This is a little tiny laptop from the folks at gpv and they are also the people behind a couple of my other favorite devices like the GPB win here, which is a Windows game console as well as the GPD XD, which is an android console. I’Ll. Put a link down below so you can see all the other things they’ve put together and they’ve been getting more and more ambitious and running a lot of crowdfunding campaigns and that’s. What this one is, so they raised 3.4 million dollars on indiegogo. For this thing – and this is a full blown Windows PC – that also runs Linux – there are some limits, issues which I’ll talk about in a few minutes, but all in it looks like it might be appealing to some folks, especially because it raised so much money on That platform now I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds through that IndieGoGo campaign, all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. Alright, so let’s take a look at the hardware now this sells for 599 dollars rather pricey, especially considering those of us who paid into the Kickstarter the IndieGoGo campaign only paid ‘9 bucks, so a pretty good discount for going in on the crowdfunding option. If you jump in on that so again, 599 directly from a GP DS, Aliexpress page I’ve got a 7 inch display 1900 by 1200.

Really nice resolution actually looks pretty good too I’m. Not seeing a lot of screen bleed through nice viewing angles on it all. In a pretty nice touch display here, this is not a tablet, though, so this is about as far down as that screen will go down so it’s not going to allow you to kind of use it as a tablet. You really are going to be using the keyboard on this. It is powered by an X, 70. 8750 processor. I believe this is the same chipset that’s in the Microsoft Surface, 3 that we looked at about a year or so ago, so the performance will be comparable. Actually, to that Microsoft machine – and this one has some active cooling on it, with a fan that might give it slightly. Better performance under load has 8 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of emmc storage. It weighs about one pound, one point: zero, eight, five pounds, the exact or 480 grams, and it is really well put together here really nice construction, all aluminum design here, the the tolerances here are very nice as well. There’S not doesn’t, feel cheap. It really comes together. Quite nicely, and they really spent a lot of time getting the build quality on this right and most of the. In fact, all the GPD devices I’ve used in the past we’re all made out of plastics. This is their first foray into aluminum and they’ve done a nice job on that for sure.

The keyboard here surprised me because I was expecting not to like the keyboard at all and I’m, not totally crazy about it, given how small it is, but I’m actually typing on it better than I thought I would partly because the keys are pretty well spaced. Apart from each other there’s a lot of travel on them, so you have a really good feedback. You know physical or mechanical feedback to your fingers as you’re typing here, so it actually isn’t bad. You will definitely not type as well on this as you will on a regular keyboard, but I was typing better than I expected and I’m a keyboard nerd. This actually surprised me that I didn’t hate it and that’s a good thing. Coming from me on that there are a few oddities that I would change. For example, the backspace key is up here. I would have preferred it here, just because I’m always reaching for it here and it looks like some prior versions of the device actually had that those keys reversed. So I would have liked to have seen that on there it has one of those little nub. Pointers like you might see on the think, pads that we see from Lenovo every once in a while and the mouse buttons are down to your below the space bar, which is bifurcated into two portions. There it’s not too bad. You do have to get used to it a little bit, but it does support bluetooth devices.

It also supports USB devices, so you can plug in external keyboards and mice. In fact, we’re going to be using my my Logitech keyboard here, while I’m doing some demoing of the unit a little later in the review on the side here, you’ve got a bunch of ports of note actually a few USB 3, a regular USB 3 port you’ve Got a headphone microphone Jack over here. This is an HDMI output and then you also have a USB type c connector. But this is a full service. Connector, it does power, it does display for it and it does data its data. Port runs at the gen 1 speed, so that’s five gigabits per second, but you are able to actually get this thing connected to two different displays, which I did a little earlier today and still run something on the main display as well. Those were a 1080p display, a 1440p display and the display built into this one, which again is 1900 by 1200. So that was pretty nice to be able to do all of that with this little computer here. So you could probably dock it into something and get that functionality. I did find that some of my USB type c devices worked ok with it, but my Dell monitor that I got in recently that we reviewed that dock did not work with this. You’Ll probably want to check with whoever makes the dock that you’re looking to make sure it might work with this, or at least get a good return policy to make sure the dock you’re pairing up with it will work but it’s possible.

