared to a full size. Laptop keyboards have really had to shrink things down anyway, let's power it up and have a look and see how long it takes to boot up and that screen looks to be fully laminated. Yeah, I think, it's safe to say that is fully laminated the screen, which is great okay. So it did take some time to get to this menu. I'Ve got to go through the Windows 10 setup, so you can see the a languages we've got here. We'Ve got English Spanish, French Chinese, and that looks to be about it well, Korean too, and the touch screen working so far. All right, let's run through that set up and we'll have a look at the device manager free available space. Okay, so setup was a little bit slow as it can be that window set up, decided to also download some update, so it had to reboot two or three times or something and yet was pretty slow there being an atom it's, not exactly as fast as the Apolo legs either or the core ends, so I've just put a couple of files on here to test out a few things.

We wanted to show you first, the screen, which looks really really good now fully laminated 1080p super sharp – and this is 100 percent brightness at the moment, which looks very good, not bad at all, and here we go down to zero percent brightness, which to me looks Bit to them sorry too bright, it should be dimmer really for nighttime use. I find that that's going to be about too bright and it's. 25 percent. 50. 75. Then 100. There now you'll notice that down in the taskbar, my wireless AC range is quite poor there. So I feel that this is going to probably be the biggest con. This is just my first impressions here, but it looks like because it's a full metal body, a very small device, the wireless reception. The range is just not really that good, so far, that's going to be my biggest complaint, just looking at it. So here I have the device manager just wanted to show you quickly that the internal storage is a Samsung. This is the DJ in b4r. Have a look on the internet if you want to find out more information on that and the wireless is Broadcom wireless AC, so it's good to see why less AC on an adam device, especially at this price range it's, got to be wireless AC. I feel so. We can at least maximize on those speeds there, but again yeah. That range is going to be a little bit concern than just how well is going to be perform.

I'Ll tip it out my full review, so the process, of course, is for threads that the z80 750 and nothing else really of interested to show you. So I am benchmarking that drive and it's just finishing up now so yeah. I can see from that that it's e MMC 4.5 spec, but those speeds dicen, those reads – are quite good and the Samsung is normally are so it's, not one of those cheaper bwin drives, which can sometimes cause a few issues. So the memory we've got 8 gigabytes of RAM, but I've noticed a con and both a a pro here. First I'll start with a pro that it's two slots there, so that means it's going to be dual channel. That will help the integrated graphics. However, the speed faster supported speed is 1600 megahertz. This is 1066. Now normally, with these devices on the addams, you could go onto the bias and set higher speeds there, so hopefully I'm able to tweak it up to the next level and will get slightly improved performance. There, but maybe they've, toned it down for a reason for battery life for heat or something like that and windows have a look and see that it seems to be fully activated, and this is the latest image they are using, so the vent on the right side. I can feel a little bit of air coming out of this, so it's definitely doing its job, but whether or not that's going to stop it from thermal throttling.

I have to check out later. I need to do a lot more in depth, tests, gaming and things like that – just to see what's going to happen there, but better heat coming out, and I can feel a little bit of heat on the underside that's transmitting through the red base. Now these ports – here I have tested this – this is a proper type C port, so it's supporting both charging data and the good thing here display out. So that means it can be used as a docking port and with one of these type C hubs. This is one I've got here from heaven and it works well 1080p maximum resolution, that's all that you can get out of the the cheery trails there, so they're not supporting higher resolutions up to 4k, like you get with the Apollo Lake, so it's a little bit Of a shame, they didn't use that CPU in this particular model and just to confirm that the USB 3 port – yes, will indeed power a one terabyte external hard drive keyboard is going to take some time to get used to typing on right. Now I just did a typing test before, and I noticed the biggest problem for me is the space bar I've been tapping the track pointer by mistake, and it just seems quite awkward, it's very cramped. So I would not be wanting to type out a massive novel on this thing: that's, definitely not going to work you're going to end up, probably throwing this out a window.