You could basically come home plug in a single cable and get this working on a full screen. Monitor just note that the processor in here is not going to be as fast as much as the other laptops are out on the market and right over. Here is a vent for the active cooling system and will suck in air, I believe from the bottom here and blow it out the side. So you probably want to keep that bottom clear as you’re using it. Even though it does have active cooling on board, it will see some thermal throttling. We got a score of 83.4 on the 3d mark stress test, which indicates that if it’s stretched for a long period of time, you might see a slight degradation in performance, especially when you’re gaming and they’re promising about 12 hours of battery life. Out of this thing, I don’t think you’ll get that much, but I think you’ll get close, probably in the eight to ten hour territory, at least from what I’ve been seeing testing it. So if you’re browsing the web and doing Word and Excel and that sort of thing on here, I think you might get close to that mark. It seems to be very power efficient with that Intel Atom processor in here, and if you keep the displayed in, I think you can definitely push it push it pretty far. Of course, if you’re doing some high end video watching or doing a lot of gaming or something that will eat into the battery more but for general work, I think it will hold up pretty well throughout the day, and this is something that I think might actually Appeal to network administrators who want something full functioned, run rugged and also very portable.

So you can basically just fold it up here and walk around with it. It’S automatically protected because it’s all metal, and then you can basically pop it out here and get to work on it. One thing to note, though, is if you’re going to be in dark rooms. Here the keyboard is not backlit, so now let’s plug this thing in give it a full amount of power here and do some performance testing doing all the stuff. We usually look at here on the channel. Alright, so let’s kick things off with some YouTube. Watching we’ve got my 1080p 60 video file playing back here without any issues we’re not seeing any drop frames here on the stats burners, you might notice some dropped frames. If you are running this on Google Chrome. With this hardware, Chrome has trouble sometimes with this 1080p60 video it’s not fully optimized for these Intel chips, so edge is often the better way to go on low end hardware like this, but if you are on edge and playing back from 60 frames per second content, You’Ll see slightly better performance here, so that seems to be working quite well. The speakers on it aren’t bad they’re, a little tinny, so it’s not going to sound great, but they are loud which might be good for conferencing and that sort of thing. So if you want better audio quality, of course, look up something else to listen to music with the web browsing experience isn’t bad on here either.

This is going to be a little slower than some of the current generation low end laptops. This is a chipset from a year or two ago, so it is a little bit slower, perhaps compared to those but it’s still adequate enough, given the form factor here that you shouldn’t have too many issues as you are browsing around the web here, it does have Wireless AC built in so that certainly helps on the bandwidth side. So it’s a good browsing experience not super fast, but it gets the job done now. We’Ve been running the speedometer test from browser bench org to get an idea for how different computers stack up to each other. On that test, we got a score of thirty point, four three, which puts it actually a little bit ahead of the GPD win. That is also running with a similar chipset, also from GPB, so it does web browsing slightly better, at least on that test, and you can see here how it stacks up against more expensive computers. One in particular here is an i3 powered ThinkPad 13 that came in at 86 point six and Microsoft Word performs where I’ve seen other devices like this perform not super fast but fast enough to get the job done here. So you can scroll through some higher end documents and move things around and make your changes on it. This won’t feel as fast, perhaps as that i7 based computer, we looked at a little while ago, but good enough to get the job done now.

This is not a gaming device releases and being marketed as one, but it does have the same chip that we saw in the GPD win and it’s, actually pretty passable for some light gaming, but we’ve got now running on the screen. Here is Minecraft and we did install the occupying performance enhancing plug in there to make it run a little better but running at 1900 by 1200 at 22 frames per second, so not bad, especially considering we have fancy graphics on and all the regular settings enabled. So if you were to maybe turn down the resolution or do some other tweaks, you could probably get a better framerate out of here, but this isn’t bad for what this is running, especially given the small form factor now the fan will kick on when it needs To cool itself off so, unlike the GPB win that had the fan running all the time, this one does turn on and off depending on need. It really is not that loud. You will hear it if you put your ear up next to it, but generally it’s, not distracting it’s, a pretty low level fan and some modern games may run somewhat. Ok on here, I’ve got rocket league running right now. At 720p I turned all the settings down. Just to get the best possible performance here and I’m doing about 15 to 20 frames per second it’ll go a little faster when there’s less cars on screen with me, but as more action begins happening on screen and the physics engine gets pushed, we see that reduction Into the 15 frames per second territory, so not great for gaming, I think your Nintendo switch will probably do a better rocket League experience than this will.