If you do that, but of course, they've made compromises, understandably, with this kind of size and also the the track pointer, is a little fidgety at time. Now you get used to it I'm going to need a bit of practice, and I found that also trying to click the left and right mouse buttons that sometimes I would end up clicking those two space bars there. So the keyboards cramps we don't have a touchpad on here, but we have a touchscreen of course. However, I found that it's a little tricky to use because of the size. Here now I can increase the Windows 10 scaling to help, but at the moment, with the default scaling where 1080p at 7 inches remember, that is very small. It is a little difficult, sometimes to get things to minimize or maximize and overall it's, just not as accurate you're going to have to have two or three attempts at times to click things. So there are speakers located just down here. There is a little grill inside here and the sound transmitted upwards, which is good. I mean you're not going to be blocking it if you have to use it on your lap or anything so let's have a listen to how those speakers sound all right so they're at the tiny, attentive base, it's almost non existent, but there's a little bit there. Meds, okay, a little bit of treble they're, not wonderful, sounding speakers. However, I will give them this that these speakers sound a lot better than some of the tablets.

I have reviewed that have terrible speakers it's good to see there are a little bit louder now. It comes out to be about 83 decibels. Now, ideally, I like to see around 90, but I find that for such a small device, the speakers are sufficient. So it some bad news here when it comes to increasing the RAM speeds here. The advanced setting menu and the bias is completely locked out to us. So we're not able to change that right now, I've got Linux. Manjaro build number 17 plugged in right here. Let'S have a look and see if at least I can boot this from the boot menu here in the BIOS. And yet it looks like it's going to work. However, the screen is still not displaying the correct way up. Hopefully that will change so it took a long time to boot up I'm talking about four or five minutes, and this is as far as I've got here. The touchscreen is working, the pointer also works so that's good news, and it looks like there's going to be a few little settings and things that need to be tweaked, so you're going to have to invert the screen around and mess about with. All of that. But it runs it, which is the main thing here: there's a quick size comparison, so, yes, it will fit in at least my large pockets that I have because I'm used to carrying around a six point.

Four inch mobile, which is my xiaomi, mean max here. You can see the GPD pocket isn't, really that much bigger, of course, it's a lot thicker and means it's quite bulky, but yeah. It is possible to put this in a large jacket, pocket or large. Pants have large pockets. Now, look at the internals very well done here. I do like this, and this is quite funny to me actually to see this on here – a copper heat transfer pipe and the cooling fans on such a small little device. Here it looks good they've done a really good job I'm, very pleased with the build quality. The internals here you can see the battery cell there, which is seven thousand milliamp hours and the hinge screwed in and the dual antennas which go along the bottom here and seem to connect just to this part here. So that is probably explaining why the wireless reception on this does not seem to be very good at all. At least my initial first impressions of it are so the GPT pocket clearly isn't a device for everyone, it's, a very niche market here, tapping into something ultra portable – that people want a Windows 10 laptop that they can take anywhere. So the design of it is a massive step up from there. When the when I had issues with mine – and I threw my challenge on the review, because the keyboard just stopped working. I just gave up on that and for that's enough, and I posted that one back to China to get my refund.

I didn't like that at all, because that can happen to any device, of course that you can get lemons out of China, but so far this unit is really good, so the positives, build quality is excellent. The materials used they travel on the keyboard keys is great. No flex it's got a little fan in there and very good internals the screen fully laminated nice and bright super sharp, however, being seven inches. I find that sometimes it is a little hard to use it because it's, just so tiny it's going to take a lot of adapting to get used to typing on this keyboard and using the pointer as well. I will probably try and use touch when I can and then the pointer for the more finer controls there. At least we do have that option. In there design wise we've made a couple of choices. I don't really understand the biggest being. Why is there no front facing webcam on this? I feel for your video calls, like Skype. Good, want a webcam on this and it's a real disappointment. It doesn't have it so me personally. It could also do with a micro SD card slot, but we've got 128 gigabytes of storage on us, but my biggest area of concern so far has to be the wireless perform. The range of it I've noticed to be pretty much terrible it's, not that good at all, it's struggling other laptops and devices I have would have at the moment full strength.

This is only getting one bar and I do believe because it's all that metal design and the fact that the antennas when the lid is up like that are being blocked because it's right here and having the medal in there that's reducing the reception. The signal strength is dropping and I need to test that out more, but really not too happy with that. So, overall, is this a device for you. Well, it depends maybe or someone that wants a super tiny. The world's smallest Windows, 10 laptop. This is for you, the price as well is another big con. I mean this is expensive. This is selling for about 480 to 500 u.s. that's a lot of money. I feel for a dated atom chipset, even though you do have eight gigabytes of RAM.