But this gives you an idea as to the extent of what you might get running from the modern side of things I wasn’t able to get Skyrim running on the GPB win, which has a similar x7 processor on it. So that may not be out of the realm of possibility if you really turn things down, and I think a lot of older PC games, especially the ones from like eight or ten years ago, should also run on here at a fairly decent framerate. But I have found a lot of the indie games. Work pretty well on this low end hardware, including shovelknight here. So if you can find some indie games that don’t have huge system requirements like this one, you should be able to get a solid 60 frames per. Second, throughout all of your gameplay and there’s, a lot of titles to choose from on the steam store that this will support and these low end Intel chips actually do fairly well with emulation, even on the higher end of the scale here. So we’ve got waverace running on the dolphin emulator I’m, getting frame rates around 25 to 30 frames per second, which is definitely playable depending on what’s going on in the scene here, so it’ll slow down, occasionally like it just did there but I’m sure you could tweak This to get it working better and, of course, some of the older systems will perform better than what you see here on the 3dmark gaming benchmark called Cloud Gate.

We got a score of 1967. That puts it slightly below the score that we saw from the GPD win, also by GPD, a similar processor, so it’s not as agile on some of the games, at least in its graphics performance, as the GPD win is but again the really marketing and targeting this More towards business users, I think than gamers, so I just keep that in mind. You might want to use this one if you’re looking for something portable that can potentially run a few games that you might want to run on the road. Now a lot of people were curious about the Linux compatibility on this device. It’S one of the major selling points we’ve got windows up right now, of course, I did try to install and boon two on it. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t boot off of the boot drives that I had to get everything going. I also tried a few other distributions, including mint Linux, that one actually did load up. However, the screen orientation was all messed up, as you can see in this photo here. When I tried to have the software the operating system rotate the display properly. The screen was going blank, so I think there’s, probably some BIOS issues at play here that are preventing it from working as well as it should. But Linux compatibility is something that they promised on here and I think would make this a really compelling device, especially for system administrators.

Looking for something again, full featured and portable so I’m going to hang on to this and reach out to GPB and see if they can get me a BIOS update and we’ll revisit its Linux performance. When we do that, I will say operating a device in the portrait orientation, it looked like the touch screen worked and the sounds and all the other drivers worked as well. So I think this might be just a couple of tweaks to get it really functional on here, but not quite yet working for me. One last thing to check out on here and that is its Kodi performance we’re, going to start with a low, bitrate, HEV C file. I think this is 2 megabits per second at 4k. No problems here running this. I was checking it earlier, no dropped frames or anything so some of the lower end, HEV C stuff. It should be able to handle just fine. The higher end stuff, though, like a 60 megabits per second here with a 10 bit file, not so good. So I think if you are looking at lower end, HEV C playback you’ll do fine, but the higher end stuff on here you’ll probably want to stick with your KD Lake processors, but blu ray mkv files, though do playback without issue, as they do on many other Devices at this particular configuration, so that was good to see and I think you’ll have a pretty good media playback experience on here.

Overall, I think media playback, especially higher end media playback will impact battery life a little more, perhaps than watching YouTube, but generally there’s a good amount of battery capacity on this device, and I think you’ll be able to get through a pretty decent flight. With this and running Windows 10 now you could probably get some of the Netflix features. Think you can download netflix to this one now, through some of their Windows, Store, apps, so overall, a really nice little computer here, if you’re looking for something like this. To be honest with you for me, I wasn’t all that attracted to this, but so many of you were interested that I bought one on your behalf to review it, and I actually liked it more than I thought I would which is really kind of funny. So there’s, certainly a lot of interest in this that huge amount they raised on IndieGoGo does say something: there is a tremendous amount of at least enthusiast interest in this thing to fund it at that level. So that is certainly a consideration. It actually reminds me a little bit of a Atari computer that was out about 25 years ago, or so is in the Terminator movie when they hack. The ATM it’s got a similar look and feel to that one. But here you’ve got a fully functional Windows, computer and hopefully a Linux. One too and we’ll come back and look at that in the very near future.

So it is rather expensive for what it is. I think it was reasonable at the price that I paid ‘9 through. The indiegogo 599 is a bit to ask, but I think if you are someone who sees a real utility for something like this, that you know really nicely well built computer, that is fully functional and very rugged with no moving parts. Of course, then it might be worth spending that much on it, but you will of course be able to spend the same money and get more powerful computers just in larger footprint. This is line drive and thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporters mark Bollinger in Kodi Falk. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to londo TV, flash patreon to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.